Just as the Lord spoke to David of old, and to me in modern times, so he stands ready to reveal His will and plan to all those who sincerely seek him.  The Lord wants to help you work through your problems and difficulties as you pursue the dreams and visions He has placed in your heart.  God seeds your heart with desires and then reveals to your mind creative ways to go about attaining the fulfillment of those desires.

You have an enemy who will come against you to kill and destroy and to steal from you the good things your loving heavenly Father has provided.  But, by the power of the Holy Spirit, you can recover what has been stolen from you — whether it is your marriage partner, your family, your health, your financial prosperity, or your peace of mind and heart.

Once we Christians realize and understand our authority as believers, we can begin recovering the blessings of God which the devil, or adversary, has stolen from us.

In the great commission, we have been appointed as disciples of Christ.  As such, we have been given power of attorney — kingdom authority — to act in his name in the earth to carry out his work of preaching, teaching, and healing others.

As disciples of Christ, we believers are deputies.  A deputy is a person who has been appointed as substitute for another with the power to act on his behalf.  A deputy is also one who takes charge when his superior is absent.  The great commission is Jesus’ final words to deputize His followers to stand in a place of authority and carry out His work in His stead until he returns.

As Christians, you and i have been deputized by the Lord Jesus Christ to enforce his victory over Satan in the earth. When the devil tries to steal our possessions, divide our family, rob us of our health and well-being, or destroy our home or business, we have been given the delegated power and authority to resist and overcome him.  We exercise that power and authority by boldly proclaiming the name of Jesus over our adverse circumstances, causing them to come into line with the expressed, revealed will of God for us.

My today understanding is that Jesus has returned – he has appeared in me and in many more around the world that have been led to give him full control of our lives.  Now Jesus empowers us and works through us.  We are simply a temple for him to dwell in and manifest his presence to the world around us.

In essence, we do as David did when he found himself in a dire situation–we call upon the name of the Lord, encourage ourselves in him, inquire of him what the solution to our situation is, and then follow his commands to us in order to turn that situation for good to all concerned.

As an example, let’s see what the Lord told David to do when he inquired of him about his personal predicament and that of his men:

And David inquired at the Lord, saying, shall I pursue after this troop?  Shall I overtake them?  And he answered him, pursue…   I Samuel 30:8

To pursue means, “to follow after.”  In our context, it refers to the act of diligently following the Lord’s revealed course for our lives.  It implies consciously acting to fulfill our father’s designated plan for the achievement of the goals and purposes he has decreed in our life.  If the Lord has placed a vision in your heart, pursue it.  Follow your dream!



FOLLOW YOUR DREAM [Sunny Orly Coffman] Year 1999         1


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