DECEMBER 2, 2006

There You are, down from the cross, risen from the tomb. The stone is rolled away, and you stand, utterly victorious, with one foot on the land and one foot on the sea. You stand, conqueror of heaven and earth, with all things under your feet. This resurrection day is your great beginning, and you clearly know it is also the end of all things old and in part. It is manifest, The One that you are.

You are enveloped in the wonderful presence of salvation. Like a little lamb, you are love fulfilled, caught away in the eternal day of His Presence.

So what is next? It doesn’t matter to you. You have found your feet on solid ground. As this little one that you are, you are in the comfort zone. You have entered the gates of heaven and have been seated at the right hand of the King, never again called to the reasoning mind.

What is the plan? It doesn’t matter. You are in Him, bypassing time, catapulted into immeasurable glory. You are the Lamb that has received the lion portion, for nothing is a hindrance to you in Christ. All things in your world are set in order, which world is the Kingdom of God. (Eternity come now . You know that you have found that which is perfect and have entered into rest.

(“That which is perfect”: The perfect love of God; The place prepared for you by Jesus, as even little children discover at the cross and resurrection.) Yes, you recognize it as your very first real love?

You may now be numbered among those who know the fullness of salvation is a free gift, and you are swallowed in the love of Our Father. You will remain in your first love, the very beginning. You have embraced the eternal day of resurrection, where time shall be no more. You have found yourself adorned with His own body and you behold the eternal day with His all encompassing eye. You now see, your trip to the cross was worth it. You gave up the ghost of the reasoning, carnal man, and as a little child, received the mind of the King. I see you now hand in hand with Him, treasuring eternity with perfect confidence. It no longer is your will, but His.

Where are you, but in your first love, about the Father’s business. The waters have parted. You have crossed over, and entered His rest. In contemplation you realize the risen glory that is always yours.

Your whole purpose is to see and know the Savior, to express Him from within, where He eternally abides. You cease from your own works to be the will of The Father. You are not in the mode of measuring yourself, but ready to always walk in The Spirit. You see Spirit everywhere and in all circumstances. You have left the world of confusion.

Now you are open to things that you know not of. Now you are ready to stand in the awesome fiery furnace or to speak the Word of God. You are satisfied to be Son of The Most High, and to be joint heir to All That He Is. You are The Open Eyed Believer.

Beloved reader: I bow to the very Christ Jesus within you, for you are bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh. I know you from the cross and resurrection, and I receive you as born of God. I speak to the heart center of you that you are mine, and I care for you as myself. Today, you are in the new world for He has made all things new by His own shed blood. Once in the end of the world, He has come and settled it forever. Therefore, now you may anticipate all things in order for our Father is order. Now, you may expect only Father’s love in all matters, and expect the very highest for you and family and friends.

New expectations come with new rewards, for He has overcome all things on your behalf. Look abroad and see only God and Glory. I’m not suggesting positive thinking, however, for I am suggesting only true thoughts, His thoughts. Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, in you. There remains none other. He is all in all, and has returned all things to the bounty of Father’s House, The Kingdom of God. Nothing is in the House but God’s Love and Mercy. There is no darkness, lack or confusion here.

No longer may you be in fear or wonderment, for He has apprehended you into Himself. You have come to the end of the world, and have entered He Who Is Perfect; that which is complete in Him.

I give you this word: “Peace, Joy and Righteousness are yours, a free gift, fully established by The Lamb of God. You are absolutely not your own for you are bought with a price. There stands the overwhelming mantle of Jesus, holding His new heaven and new earth unto Himself.  It Is You, at perfect peace and love in grace!”

Amen Dear Jesus



FIRST LOVE [Jim-Melba Crofford] 12-3-07          1


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