A finished work from God's position of truth leaves nothing further to do on His part. So being He is God, man must accept the same realization or suffer the consequences of denying truth. 


Jesus is manifest to destroy the work of Satan. This is done. The work of Satan is to deny the word of God. Has God said? This is still here today. The works, not the being of Satan is destroyed. Only in Christ Jesus is this true. Mankind is still lost from truth and wonders about - led by the messengers of Satan… ignorant of both the God of truth and the deceiver.


The sin that is now unforgivable is rejection of the Spirit of Truth. For this is God’s only providence to eliminate for man the lie. Did humanity really have an end in Christ? This being true what are men now fighting for? Jesus came as the word made flesh and in him God's intentions were confirmed - in word and deed. 


How did Jesus destroy Satan’s work? Satan’s work is lies that take root in man. Jesus put an end to that man and in doing so - cut off the ability of the lie by TRUTH. Truth being spiritual, man is left in the lie, without Christ, who is the TRUTH. 


There seems to be a general misconception of what constitutes a man. The flesh is only the vehicle of manifesting what is the sense of being that is formed by lies or truth. The flesh remains and truth, now in spirit, can bring a new sense of being and a new witness through it. In his identity as man Jesus did not have a manifestation of spirit for the first 30 years on earth. He then manifested the way for man at the Jordan. In him the old man is dead, buried, raised a new creature and hears the word of God as father. He was demonstrating a finished work of God for all man. 


After the Jordan Jesus was tempted by the one whose work he had destroyed by truth. Now he was tempted as a Son of God. Satan had used man to kill the man Jesus. He thought he won that conflict. Are you really the Son of God? Prove it to me. Jesus did not respond to satan as a true sense of reality, he merely quoted Old Testament. scripture. Jesus knew that only the Father knows the son and only he could reveal him. 


Unbelief is satan’s work and he wants to take away the believer’s faith of sonship. Unbelief is the sin that will deny us the faith that we have been generated in Christ as a Son of God. This work is finished and one must accept it as truth and as a complete and a perfect work of God. We must start from truth, not attempting to remake the old. These truths, through Paul, are already a reality. (Rom. 6:3)  We were baptized into Christ’s death. (vs. 10) The death he died - he died to sin. (vs. 5) Our old man is crucified so the body of sin is destroyed. (vs. 11)  Believe you are dead to sin, but alive to God. (vs. 13)  Yield yourself to God as alive from the dead, (vs. 18) We, being made free from sin, serve as righteous. (Ch 7:4) 


We are dead to the law. This means we are not subject to a law that imputes sin, and of which the penalty is death. Redemption begins when our old man is put away. Why? Because the old man has no part in redemption, we are delivered from him in Christ. Now the Holy Spirit will teach us of our new creation in Christ Jesus. With the presentation of spirit’s truth, we repent and turn from our old sense of being. We embrace the fact of what is done and turn away from our old conception of what is life. The washing of the water of the word continues to expose our true being of spirit. This washing will bring to light our true nature. To wash or clean up the old man still leaves him as he is, and he will return to his sin and unbelief again. 





FROM GOD’S VIEW [Lloyd Ellefson] 10-17-05          1

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