When Jesus said-I am the truth-he did not say it had come. The spirit of truth has come. Truth is.  Man must become new to hear. Despite the recorded testimony of truth - the now of truth is simply passed over as future. Why this unbelief? The flesh of Jesus was the basis of denial. It was all man could see. Few yet see beyond the flesh or the letter. (Luke 24:39-A) spirit has neither flesh nor bones, as you see me. 


You are the body of Christ and members of it. To be a member of the body of Christ - you must be placed there by the Holy Spirit. This is not church membership. The body of Christ is expressed thru the flesh of the believer. In the flesh dwells no good thing. The scriptures, again-and-again, state the believer is a new generation, a new creation, a son, a spirit. One who is delivered from this flesh as lord, and its hope for change. To hope for change is unbelief -not faith. 


Jesus said-heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words will never pass away. Here are some of his words in John, Ch.10:26 “You believe not, because you are not of my sheep. My sheep hear my voice - they follow me - I give them life - they will never perish - my father gave them to me.” He puts forth his own sheep - they hear his voice - you believe not, because you are not of my sheep. These words of Jesus confess there is a definite separation among men. Then and now. Matt:24-35 Heaven and earth will pass away. My words will never pass away. Isaiah tells us the heavens will be rolled up as a scroll and the inhabitants thereof will be cast out. There are to be a new heaven and earth. The heavens are usually plural. Christ was raised up above all heavens. There are no mansions in any heaven. 


The New Jerusalem comes down out of heaven. The lamb is the light of it. A lamb? Really? The gold, stone, gates and such are earthy things. The gates are open, but evildoers do not enter. Apparently they do not like the light. This city is a type. The reality - it is the new covenant… the word of God… the mother of the believer. These ideas that are products of the flesh mind must be discarded. This will not occur until there is an ear to hear the spirit. I have heard many preachers with hope to walk those golden streets. The cross of Christ brings glory to God-not man. 


When we are told to take up our cross and follow Jesus-it is a sentence of death to our humanity and a glory to our father. Only sons identify with Christ in the cross. We must not keep Jesus on the cross. He came as God in manifestation. The cross remains as evidence of what man is doing to God. Jesus came for sin. Now he comes in spirit to bring the good news that sin is no longer the problem. The problem with sin is it brings death. Jesus overcame death and he is the life that accomplished it. God offered this same word in judgment, promise, law, and prophets. Now the spirit of God has come as father in the son. Who is the fulfillment of all of that has gone before? Then why all the sin in the world? 


Men still blame God for not doing enough. He is withholding some power to special sons to come? To deal with, what? Satan? death? Sin? This is denial .Who is man that he should challenge God and justify his unbelief? Some say-look at the world-it is not done. Wrong! This is not the way to see things. Spirits light is the way. Those in denial of the finished work, insist God's love is so great, after death he will save the billions-everyone. Today-this day-the Lord’s Day is the (one) day of salvation. Truth is always now - not future… the same yesterday, today and forever. (Rom. 8:29) Whom God knew, he designates beforehand, to be His son. These he called, justified and glorified. When? This is past tense. These will respond to the gospel of the kingdom. They desire God to rule over them. The will take up their identity, including the cross. Not as a substitute. (Eph. 2:8-10) We are saved by grace through faith. What is for those who want grace, but have no faith? Grace and love do not reach anyone, except in the offering of God's son. These things in God are spirit not to or for the flesh. These virtues do not operate in those under the jurisdiction of the god of this world. 


(1 John 2:17) The world passes away and the lust thereof. He who does the will of God abides forever .If you are a son of God why desire a new body? Is this some unfinished work of Christ? The image of God is manifest to man. The light from within is hidden. This is Jesus on earth. The true image came first in Jesus. His words of spirit and life - to man - produce only an image. His word in spirit brings life out of death and food to live in spirit. God's word in Christ is the beginning and the end-the alpha and omega. If you find the end you also find the beginning. Christ only receives those given by his father. This is the second coming-his coming again. This is not a universal coming. This has been occurring since his going away. Christ does not know the time he will come to anyone. This is in the father’s hands. Only he knows the times. (Ps.103:14) For he (God) knows our frame. He remembers we are dust. (vs.15) ...”as for man his days are as grass, as a flower of the field, so he flourishes.” (vs. 16) ...”the wind passes over it and it is gone, and the place thereof shall know it no more.” Why is it that man refuses to see himself as God sees and knows him? Who can find some virtue in man that deserves salvation? None is righteous - no not one.  No one has understanding - not one. Together they are gone wrong. (Rom. 3:10-12)























































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