AUGUST 30, 2012

Well, if my principles aren’t working, perhaps I should consider adjusting them, right? Well, friends, that all depends upon the perspective from which an individual sees things …doesn’t it.

There is a certain peace in living according to principles. Things are settled and that’s the way it is, this is what I believe and don’t anyone bother me; fairly simple, right?

Let’s look at two conditions that are prevalent in modern life, well at least in the United States: Divorce and bankruptcy.

I’m not picking on the guy here, honestly, not that my picking on him would hurt him, just pointing out something about the culture in which we live and what dominates it. Probably half of “my audience” is outside the U.S. and Canada – so the name Donald Trump may not mean a whole lot to you, but here’s the reason I’m bringing it up.

Donald Trump is a multi-billionaire, famous as a TV personality and has filed for divorce and bankruptcy multiple times each. He is still rich and famous and has even “tested the water” politically to see how many people might vote for him for president of the U.S. …frankly I’m horrified at the number who think he would be a “great president” …good grief, from what perspective? 

One might reasonably ask, what principles does this guy live by?

Am I judging Donald Trump? No, but I’m not particularly fond of his business practices, his personality or the fact that some people actually respect him for his accomplishments, in spite of the fact that in business and marriage he quite obviously doesn’t give a hang about some rather interesting principles the religious right wing of the political party, of which he is a vocal member, strenuously espouse.

Am I really supposed to be writing about this? What Now? (Which, “what now,” is the only principle I care about, that is, being in continual and intimate connection with your and my SPIRIT-PARENT and that continually, moment by moment asking, “What Now?” …which is even the subtitle of a book published under “my” authorship). 

Who is to say that Donald Trump doesn’t live by the same principle …and since yours truly, moi, has had failures (yep, plural too) in both business and marriage, I’m not about to point fingers at him or anyone else, well then, why did I bring him and the topic up?

Life was certainly far more comfortable for me, in my chosen culture at the time …firmly entrenched in organized Christianity, BEFORE being divorced or bankrupt; now then, having been through an intensive training period of closely examining what I say and think, I am in the habit of looking at the possibility that there could be just a bit of jealousy or other self-serving motivation going on here.

To be absolutely clear about what is going on inside the brain of this body bag I occupy, I continually rail about the fact that much of organized Christianity, of whatever stripe, is devoted to doing those very things Jesus said not to do.

Now, there is no doubt that I was a thorn in the side of the system while I was still preaching within it, but instead of the ranting I do about those things since escaping it, I merely questioned them. In other words, BEFORE I went through the glaring failures that made me feel unacceptable within the system. Further, had it not been for the “glaring failures” would I still be in the system?

Yuck, did I really have to see that right now?

I mean, after all, why do some people hold Donald Trump up as a beacon of success, when he has gone through the same failures as I; and, from my perspective, for violating some of the same principles?

I keep asking what now – perhaps hoping that I will be spared from further self-flagellation, I’m really uncomfortable about writing this, yet I’m being nudged forward. Is anyone possibly interested?

Well, one of the principles to which I give lip service is to not allow my proclivity to want to please readers to be my “god;” I also recognize the truth of the axiom that, “a person, whose primary motive in life is to please the crowd, pleases no one, including and especially himself.”

Yeah, I recognize it as a truth, intellectually, but I am still easily governed by the desire to get readers to want to read what I write.

Again, what now?

“Read what you have written and you will see it.”

I remember a live, standup comedy routine of the great Bill Cosby which I attended while visiting in New York, about forty years ago. He was going through his re-enactment of Noah, listening to instructions from God for the building of the Ark …when he came to the part of herding all the animals onto the boat:  Cosby stopped for several seconds …then, with perfect timing said, “Nah, God, is that really you?”

Well, I just went back and re-read all the foregoing – it wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought it would be; and sure enough – my answer for the purpose of writing this is very clear:

The following paragraph JUMPED OUT AT ME:

“I mean, after all, why do some people hold Donald Trump up as a beacon of success, when he has gone through the same failures as I; and, from my perspective, for violating some of the same principles?”

“Instead of comparing yourself to Donald Trump – – learn a vital lesson from what he doesn’t do – and stop doing it as well.”

I’m grinning as I’m remembering Bill Cosby, “Nah – is that really you?”

What Donald Trump doesn’t do is spend any time “worrying over spilt milk” or even questioning why, what, how or who spilled it. What I’m being shown is that I need to stop judging anything by any standard or any principle except accessing and engaging our SPIRIT-PARENT for direction as to what to do right now in this moment.

Not only was I judging Donald Trump just now, while denying it, I was also judging me and assessing blame – it doesn’t make any difference how what, why or who “spilled the milk” because spilling milk is just a part of life in the physical realm. I need to bring every thought into captivity, not to “principles,” but to the SOURCE to get the kind of guidance I just received.

I can learn from everyone and every situation if, instead of judging them on any basis, I ask “what now.”

I hope my sharing my little lesson for me wasn’t too painful for you to suffer through.

Thanks for being with me.




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