Not I, but Christ…


MARCH 9, 2007

When we truly move from the place of living totally for self – to the acceptance of CHRIST and making the exchange… we are not just exchanging self for CHRIST.  We are also exchanging Satan for CHRIST.  From that point… it is not us fighting Satan… for he no longer has any power over us.  He has done his job… which is bringing us to CHRIST.  He has functioned in the capacity of being Father’s whipping stick – or sheep herding device – to give us a choice of either continuing to live under the domination – the control of a dictator, satan – or choosing the liberty that is only found in CHRIST JESUS. 

From that point, the only battle we have is not with Satan… but with the anti-christ – the carnal mind!  It is the carnal mind – our untrained mind that has not yet been brought under the dominion of the CHRIST SPIRIT within us that still presents major challenge for us. 

Oh, but when the marriage of the soul [the mind, will, and emotions] and the CHRIST SPIRIT comes to pass, then the female [the soul] is in her rightful place – led by under the Lordship of the male [the CHRIST SPIRIT] and there is peace in the sanctuary.

It is this marriage of the soul and the spirit that Paul talked about so much in his teachings.  He was not trying to put down the physical women in the churches… no, he was trying to get folks of that day to comprehend the importance of this marriage of the soul and the spirit within man – to bring peace and finally perfection within the human being. 

























FURTHER THINKING on GALATIANS 2:20 [Sunny Orly Coffman] 3-9-07          1


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