JANUARY 26, 2008

Free Indeed!

I abandon my pain as I plunge into the waters of The Only Glory.  And not only that, I drop every question, and pour me into the stream of rushing waters.  The mind of Christ is come.

Instant release is His Name and His wonder; too sudden to be reasoned, too sweet to be explained.  This is the new as the old is left behind.

So, I go ahead and continue to live in the street of Free Indeed, and languish about the terraced roses all around.  Heaven smiles on me.

There you are my love and my friend, the Divine, Risen You.  I see you above all heavens.  Today you are in Paradise.  Never mind the reasoning, for Christ is here.”

“We shall not look back, for this is instant in season; so very sudden.  It supersedes all ladders of change or positioning; very profound.  Processing is of the old.  The new is: “Our ship is in; our transformation and resurrection.”  Everything is washed away except He Who Is Life and the new that He Is.  Holy, holy, holy is He, our Redeemer.  Holy are the waters of His righteous Presence.”

“It’s too wonderful to look into your eyes so bright, so I bow my head and hold your hand.  I see you as you really are; tender, submissive, and completely One with The King of Glory.  We have found the Kingdom. It Is Our King Who has taken residence as us.  Glory be!”


Love does prevail,



FREEDOM FOUNTAIN [Jim-Melba Crofford] 1-26-08          1


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