MAY 28, 2003

John has told us twice in his epistle that, “God is love.” This important truth is hardly believed because most tend to emphasize an Old Testament God who at times, admittedly, seems to be anything but love. However, LOVE speaks of the NATURE of God, and that includes those times when correction/punishment is required, as such is ultimately remedial, rather than everlasting.

Last Sunday at a gathering, I was going to sit beside a certain sister and I jokingly asked, “Do you bite?” She replied, “I’m not a biter, I’m a lover.” Now this immediately brought some truth to mind.

The primary nature of God is LOVE. Back before what we call time, God always was. With the nature of God being love, and there being loving intercourse within the Father/Motherhood Deity family, there needed to be a pure expression of this love, as love only finds it’s fulfillment in another, and reproduces itself. This reproduction aspect brought forth the creation of mankind as an extension of the family of God. And we, the creation of God, in turn express our love [speaking in the purest sense], resulting in the reproduction of the human race. However, ALL of this is simply “the offspring of God,” for it is from Him we came, and to Him that we shall return.

The reproduction of God was something like this. “In the beginning God created,” and as John Gavazzoni has pointed out, “the beginning” IS GOD, not some earthly time period. So God created man in His own image and likeness, He created man male and female in His image and likeness. This which we see in the beginning of this creation was designed to ultimately result in a whole family of many sons who would be conformed to the image and likeness of THE SON who was/is the express image of the Father. So much so, that it was written of the Christ who walked among us, “He is not ashamed to call them brethren.

John also said, “In Him is life and His life is the light of man.” Now this light shines into the darkness where it cannot be overpowered – not humanly understood. Light shining in darkness reveals what is there. What is there? NO, I’m not going into a list of sins, rather that fact that the darkness is there only because the light is not there. To go into the study of light is amazing. In short, Light = Energy. In Christ Jesus is LIFE AND LIGHT!

There is another interesting factor concerning God, twice expressed in Scripture. “Our God is a consuming fire.” FIRE brings ALL things down to the basic element. In the end all of the dross and trash is consumed. It is of interest that “The lake of fire and brimstone,” spoken of in the Book of Revelation, when translated from the Greek simply means, “Heavenly fire.” Or, “Fire from Heaven.” WHO is heavenly fire? Our God is.

This “heavenly fire” is a fire of love, for our God is love.














FRESH MANNA NO. 26 – LOVE EXPRESSED IN THE FAMILY OF GOD [Kenneth Greatorex]          1


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