MAY 15, 2003

Within the heart of man there is very real sense of lack, and a longing for completion. This is found in man’s search for the unknown, his search for earthly fame, his search for “God” in whatever form He may be found. This has driven him across the seas to worlds unknown, and into outer space to explore, “where no man has gone before.” Even those of us who profess to have found some degree of completion in Christ, still have a longing for more. Indeed should we settle down where we have reached, no matter what spiritual heights reached, we soon find our selves in a spiritual frustration, or become stagnant.

As I was singing an old chorus this morning I became aware that there is only one answer to all of this. To make a long list of what it isn’t, both in the secular world, and the world of organized religion, would be lengthy. So to make it short, the answer is simple. Our hearts cry out for that which our father Adam lost. Romans 6:23 tells us that, “all have sinned and fall short of the GLORY OF GOD.” No matter how one words it, MAN LACKS GOD’S GLORY.

Without a doubt Adam had much more than we have today. Again, without a doubt God’s plan was for Adam to have much more than he had prior to what we call the fall. Now, since “the Lamb was slain before the foundation of the earth,” our Father was not caught off guard with Adam and Eve’s trespass, however, we will not go into that matter at this point in time.

Now the old chorus I was singing went like this:


“Show us Thy glory, oh blessed Savior,

Open our eyes that we may behold,

Thy wondrous person, Thy glorious image,

Show us Thy glory, and we shall be made whole.”

Several hours have passed now since this edition of Fresh Manna was started. During that time I was impressed of the Spirit to write down the following:

No longer do I hide you in the rock as I hid my servant Moses when he cried out to see My glory. This is the day I desire to reveal My glory to all creation. For truly I have revealed My glory in the person of My Son, and know assuredly that My glory will be displayed through My sons so that all creation will know that I am the King, the Lord, of Glory. Arise even now, for surely this is the day of My glory and power.

Truly, I the Lord, and King of Glory, will even now be revealed. For I am He who lives and is your very life. Do you not know that the life you find in nature is but an expression of My life, for I the Lord have caused it to be so. Then think not that I cannot be your life, for to whom else can you go?

The expression of My life is that which is in My Son and He who has My Son has life. Therefore, look not about you to received something special, or even some special anointing, for you have HE WHO IS SPECIAL DWELLING WITHIN YOU.

For behold the hour is coming, and now is, when I am causing a surge of My glory to arise in My sons. Truly I shall bring man to that very place, that very purpose, that I have ordained for him even before he was created. For I the Lord do all things well.

The revealed glory of Christ within causes us to come to the place of wholeness, and completeness, even that which our Father has always desired, for them all of mankind shall truly be found to be IN HIS IMAGE AND LIKENESS. May the above be a blessing and inspiration to all who may read these words.

You’re in the expression of His glory.



FRESH MANNA NO. 27 – SHOW US THY GLORY [Kenneth Greatorex]          1


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