OCTOBER 24, 2003

For some time I have been aware of the power and presence of the Almighty channeled through me that seems to change weather patterns and the atmosphere to confirm the message/ministry I have been given. The elements seem to surrender to the power of the prophetic directly and indirectly in spite of the country or season.

On the opening night [10/17/03] of the Conference after the moving processional I stood declaring “rain” as we sang “Let It Rain” by Michael W. Smith. The Spirit later said take the Rain Stick (5 ft tall) from Indonesia and prophesy with it during worship and personal ministry, I obeyed. The headlines of the Seattle Times newspaper and others read “Record Breaking Rain Fall”, this was October 20, 2003 the last day of our DNA Conference – Feast of Tabernacles. Nearly 7 inches of rain fell in one day. This was a prophetic sign speaking of the Age of the Outpouring that we have moved into. The floodgates of heavens are open; enlightenment, power, prosperity, health and immortality are being poured out.

Words cannot describe what took place at the Feast as those called gathered from the nations of the world and across the country. Each night, day meeting and workshop went from one level of glory to another as the anointing was released.

Lisa Shaer and Chet Jones led us in anointed processionals/praise each night with interpretative dances as Believers from various nations and states carried colorful banners/flags demonstrating the praise of God. Using their talents and choreography from being involved internationally with major productions like Kathryn Kuhlman and many other famous secular people of the past coupled with the anointing, brought the worship to a new level.

Dr. Chris Dealwis, Biochemist thoroughly intrigued us as he revealed the “secret places of the stairs” as our spiral DNA structure and the dove (Holy Spirit) in the cleft. Songs of Solomon 2:14 Martha, his wife further challenged us to “get real” and be humble before God as she also ministered with a powerful anointing in the gifts of the Spirit. 10/17/03

Saturday morning Mike Rickenbauker took us back in history. He shared secrets from the Pyramid and the base measurement degree which points toward immortality and the Enochian Company. Genesis 5:23 10/18/03

John Lewis shared Saturday night about the Awakening of the unused 97% of human DNA and the reconciliation of the 60 trillion human cells to produce God. “I shall be satisfied when I awake with your likeness”. Psalms 17:15 He also ministered prophetically through word of knowledge and the gift of miracles. {There were verifiable confirmations, manifestation and gold dust appearing}. 10/18/03

Gary Sigler shared Sunday morning and evening on the subject of “2 Seeds”. He skillfully tore down traditional/religious beliefs about an angry God anxious to send people to hell. He replaced it with the truth that God is Love all the time and sent Jesus to die and take the judgment for ALL and bring immortality to light. Matthew 13 {This was the first time for some to hear this due to walk-ins and various Believers responding to ads, however, it was received with great joy. The Spirit began to confirm the word with healings and miracles as the anointing compelled me to immediately flow in the prophetic after his message}. 10/19/03

Sunday afternoon John Lewis did a DNA workshop with strobe lights and DNA activation music from Visionary Music. Nearly 100 people participated by lying on the floor head to head (flower of life design) in numerous groups, while many others felt comfortable sitting. After everyone was brought to the “theta state” of consciousness; with intent we began to speak to the cells, chromosomes, and DNA commanding activation of the unused 97%, immortality and reconciliation of the known 3%.

Gary and Verna Clay, Georgeanne and I moved amongst the people using tuning forks, toning and the energy from our hands to accelerate the experience. Many testified of seeing visions, being out of the body, hearing angels sing and being totally relaxed, some even fell into deep sleep snoring.

[Verna Clay testified that this had to be the work of the Holy Spirit to get nearly 100 dressed up people, from various walks of life, religions, ages, nationalities to lie on a floor head to head, listen to loud weird music in the dark while strobe light danced across the room and expect to have an encounter with God-It was Gary’s idea]. This was off the hook. It was not until Monday that I felt I was back in my body.

Monday morning Verna Clay taught on the power of frequencies and how they interact with the human body and our DNA. The Monday afternoon workshop was led by Gary Clay as he re-emphasized the power of “sound doctrine”.

They demonstrated this through the use of tuning forks and the Rife machine. There were testimonies of healings and people with pain and stiffness being relieved. The Spirit came in such a way that everyone was ministered to and prayed over. As the energy work and vibration healing techniques were manifested, the spirit of prophecy came upon the place. It was as the story of Saul coming amongst the prophets and started to prophesy.

Everyone received at least 2 or more accurate words from the Lord as the Solfa Sound Music produced by the Clay’s brought us to deep places of meditation. Pastors from various Churches also were very open and receptive to the Spirit working through scientific alternative methods.

Beginning Monday morning the meetings started to get meshed into one with only a short time for a break between them. Just when we wondered what else God would do, He took us to another level.

Chet and Lisa lead the processional of the finally meeting; they shared their unusual story of how they were brought together in marriage. She’s from Korea and his family is from Wales. He waited 40 years for her.

Then Pastors Floyd and Mae Beecham from Minneapolis shared how they have been married 40 years and spoke a word over those waiting for marriage. Everyone was encouraged and thrilled with the testimonies.

After the offering; extreme radical praise broke out, the Phoenix Ball Room turned into a disco tech. The old and young were dancing, shouting, waving banners, flags, and all kinds of colorful objects. It was out of control. God loves cheerful givers.

After we got somewhat calm down we had “Body Talk”. Many shared testimonies, exhortations, songs, and prophecies. The Body was greatly edified and full. Many expressed their appreciation for seeing such diversity in a Feast of Tabernacle Conference and the appreciation for being exposed to new things in a Christ centered environment.

This was truly a Feast where everyone brought their talents and offered them to the Lord.

This has been an exciting year for unusual planetary activity with Mars (god of war) accompanied by Phobos (fear) and Deimos (panic) gripping the planet. We see the affect of this in the earth, also the wild fires of the West Coast, the Heat Wave we predicted and warned about that hit France killing over 11,000 people this past summer and the volcano eruptions.

In August we spoke about the chain of Volcano eruptions that would begin. September 5, 2003 the Volcano erupted in Costa Rica. Several weeks after the word given in August Seismologists announced that we are coming into a cycle of “super volcano eruptions”, confirming the word given to me by the Spirit Yellowstone Park was being evacuated due to the steam, seismic activity and the water was scorching the people that bath in them. Even the animals are acting strangely, sensing something is about to happen. Keep these things in prayer.


Jesus and the prophets told us to be aware of the signs in the heaven; moon turned into blood and the sun darkened (lunar and solar eclipses). They also spoke of stars falling from the sky (meteor/comet showers, asteroids) and positioning of the planets.

Nothing can happen on earth until the heavens declare/announces it. During October 29-31, 2003 major Solar Storms will release energy into the earth, Solar Shock Waves traveling 2 million miles per hour. These are Gamma Waves, the most energetic form of light. Mmmm

November 8-9, 2003 There will be a Total (full moon) Lunar Eclipse with a Planetary Grouping that hasn’t happened in 4000 years. During the Eclipse the planets will form the Star of David/Seal of Solomon in the heavens. This is called a Grand Sextile, the 6 objects will be exactly 60 degrees apart forming the 2 interlaced triangles. This event was first announced by John Mirehiel. [A similar event took place in 1997 as a Grand Sextile was positioned over New York, Sun in Aquarius announcing the Age of Aquarius or the Age of Outpouring. We wrote about this during that time].

Take note of the participants in this Cosmic Event and their positioning.

Sun in Scorpio

Moon in Taurus

Mars in Pisces

Jupiter in Virgo

Saturn in Cancer

Chiron in Capricorn

This figuration is not happening just by chance, the Creator is relating a specific message to those that understand sign language.

“You have been called to this momentous time in history to witness and experience the union of the human and the Divine. This is the interlaced triangle that forms the Star of David. It is the 3 – Expressions of the Divine; Father, Son, Holy Spirit (Mother), intertwined with the 3 – expressions of human; spirit, soul and body. This is the meshing and mingling to manifest the star, light body of the Merkabah.

The energies from these governors that rule from the heavens are creating a vortex, this is the portal to the unlimited realms of Spirit that will become more easily accessed. Position yourself consciously to the Consciousness deep within, a Stargate is opening and you will be transported to another state of glory. You will find yourself interacting and communicating with those on the other side easier.

This galactic display also serves as a wake up call to jog your memory at the cellular level. The solar flares have already released the gamma rays to heighten your awareness, raise your vibratory frequency to accelerate healing and enhance your DNA & light body. This is the call of the Divine to rise up and realize a new world. Will you answer the call? Or, will you continue to slumber?

The sacred geometry in the heavens is only mirroring the longing for balance within you. Allow the soul (feminine) to arise to the point of total enlightenment by Spirit. Then the material world will become the spiritual, the unknown will be known.

The 6 planets will be 60 degrees apart, 6 is the number of man lacking spiritual perfection. 60 x 6 = 360. This is humanity coming full circle realizing his Godhood. The circle is God, with neither beginning nor end. It is immortality, deathless life which also foreshadows the coming Melchizedek Order with the power of prosperity, the ability to bless others. The planet is entering into a new cycle. As the Moon passes through Earth’s shadow, be found under the Shadow of the Almighty, the secret place in you.

There is more that is being spoken by the heavens, the sword has two edges. This is a time of great transition on the planet and not all are willing to consciously evolve. Therefore, as the 6-pointed Star of David, the warrior that is formed in the heavens, it also represents warfare. This is the struggled between flesh and Spirit that will be played out on the screen of your TV and the new papers.

Sun in Scorpio is great for the overcomer, the power of transmutation and healing of wounds as the Phoenix arises to swallow up death. To the resistant one, it is death swallowing up life and bitterness. Moon in Taurus to the overcomer is the challenge for setting spiritual priorities above material. To the resistant one, it is being overwhelmed by materialism, debts and unexpected spending.

Mars in Pisces to the overcomer is heightening of spirituality, intuition, expansion of ministry. To the resistant it is the pressures and feelings of being cornered. {Watch for another major upheaval in the Middle East between the 7th-29th of November that will result in many casualties; unless there is Divine intervention.} Pray about these dates.

Jupiter in Virgo is great for the overcomer, a time of reconciliation, healing relationships; especially with family (parents), those in authority.

Saturn in Cancer provides the opportunity to deal with the negativity and let go of the darkness. For many on the planet, this may seem to be a time of settling scores, revenge. {Nov. 7th-29th is also a time to be in intercession for our country and officials, this is a time of vulnerability.}

Chiron in Capricorn is your opportunity to grow and learn, allow the teacher and healer to arise and forget the past hurts. To the resistant one this time will seem to only bring many past hurts to the surface that feeds unforgiveness.

[The above information is not based on your birth date or Zodiac Sign, it is based on what I felt the Spirit revealing to me according to the positioning of the planets. From Nov. 7-29 take advantage of this time, absorb what the heavens are releasing – also intercede to lessen the impact of upheaval on the planet.]


FEAST OF TABERNACLES 2003 – UPDATE [John Lewis]          1


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