JUNE 10, 2006

It is The Will of Our God that we speak not of that which is to be obtained, but rather we speak of “That Which He Is.”

We truly hear the message of the Complete Work of The Cross and subsequent Resurrection. (The Truth of His Being All in All)

Suddenly, and without warning, we discover individually, He Is The All In All, Alpha and Omega. He has filled the entire creation, and has placed everything under His feet. We are led to see, in that we see only Him, with single eye. With our whole body filled with Light, we see as He sees. He is not to be learned or earned, but vividly seen and known; knowing He Is The Whole. Wholeness has captured the flag, and we bow, completely conquered, in adoration. We not only touch the hem of His Garment, but discover His Garment Is Our Entire Being; nothing left of us. We know, “It is not I but Christ.”

There is something about the old time Gospel Which Is Jesus.   Awakened, we discover Jesus, as always, Is All We Need. (Our God, Come In The Flesh) We find He Is Within. His once shed blood has cleansed us from all separation and unbelief; His death being our death. We are Glorified In Our Atonement or Oneness.

We walk His New Walk; The Upright Man. Where His Presence Abides, The Whole Body Abides, which includes you and me; ONE GLORIOUS RESURRECTED MAN.

Consciousness is not to be earned or yet for to be searched. Consciousness Is His Mind, for we have The Mind of Christ. Instantaneously, we are the recipients of His Awesome Life’s Mind and are instructed to “LET” it be. (No resistance) “Instant in season, always recognizing The Kingdom of God.” How else may we come to the place we are instructed: “Fear Not”.

We see God’s hand, and we are It. This is how whole nations are awakened: by the last and final sacrifice: The Shed Blood of Jesus which once and for all has revealed The New Creation Man. His Blood Sacrifice is spendable right now; Our Inheritance. This is the end of dawdling and waiting and begging and longing. He Is The Resurrection and Life That We Are.

We are the beholders of Father’s great mercies, and the recipients of His Love. Today, we search not the future for we are too busily engaged in Our Perfect Appearing in Father’s House. He has taken away our resistance and freely flooded us with Himself. This is the second coming, (the free gift of His Righteousness.) We now are The Substance of God, God’s Church, The River of Peace and Joy. His Mind Is Here, and we have received Grace to “Let Him, His Mind, Be Lord of This Great New City.” In adoration we bathe in Salvation’s Heritage.

The multitudes are rushing to see His Face for they are finding His Grace. (The Paradox of preaching). Eternal Life Is Here By His Hand Alone. In Him only dwells immortality and the fullness of God right now.

Amen Please see Jesus In All Men.



FULLY REDEEMED [Jim-Melba Crofford] 6-10-06          1


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