MAY 23, 2008

All are seeking purpose and meaning for their lives.  From the earliest seekers the same question has been posed.  Why I am here and what is the purpose of life?

For many today life seems hectic, fast paced, and going by at such an alarming speed it seems to pass by without answering these eternal questions. How do you feel at this moment?  Do you know without a doubt what your life purpose is and why you here?  Have you found what truly brings peace and fulfillment into life?

So many seem to be consumed by stress, financial problems, job situations, unsettled family relationships, and many other circumstances seemingly separating them from their life’s purpose.  They feel freedom and peace could only develop from the right job, gaining financial security, and in some way “getting all their ducks in a row.”  When they do it is only to discover this still is not enough!  Those which have attained these things are still seeking true purpose!

The greatest discovery of our day is this; Our true purpose cannot be found “Out There Someplace.”  It cannot be found in the dimension we call “the world.”  True purpose has less to do with what we do, than what and who we really are!

What humanity has been searching for so hectically “out there” for thousands of years can only be found within themselves!  True purpose can only be found by trusting what you can’t touch, taste, hear, smell or see!  The Bible says it so profoundly when it states; “IF you have ears to hear, If you have eyes to see.”  It was not talking about your physical ears and eyes, but an inner spiritual realm where you can hear and see truth beyond the dimension of the senses!

The whole Bible is an inner story.  It is not a story of people “out there” but each character reveals to us the inner awakening of our own consciousness.  In I Corinthians 15:34 it points to this inner realm when it says:  “Awake to righteousness and sin not; for some have not the knowledge of God…”  The word “awake” in the original Greek means “to rouse out of stupor.” It is derived from the root word “ek” denoting “origin out of place and time.” To have an awakening means to come into remembrance of your true self beyond this realm of time, space, and matter!

The mirrors of purpose have been fogged for mankind.  This fog has been a universal sleep state in which man’s great inner purpose has been to WAKE UP!

The Bible also says:  “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”  The word “sin”, as many of you already know, means “to miss the mark; like an archer not hitting the bull’s eye.”  Sin is not an external thing we do, but an internal mindset which has missed its true purpose!  Sin is to be untrue to your God essence, your true purpose as a God Being!  Sin is not realizing you are created as the God-Kind!

Mankind resembles a piece of silver which has been tarnished.  We have equated ourselves with the tarnish instead of the silver!  The moment we stop focusing on the tarnish of our lives, which identifies with the outside conditions, and focus on the silver within, we will begin manifesting what our focus is!

Jesus Christ came to see from a spiritual eye and hear from a spiritual ear!  From this inner realm he saw far beyond what the physical dimensions was revealing about mankind.  He never lost sight of the silver and saw far beyond the tarnish of the outer realm!

Man’s true purpose as a God Being is to AWAKEN!  To awake, implies something happening within and then manifesting outwardly.  Your life’s purpose is to Awake To Your Inner Self!  To Awake to the Divinity within and it is the purpose of all humanity collectively!

Jesus said “Destroy this temple and on the third day I will raise it up.”  Here is your eternal purpose!  Here is the inner purpose of all humanity.  It is to be raised as the collective Christ consciousness!  Awareness of being one with God!  It is awakening the consciousness which does not think it robbery to be the fullness of God!

Christ said; “If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto myself.”  If the consciousness of the Christ, which was one with God be lifted up, it will draw all humanity up with it!  This describes your inner purpose. . . your life purpose. . . and the purpose of all humanity! The ascension of a consciousness in oneness with its Source. . . which knows within itself is the infinite, limitless spark of Divinity!

Have you ever noticed your outer purpose changes over time?  Once I was a daughter, a student, a travel agent, tour director, a mother and many other things. All of these things defined me but were not really who I was.  Through the years I have shifted into new roles.  I am now no longer a student, travel agent or tour director.   Now I am a grandmother, and my parents are gone, so my role as a daughter has shifted. 

What I have discovered which never changes, is my true purpose!  Why, because it is an inner purpose.  It is purpose which originated from a realm which never changes.  Finding and living in alignment with this inner purpose is the foundation for fulfilling my outer purposes. This was evident in the life of Jesus.  When he knew he was fully God he was able to completely fulfill his outer purpose with conviction and ease!

What is taking place right now on planet Earth is a great awakening to mankind’s inner purpose.  Man is becoming aware he is more than flesh and his potential is limitless!

“And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation (wholeness) nearer than when we believed.”  Rom. 13:11

Here we are… we have entered the Third Spiritual Day in Gods’ plan for mankind and it is indeed high time…  time for higher consciousness to arise! Time for humanity to awake out of the sleep which has dimmed their view of purpose and realize wholeness. Awake that our Beingness, which is the fullness of God, is nearer than we ever had the courage to believe!

What you do is not your primary purpose, but the state of consciousness out of which flows the things you do is!  Finding your inner purpose is what will bring Heaven to Earth.  It will bring down The New Jerusalem (city or consciousness of peace) from your heaven into your earth creating a new reality for humanity!

Once you find your inner purpose and connect to your Beingness you will become a channel through which the Christ consciousness can enter the world.  This is the new heaven and new earth spoken about in Revelation.

Listen: “And I saw a new heaven (a new consciousness in oneness with God) and a new earth (a new manifestation from the invisible realm of spirit) for the first heaven (mindset) and the first earth (living from a realm of duality) were passed away; and there was no more sea.”  Sea is a metaphor for humanity.  Having no more sea equates to a consciousness which sees only oneness!

AWAKENING to your inner oneness with God and all humanity makes your old heaven and earth disappear and no longer can any sea of separation exist in your reality!

Then in Verse 2 we see awakening makes way for the New Jerusalem (a consciousness of Peace) to come down from God. . . a mind that is no longer connected to duality but only peace and truth!

Your true purpose can only be found within… seek first the kingdom, the inner realm of true authority and power and there you will find your life purpose…  True and lasting fulfillment!

Loving Life



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