The Old Testament is the seed of the word that made manifest Jesus, the Messiah. (John 4:34-38) In this text Jesus tells us he is sent to finish the work of him who sent him into this world. You say it is yet 4 months to the harvest. I say it is white to harvest already. This would be reaping the fruit of the seed already given.  Then he mentions the sower and the reaper. The harvest now ready is the fruit of the promise to Abraham, the word of the law to Moses and the word that came to the prophets. Jesus, the firstfruit of the word, was manifest out of the word of the Old Testament.  The elect are reaping what others have sown. In this we can see the ground (Matt. 13) prepared that brings fruit. This is the word sown in the law and the prophets. The seed is good and the fruit is good. The seed contains the intent of God the sower. This bears the fruit of sons, which declare the father. This is spirit not flesh Jesus declared his mission was to bring forth the work and plan that God had finished from the beginning, (heb.ch:4) Christ Jesus demonstrated to mankind the way man was to follow into sonship.  


I have for many years believed that all that Jesus demonstrated was critical for one to embrace. The most important was that which transpired at the Jordan. It was and is not the cross. There is no cross for Jesus nor us without the Jordan message. It is the father in me that doeth the works. That includes his Jordan activity Jesus first 30 years were made (not born) of woman under law. Under law he did no public ministry. Nor do we have such in that realm. At the Jordan he presented himself as a candidate for burial in water baptism… the law doing its ministration of death in him. The penalty of the law being death in spirit. After burial in water he emerged new in spirit and received the anointing of spirit. The heavens opened to him and he heard the voice of God. The word was a declaration of sonship (adoption)... now placed as a son. Without this fulfillment in Christ there would be no cross. Without this fulfilled in the believer, there is no identity in being crucified together with him. This experience birthed the confession of God as father. What’s true in him is true in us. Humanity led by other spirits tried to end his witness by killing him. It failed as the witness goes on in the saints. As the activity of birth, suffering, death and resurrection is prophesied in the Old Testament, Jesus is the word of God in manifestation in Christ and the elect Christ is a quickening spirit. When we receive him, we receive his life in being raised from among the dead. Even as he was demonstrating in his body of flesh, aII this is already accomplished. It is his life having lived this that we receive. There is no such thing as our life involved. We have no live. We being dead are made alive in him.                   


 Mankind has the same death for us that it held for him. The elect are now his true and only identity in this world. The world cannot hear the spirit so it is, in one way or another, a witness thru the word of God thru man. The lord’s Christ (anointed). 1 Cor 12:12. This verse tells us the body of Christ has many members.vs.18 This verse says It is God that sets members in the body as it pleases himself. Receiving Christ is receiving the finished work. Signs and wonders prove nothing in spirit to mortal man. This faith comes in hearing not doing. To deny this is the ministration of unbelief. Has God said? That’s not a question a Deliver will ask.










FULFILLMENT [Lloyd Ellefson] Year 2004        1

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