We are rapidly approaching the Feast of Weeks, Pentecost (Shauvot). {This year it will be celebrated on May 17th and 19th, depending on which Calendar is being used.} This is the 2nd Major Feast on the Hebrew Calendar, and the last of the Spring Feasts. These Feasts are God’s prophetic calendar of events, for they show exactly where we are on God’s clock, and what He is doing. Those that would be wise should learn them and keep them.


God sums up the 7 Feasts that He gave to ancient Israel to 3-major experiences. This 3-dimensional principle is played out over and over throughout scripture. “Three times in a year shall all your males appear before the LORD your God in the place which he shall choose: in the feast of unleavened bread (Passover), and in the feast of weeks (Pentecost), and in the feast of tabernacles; and they shall not appear before the LORD empty.” Deuteronomy 16:16

Here are the Feasts of the LORD. Leviticus 23

1) PASSOVER (Death of Christ) = Salvation 2) Unleavened Bread 3) First Fruits (Resurrection) 4) PENTECOST = Baptism in the Holy Ghost 5) Trumpets 6) Atonement 7) TABERNACLES = Fullness of Christ Expressed.

Yahshua (Jesus) has fulfilled all of the Spring Feasts (the first four), and is NOW fulfilling the Fall Feast in us. So far the majority of religion only know and have experienced Passover and Pentecost; however, there’s a remnant that’s beginning to experience Tabernacles now.

These 3- major Feasts also represented Salvation for the whole man, spirit, soul, and body. 1500 years before Yahshua, Israel rehearsed these with the many types, shadows, and animal sacrifices. For the past 2000 years we have been seeing them manifested and fulfilled on the physical plane.


This Feast takes place exactly 50 days after the Feast of First Fruits, which was a type of the resurrected Messiah. In First Fruits, the Israelites would rise early the 3rd day after Passover, pull up a barley plant out of the ground and give it to the priest to wave before Almighty God. This was to be specimen, a sample of what would come forth during the wheat harvest 50 days later, Shauvot. Because of their giving, they expected a bumper crop, and they received. {This principle yet works in the realm of finances.} Yahshua was God’s First Fruit: resurrected and became a Wave Offering before God 3 days after Passover. Pentecost was the beginning of the bounteous harvest.


Pentecost means Fiftieth (50), this is a number denoting Jubilee, liberation. This Feast celebrates the remembrance of how we were delivered from Egypt (the world). It is a time of Rejoicing and Giving of the freewill offering; it is harvest time. It has been celebrated as a time of supplying the needs of others for 3500 years; we also see this demonstrated in the Book of Acts. It is a time of showing compassion, and consideration to the widows, orphans, and strangers (foreigners, mission).

In the realm of Pentecost today, we yet see a strong emphasis on Giving, Rejoicing, Evangelism, and Outreach. This is a good thing, which should be carried over into Tabernacles and intensified. “Except your righteousness Exceed the righteousness of….you shall in no way enter the kingdom.”


In Passover, we were instructed to get the leaven out of our house, and to only eat unleaven bread. However, in Pentecost we are told to use leaven in the 2 huge loaves of wheat bread. According to the Mishna (Oral Law), these loaves were 1/2 gallon each; 4 lbs of flour used for each. Each loaf was 28 inches long and about 16 inches wide. This was not a burnt offering, but a thanksgiving wave offering. The flour mixed with leaven represents the mixture during the Church Age period. Leaven speaks of that which puffs up, sin. The 2 Loaves represents Jew and Gentile brought together in one loaf.

What are the leavens mixed in with Pentecost?

1) Leaven of Herod (worldliness) Matt. 22:16-22

2) Leaven of Sadducees (denies power of God) Matt. 22: 23-33

3) Leaven of Pharisees (self righteous-hypocrites) Matt. 23

4) Leaven of Corinthians (fornication-lust) 1 Cor. 5

5) Leaven of Galatians (legalism) Gal. 1:6-9, 3:1-5

6) Leaven of False Doctrine (error) Matt. 16:1-12

7) Leaven of Sin God in His Sovereignty uses the leaven in our lives. Once we understand this, we will be able to say as Apostle Paul said. “I glory in my weakness, that the power of Christ may rest upon me…for when I am weak, then I am strong.2 Cor. 12:9-10

These leavens are a part of Pentecost, and God has allowed them to be there for a purpose; although, we must overcome to meet Him in the next Feast. The only way we overcome is through the Grace that is sufficient (more than enough), and His strength, which perfects our weaknesses.


Yahshua (Jesus) spent 40 days after His resurrection teaching the mysteries of the kingdom. Before His ascension, He prepared His disciples for an Initiation, He said go and wait in the upper room Until you be endued (clothed) with power from on high. Acts 2 – On that 50th day He returned in a different form, while they were praising and worshipping God.

Something supernatural happened that Joel and Isaiah had prophesied about. The Holy Ghost came with a rushing mighty Wind and tongues of Fire. In all of the ancient Mystery Schools, the elements of Wind and Fire represented an Initiation into the mysteries of the Spirit. It was no coincidence that these elements were mentioned, this was known among all cultures and religions. (Remember these elements surrounded Elijah’s and Moses ministry-plus the prophets of Baal sought this.)

As a result of this Initiation, 120 mostly unlearned men and women immediately proclaimed the wonderful works of God in at least 17 foreign languages at the same time. They staggered and fell under the anointing of this New Wine. The religious system of ancient Judaism was dealt a deadly blow.

They spent 10 days waiting on God; prayer, fasting, and worshipping to only deliver a 10 minute message that turned the world upside down. It is time to get out of the supper room, and get into the upper room of higher consciousness so that we might have a word of life and deliverance. Revelation knowledge is great, the mysteries are great; but something within me craves for the anointing. All of the great truth we share is nothing, if there is no anointing to make it applicable to our lives NOW.


1) According to the Mishna (Oral Law) Abel was killed on Shauvot. Abel means Wind, breath; transitory.

This was thus foreshadowing the Winds of Initiation that blew upon the ancient ones as they walked and talked with the Ancient of Days in the cool of the evening would be bound. The creative breath of Life that was breathed into Adam would be limited. In the flood of Noah all flesh with the breath of life was drowned, except eight. On the day of Pentecost this wind was restored in part.

2) Enoch was translated on Shauvot. Enoch means Initiate, Teacher.

This was signifying the return of the Enochian consciousness; the spirit of initiation, and the Holy Ghost being our teacher. One that will receive the knowledge from the other side, given by the angels.

It also represents a people that would overcome physical death, those that are willing to be a “was not” because of their walk with God. This was realized in a measure on the day of Pentecost.

3) The Tower of Babel was destroyed on Shauvot. They all spoke one language as they built this Tower (Stargate?) so they could reach the stars. God destroyed it and confused their language 70 languages representing the 70 nations of the ancient world were created that day.

This was signifying what God would began to do nearly 2000 years later at Pentecost, the return of the pure language (spirit). As the believers were and are able to speak in foreign languages and interpret today. It was also foreshadowing a time when man would build again to reach the stars (NASA -today).

4) Abram gave tithe to Melchizedek on Shauvot, after returning from rescuing Lot. Melchizedek, king of Salem, and priest of the Most High God brought forth bread and wine for Abram.

Abram fulfilled the law of Pentecost by giving to Melchizedek. This also foreshadows the great prosperity that’s about to be reaped by those of the Melchizedek Order. Much of this will come from those in the realm of Promise (Pentecost). It also represents those in the realm of Pentecost being blessed, anointed by a higher order, and brought into a place of true communion. This bread (hidden manna) and wine (new wine) will give Abram the strength to produce the man-child of promise, Isaac. This was realized in part at Pentecost; we are seeing fullness as joy and laughter returns to the House of God.

5) Moses was rescued from the Nile River on Shauvot. Moses means drawn from the water.

This was signifying Water Baptism, which became an important ritual at Pentecost, where they baptized 3000 in one day. Out of this, great deliverance came to the Jews and Gentiles; as they washed away their sins calling on the name of Yahshua (Jesus).

6) The most important thing that happened on Shauvot is the giving of the TORAH (first 5 books of the Bible-Law). Exodus 19-20

God spoke the Divine Law on Shauvot, this Torah was meant to bring life, it was indeed God’s breath. However, because of fear and unbelief, the Torah brought forth death. As at Pentecost, the experience was to bring life, however, because of the leaven of man’s rules, it has produced death. Exodus 19:16, 20:18 records God’s voice as Thundering (voice, splitting, reverberating). It is recorded by the Sages that when God spoke the Torah, He spoke it in 70 languages at the same time, these were the nations of the world. (Remember at Babel the 70 languages were introduced?) The Torah was not just for the Israelite, but for all. God spoke this in the Wilderness so that no one nation could claim it.

According to history, the people ran to the south, then the north, the east, then west as the Voice thundered, then looked upward. “God thunders marvelously with his voice; great things doeth he, which we can not comprehend.” Job 37:5 Deut. 4:35-36

This also foreshadows the revealed Word coming forth during the Feast of Pentecost experience. This is a Word that will minister to all humanity and bring Life. As you will notice the 2 elements of Initiation Wind and Fire was present when God spoke the Torah. All of Israel was given the opportunity to be initiated into the mysteries of Spirit. They were given the opportunity to become a kingdom of priests.


1) Tribe of Benjamin Get Wives. Because of Benjamin’s sin and perversion, they were about to become extinct. Judges 21:15-24

Israelite virgins returning from the Feast of Pentecost with dances were taken by the Benjamites as their wives. The elders had vowed that no one was to give Benjamin wives; later they felt sorry and devised a plan of kidnapping to save Benjamin. Had this not happened, there would not have been a King Saul, the first king of Israel. Nor would there have been Rabbi Saul, which later became Apostle Paul, they both were Benjamites.

This was foreshadowing Law -vs-Grace. We know that King Saul was killed by his sword (Word), but Rabbi Saul was made alive by the Word. “The letter kills, but the Spirit makes alive.” So it is with the left-handed Benjamite Company today.

2) King Saul was anointed on Shauvot – 1 Sam.10:1-7 He was anointed with a vial (limited), not the horn which represented unlimited anointing. The realm of Pentecost as wonderful as it is, is only a limited expression of what’s coming.

He prophesied, danced, the Spirit came upon him amongst the company of prophets. But his kingdom became troubled by evil spirits, rebellion, and witchcraft controlled him. He destroyed the Body Ministry (Priests of Nob).

Saul was foreshadowing what Pentecostal and Charismatic leader have done today. The manipulation and control (witchcraft) that has cause evil spirits to fill the houses of worship. However, God has a David that’s been hidden; he is NOW stepping forward to take the kingdom, to even transfer it into the hand of Solomon.

3) According to history, King David died on Shauvot. This was the end of a 40 year reign that was filled with Warfare; the kingdom was transferred over to Solomon, a man of Peace.

This was foreshadowing that during the Pentecostal Church Age there would be must warfare and division in the kingdom of God. However, at the end of the Pentecostal Age we would celebrate the victories that the David have won for us. But it would also prepare us for a time of Peace, which comes in the Feast of Tabernacles.

This is where Solomon rules and the spirit of Wisdom along with the other 6 Spirits of God would be fully manifested in the Body. It also foreshadows the building of the Millennium Temple that Ezekiel saw. This will not be geographically located in the Middle East, behold it is all around you. True Believer, Initiates of the highest order are the stones that make of the Habitation of God.

4) King Asa and the people of Judah entered in a Covenant to Seek God on Shauvot. 2 Chron. 15

The name Asa means Healer. This foreshadows the great healing ministry that would come out of Pentecost, as people seriously sought God. The early Church walked in this power, we are seeing an increase of the gifts of healing and miracles. These manifestations will cause many to turn to God.

5) Yahshua (Jesus) Sermon on the Mount. Luke 6:12-49 “in those days…” (meaning feast of weeks).

Just as Moses was given the 10 Commandment, Yahshua gave the Beatitudes, Divine Principles for living. It is through the experience of Pentecost that we learn how to live. The Spirit empowers us to overcome. Thus, showing us the happiness and beautiful attitude that is developed when observing Divine Laws.

It is customary to read the Book of Ruth during Shauvot (Pentecost), the Feast of Weeks. Ruth speaks of a Visitation coming to the House of God-His desire for us today is not to just visit. He wants a Habitation. Expect a Refreshing, exercise your prayer language. Allow these experiences mentioned to become your experiences.


We are now in the Sign House of Gemini, the Twins. The word Gemini means Completed, Consummation; as in a marriage.

In mythology Gemini represented the Twin Brothers, the hunters; they were the sons of God (Zeus). The names of these mythological gods were Castor and Pollux. They sit on the ecliptic one holding the other, armed with a club, bow, arrows, and a harp. They are not engaged in warfare, but they are prepared. The club and arrows represent the Word of God. The harp (praise) is also a mighty weapon to defeat the serpent and hare in this constellation.

In Acts 28:11 Paul relates a detail account of his trip to Rome. “After three months we departed in a ship of Alexandria which had wintered in the isle, whose Sign was Castor and Pollux.” The name Castor means, the Coming Ruler. Pollux (Hercules) means the Judge, Deliverer. Paul traveling on this Gemini ship, being a Benjamite was a double witness of what would happen at Rome and the world thereafter. We stated earlier that King Saul and Apostle (Saul) Paul were both of the tribe of Benjamin. 1 Sam. 9, and Philippians 3:5

Which Zodiac Sign was assigned to the tribe of Benjamin? GEMINI! Genesis 48:27 Jacob tells us the characteristics of Benjamin. “He is like a wolf that devours the enemy.” Only in the Zodiac of Gemini is there a constellation of a Dog (Wolf). It is the constellation of Sirius, which means Victorious Prince or Guardian.

This is the Constellation that deals with Sonship, the sons of God. Benjamin means son of my right hand (authority). In Hebrew thinking Gemini also represent Adam and Eve, which for us represents Christ and his Bride, which is also called the Sons of God. Remember we discovered Gemini means Consummation, the two becoming one. That’s what happens in Sonship, the Bride of Christ. Since the Feast of Pentecost happens under the Zodiac sign of Gemini, we realize that it was not by coincidence that Benjamites played important roles. As the will of God was being done in the heavens, there was a manifestation on earth. For the heavens do declare.

In Genesis Benjamin was given 300 pieces of silver and 5 different garments. This was foreshadowing Deliverance and the 5-fold ministry, which would be used in the realm of Pentecost. May these and other expressions find their ways into your life during this season.


FEAST OF PENTECOST – SHAUVOT [John Lewis]          1


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