JUNE 17, 2007

The above is taken from John 17:1, where Jesus prays, “Father the hour has come; glorify your son, that the son may glorify you.” (NAU) Here in a few words is the reason for glorification. Not self praise, or increasing self esteem, or even blessing, but rather, to bring honor to our Father God.

Jonathan Mitchell put it this way in his translation of the New Testament: “O Father, the hour has come and is now here: bring glory (give a good reputation; bring a manifestation which calls forth praise) to Your Son, to the end that the Son can (may) bring glory (give a good reputation; bring a manifestation which calls forth praise) to You.”

In the fifth verse, Jesus asks for a restoration of the glory that he once had, which he had laid aside, or given up, in order to bring us to The Father. How was this to be? It was by the glory of the Father glorifying the Son, in unity one with the other, the Son along side the Father in perfect unity.

This brings us to the question. Dare we ask to be glorified? How could we, as a “fallen” but by grace, redeemed people qualify? What is there of worth worthy of such honor? Some have said that we are but “sinners saved by grace,” and some have added the shameful words, that they will “always be a sinner.” What a shocking view that is, because it belittles, and insults, that grace of God. We ARE SAINTS by the grace of God!

We as the children of God have every right to pray for glorification. NOT self aggrandizement, but to bring honor, esteem to our Creator, Redeemer and Father. What is the basis that we can dare to ask? It is so simple, and yet so profound. God included us in Christ Jesus, so that when he died, we died, when he was raised from the dead, so were we. When he ascended to the right had of the Father, so did we. How do we know that Jesus was successful? He stated that he would send the “promise of the Father. This Peter declared had happened in Acts Chapter Two, as the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was the proof.

There is an old song about, “Because he lives, I can face tomorrow.” The reality is, because he lives, we live also, because he in the Father, we are also, and because he is glorified, so are we. This in not to suggest that we have arrived at the state of fullness, hardly so! We have learned that all things are progressive, in both the natural and spiritual realms.

There is a processing work going on, and it will continue until the fullness of the glory of God fills our specks of dust, and ultimately the whole earth, in all of mankind, and all of creation, for the fullness of his glory shall fill the earth as the sons manifest the glory of the Father.

Our prayer is, “Lord hasten the day. Glorify your sons so that we may bring glory, honor, praise and esteem to you. That indeed all that you purposed in ages past shall be Even now cause the mighty indwelling Christ to cause within us the cry for the restoration of the glory we once knew as a part of you, for we are indeed your offspring, and birthed of you.”

Remember, “Our theology affects our view of God. Our view of God affects our theology.”



GLORIFY YOUR SON – WHY? [Kenneth Greatorex] 7-16-07          1


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