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“Truly I say unto you, there are some of you standing here that shall not taste death…And after 6 days Jesus took Peter, James, and John his brother and brought them up into a high mountain privately. He was transfigured before them; and his face did shine like the sun, and his raiment was as white as light.” Matthew 16:28, 17:1-2

The above passage of scripture is a record of an account that took place over 2000 years ago during the Feast of Tabernacles (Booths-Sukkot). Peter said; “let us build three booths…” This is the 7th Feast on the Hebrew Calendar, foreshadowing the realities of the 7th millennium or 7th day that we have come to.

The clue that this scripture gives to let us know that this is the time to move into our 4th dimensional body is the phrase, “after 6 days”. Thus, foreshadowing after a period of 6000 years from Genesis chapter 3, an evolution would begin to take place in some humans.


It has been called the fall of man into sin by theologians. Over 6000 years ago (6-days) man fell in consciousness from the realm or dimension we call Heaven. That is the 4th Dimension. In this Heaven/Paradise state of being on Earth Adam was clothed with a light-body, expressing Elohim that he was in every aspect. This is the same light-body that Jesus manifested during the Feast of Tabernacles on the mountain top.

When Adam fell in consciousness from the 4th dimensional reality to the limited 3rd dimensional experience, he not only fell in consciousness, he also fell genetically. The Template DNA Strand coded with the information to produce the light-body, immortality and unlimited abilities began to malfunction and send false information throughout the body. This misinformation, mis-sequences was based on the 3rd dimensional realm of illusions, thus, the cellular intelligence received commands to produce death. As the carnal mind became more active and filled with the desires of the 3rd dimension (world system); it produced thoughts and actions that sent cellular misinformation into overdrive. This resulted in a planet filled with sickness, disease, lack, wars, religion and death.

It has been the quest of all humans to escape and return to Heaven, Nirvana, Shambala, the Happy Hunting Grounds or some other name. All of these are the same; however, the place is not outside of our being in outer space, it is inner space. That is the 4th dimension.


We have come to the Age of Ascension, where humans are ascending to their former estate and exercising their rights as divine beings. The separation has come, the masses that are following the Christ for the fish and loaves (material selfish ambitions) will be left at the base level of this mountain top experience. The majority is content to only have their physical and emotional needs met, choosing to remain in the self-destructive 3-dimensional paradigm.

However, there are a few that are hearing the call from deep within their spirit and at the cellular level to ascend into the heights of God. Jesus the Christ Himself demonstrated that He is the Divine Template DNA Strand, coded with the Original Information that produces Godhood. It is only when the Regeneration or Re-gene-ing of humans takes place that we are able to ascend in consciousness so that the mind of Christ can reprogram us at the cellular level. As this reprogramming takes place in consciousness, it will affect our lower bodies.

Jesus, the Christ took the three initiates (Peter, James, John) aside into this high place to pray. In this small Prayer Meeting, the glory and kingdom that was hidden within was revealed. Jesus was Trans (go beyond limitations) Figured (shape or form). He became an Ascended Master with the ability to defy the laws of physics, biology and dimensionality. It was the separation from mass consciousness and communion with the Creator that activated His DNA and caused this metamorphosis to take place. This was not merely a demonstration of power, but a foreshadowing and example of what’s taking place in this Age of Ascension.

Prayer means to request or petition, commune with a higher being, talk to one’s self, to mutter or babble. Verbal prayer or non verbal (meditation) is the force that releases us from the lower sense of self, causing us to transcend the realm of illusions. This is the key to by-pass the conscious mind and tap into Spirit. This is the key to unlock and activate your being on the cellular level to express the divine. “Build up (activate, awaken) yourself (spirit-body self) upon your most holy faith by praying in the Holy Ghost (tongues, chanting)”.


Modern science tells us that we are 99.999% Energy. Energy is the scientific name for what we call Spirit. Due to the fact of our damaged DNA, cellular misinformation and being affected by the thoughts of mass consciousness; we live most of our lives trying to fulfill the desires of the less than 1% of our being. The fall from the 4th dimension to this 3rd dimension of distortions has magnified the less than 1% of our being into a huge beast that seems impossible to overcome. However, Jesus and others have demonstrated that we have everything within to overcome. In the book of Job a challenging question is asked, “Is not my help within me?”

There are 3 major separate spiritual energy fields that make up what we call a human being. However, within the 3 major are several lesser bodies of our being.

1) There is the physical field of spiritual energy that is denser and expresses itself at a lower vibration, and this we call the physical body. This is the distorted visible part of us that appears to age, become sick and die.

2) Then there is the emotional or soulic field of spiritual energy of a higher vibration and expresses itself mostly in feelings and actions, and this we call the soul body. This is the part that reasons, analyses, and becomes happy, sad, love, hate or depressed.

3) And there is the etheric (spirit) or mental field of spiritual energy of the highest vibration and it expresses itself through mind, thought and what we label the supernatural. This we call the spirit or electric body. The Apostle Paul called this the house from heaven that all creation desires to be clothed with. It is the life-light-body that can swallow up the distorted soulic and physical bodies. This is the 4th Dimensional Body. 2 Corinthians 5


You are Energy-Spirit, every aspect of your being is Spirit. In the Garden of Eden, the 4th Dimensional Reality; tri-part humans manifested 100% Spirit/Energy on every level. They lived out from the 4th Dimensional Body. However, that less than 1% potential to choose death did so, in accordance to Sovereign Plan. Humans became turned outside in; the 4th Dimensional Body disappeared within. And the less that 1% hidden deep within became grossly distorted and visible on the outside. We don’t have another glorified body waiting for us when go somewhere in outer space. Planet Earth is already in space and the glorified body or 4th Dimensional Body is within. “Let God arise!”

Once the less than 1% of what can be called negative or damaged matter and misinformation is transmuted, transfiguration takes place.


While the three initiates witnessed Jesus’ transfiguration, Moses and Elijah appeared. There are many revelations we can glean from this, but I received something fresh during the Feast.

Moses and Elijah had been what we call physically dead for hundreds of years, however, they were able to appear bodily in the 3-dimensional realm. This is what I call the collapsing of the walls of dimensionality.

We have moved into a period where we are being given access to the 4th Dimension and beyond. With this comes the ability to communicate with those that have passed on as Jesus did. Not only to communicate but cause them to appear and be seen by others. Mumm.

Arise, and don’t be afraid. The experiences that we are being drawn to defies and transcends all the laws and limitations we have been given. Our past lives concealed in the 4th dimension of our beings must be revealed, reconciled and balanced. At this point Jesus only is revealed. The Original Plan in you is then exalted.


In the Book of Genesis it is recorded that after Adam and Eve had fallen from the 4th Dimension to the 3rd, they immediately became conscious of the lowered self (selfish). They were naked, no longer clothed with the light luciferic (day star, light bearer) nature.

They then covered themselves with Fig Leaves. The FIGure that they had become accustomed to was changed in a twinkling of an eye. However, the Fig Leaves could not cover the shame of mortality for long. Genesis 3

In the Book of John, the genesis of the New Testament we find the FIG tree again. As Jesus started his public ministry and called disciples, Philip announced to Nathaniel that the Messiah had come. But there was a slight problem; he came from Nazareth (the Ghetto/Slum/Barrio). Nathaniel questioned, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” The answer from Philip was, “Come and See.”

Nathaniel means, gift of God {Grace}. Jesus saw him in a vision under a literal FIG tree. Nathaniel was impressed at Jesus’ spiritual abilities and realized that something good had come out of Nazareth.

Nathaniel {GRACE) the gift to produce divinity in every man. This is the potential to transcend the 3-dimensional experience. But he was under the FIG tree; the FIG tree represents the nation of Israel which gave the LAW.

This has been the state of humans for the past 6000 years, filled with unlimited divine potential, but suppressed by the Laws of 3-dimensional consciousness. These laws have manifested in science, religion, politics and the cellular misinformation of every human. “In Adam all die.” But there is Hope!! “In Christ all shall be made alive.”

“Jesus said unto him, truly, truly I say unto you, hereafter you shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man.” John 1:51

There is an opening in the heavens of our being; we are getting glimpses into the 4th dimension. Deep, deep within in the nucleus of the cell we have found Jacob’s Ladder, which is Jesus the Christ, the Original Template DNA Strand. Jesus is the Blueprint of the biological manifestation of a new set of information.

Can you see (understand) the angels (messages-information) that teaches us the paths of descending and ascending?

The Spirit says Come and See. The Cherubim of Revelation says Come and See. Can you see the power and ability within you to produce Trans-FIG-uration. This is the power that propels you beyond the Laws of nature, religion, politics, economics and your biological manifestation. It rearranges your form; it’s the paradigm shift. You must ascend into the higher places of consciousness to see (understand) this.

Come and See. There is something beautiful and powerful coming out of your personal Nazareth. Your personal Nazareth may manifest in the 3-dimensional world as Sickness, Lack, Depression, Unhealthy Relationships and Failure.

The Grace of God (Nathaniel) has come and it recognized the Original Plan and confesses that He is the Teacher, Offspring of God and Supreme Commander over the house of Israel (my entire being). He is the Christ as you.


This is the unlimited body. The 4th Dimensional Body is able to Bi-locate, Transport itself without the use of modern transportation. (We see Elijah and Philip practicing this). It has the ability to move as the wind. Think and you are there physically. Space and time does not affect the 4th dimension. The 4th Dimensional Body can easily access the 5th, 6th, 7th dimensions and beyond, making it possible for interplanetary travel

Not only are we able to teleport ourselves, but if we happen to be in a vehicle, with others or in a building; it can also be moved to the desired destination. (Jesus, the disciples and the boat, they were in were all transported to the other side of the lake).

Abilities to perform amazing feats as Elijah out ran the chariots and Samson’s strength. There will be little need for food, water, or sleep. The working of miracles will become the norm.

This Electric Body cannot age, get sick, be injured or physically die. It is the body that walks in perfect harmony with every plant, tree, animal, nature and the multi-verses (universe).

The limited 3-dimensional mentality cannot Figure this out, it must be Trance-Figured in the high place of prayer and meditation. Put on the Lord Jesus Christ, your 4th Dimensional Body.


We experienced a Powerful and unusual Feast of Tabernacles in San Diego, CA. (We had no agenda/theme). God brought many from near and far, the Church was packed and overflowing meeting after meeting.

Most of the messages the Lord gave me dealt with the 4th Dimension and the Trees of Sukkot. It was a wonderful opportunity to introduce the many leaders to this Good News of the Kingdom for the first time.

What was even more exciting was seeing the people grasp the message and become filled with enthusiasm to share it with others. Also, seeing those that were touched, healed and delivered last year yet walking in truth.

We appreciate Apostle Rodriguez and staff for hosting the meetings. God Bless all my radical brothas and sistahs that participated.


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