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Buy the Field          

Rule the Field        


Religion: Hard Ground

A Process

One Seed Produces a Garden

Words are Invisible! S!! See!


Spiritual life

The Spirit and the Letter

The Mind of Christ

Nature Speaks




It all started with just a tiny “seed.” The “seed” by itself was just that, by itself. But if the seed would allow itself to be placed into the ground of a woman, mother earth, it could and would bring forth a “tree” of it’s own kind. This tree, if planted in good ground and cultivated properly, would bear many other seed of it’s own nature. In turn, these seeds being buried in good soul (oops, soil) would bear many more trees with many more seeds of the same kind. Although these trees were of the same nature, each one would be of different character and personality. Even the appearance of each would be distinct, but the similar essence of the original was evident.

Editor’s Note- in the next major writing concerning “seeing” the Kingdom inside, we’ll be bringing into “view” the City of God. In my Fathers’ house (you) are many mansions involves the same principle as the tree and the seed. See? If not, you will. Be patient with yourself. Even a glimpse of something should encourage you for the more you hear the more you see.

It sound so incredibly easy and it actually is – except for one major detail, which is necessary to cause this extravaganza. That one detail is that the “seed” itself, being buried in the ground, would have to die!


Let’s say hypothetically that the original “Seed” could think. It would have to realize that in order to reproduce itself and become fruitful it would, it must… die. So there is a choice to be made by this “one”; and the choice must be made within a span of time.


Let’s say that this seed has reason & logic like human beings. Come on! Humor me. Let’s just say! We’re free!

Let’s say also that reason and logic know that if the “seed” dies, then they would also die with it.

I must mention, though you may already know, that reason and logic are very selfish, concerned only with themselves. They don’t care if they’re reproduced, and they are unconcerned with promises of the same. They want to exist now, and that’s it. They won’t change. They will remain “reason and logic”. Besides, what’s all this talk about getting buried & dying when we have all of this life right here to live; with it’s explanations, actions, reactions, causes and effects, worldly knowledge, etc. Yet these devices of “reason and logic” are always changing, to accommodate circumstances. We must come to the conclusion that since everything on the outside is in a constant flux of change, reason and logic will never have stability or be able to give someone a firm foundation on which to stand. Does this seem “reasonable” and “logical” (chuckle)?

That “reason and logic” are the priorities, is the thinking transferred to the mind of the “Seed,” who by the way has it’s own will. Oh boy! Am I getting too complicated or “far out”, or dark and deep? Well, gold, silver, and precious gems are sought for and found in deep, dark places in the earth (you-made from the earth). If you never search for these treasures, or if you search half-heartedly, the ultimate that you can have or be is little, or nothing. Treasure must be searched for, in order to find it.  It must be dug for. Dig? It is not normally found on the surface of the ground. And the more “light” that you can acquire, the easier it will be to find the treasure, the treasure that is hidden in the “field” (you are that field).

Getting back to “reason and logic”, they cannot properly explain the process of a tiny “seed” being able to become multitudes of trees bearing “seed” like itself. It just doesn’t make sense. They will try to come up with a logical explanation, which will always fall short. It’s like trying to explain how a baby’s bones are formed in its’ mother’s womb?

Here’s the crux of the matter. Any living “seed” that voluntarily allows itself to be placed into good soul (oops, I mean soil), or a womb, or a grave, will reproduce itself and bear fruit. Otherwise it will remain by itself, alone.

Being a “seed” and knowing this, the only alternative would be to surrender its’ own life, that it might produce others of its’ own kind. This way it would continue on, even be eternal, like a “song! Wouldn’t you think that this is the only option?

Of course (off course) as “logic” intervenes, we are then fed “reason and doubts.” What if it doesn’t reproduce? What if it remains by itself anyway? How can I be sure?

The only sure thing that you can know at this point is that if it is not planted, and within time, it will perish and remain by itself.


Lest I belabor a point, let’s shift gears a bit, transfer the wide scope of “seed, and let’s narrow it down to human seed.

Okay, let’s take me for an example. I’m 42 years old (I’m lying and that’s the truth). So let’s say 42 years ago and more, I was planted into my mother, an earthen body (let’s hope so), or vessel where I was formed. I entered her as a “seed”, a natural human seed. Before this I was dwelling in the loins of my dad, another human being. Of course!

There were others in his loins also, my three brothers and four sisters. Use yourself in this example and you will see it more clearly. All eight of us were “seed” that were planted and nurtured in mom’s womb, or door that led us out onto this “Mother” of the “plant kingdom”. So we went from the generative loins of one earthen body (dad) directly into the womb or door of another earthen vessel (mom), where the “seed” was developed. As a baby or “sprout” of this human species, we then returned out the door we came in and were deposited onto “mother earth”. She is called “mother” because she is a receiver of the “seed” also. From here we were to grow, develop, and reproduce after our kind or so the story goes. Although you may not have thought of it in this context, does this sound basic enough?

Having knowledge of this cycle and its’ repetitiveness, we realize that the moment we’re placed onto the earth, we are being directed towards going back to the earth, or grave to be more direct. Not to scare anyone, but I do like to get to the point at some time.  Also, every human has the fear of death instilled into him or her especially as this destiny of death is realized, at a close call, or as the day closes in.  People like to try to ignore it. What is the good in turning your eyes and ears away from the truth of that which is inevitable?

I’ve pretty much come to believe that you would not have even entered into this writing if you were trying to avoid truth. This may sound conceited but it’s the way I’m thinking. I believe in this content. I wrote it to stir up your own minds, am not concerned about being popular, and I’m glad you’ve come this far.

Getting back to dad, my parent (natural life) tree, here’s a little of what we have. Dad held in his loins not only my brothers and sisters but also all those who come forth from them, the males. You can see that. And by the way, are you using yourself or another whom you know as a living example of this? It’s really pretty simple, isn’t it? Then why don’t most ever ponder these basic truths of life?

Is it because it’s not logical? Logic itself being alive in our human natural thinking brain doesn’t want us to think on these things. As we muse over these simple truths of life and death, we just may decide to do what is right, denying logic it’s power and sending it to an early death. Logic, thinking of it’s own survival and being denied by spiritual thinking, would be weakened, and would starve. In turn the spiritual would be strengthened. Does this sound logical? Chuckle! Logic and reasoning do not want you dealing with life issues, but either way their end is death. But you have a choice and the ability to rise above reason and logic unto incorruptibility and immortality, two concepts that cannot be comprehended by the lower senses, even being foolish to them. Yes we can leave the forces of the cent-ses and prosper 100-fold unto dollars, $piritually $peaking.

The ultimate goal of the lower senses of logic and reason is the using of the earthen vessel (body) to expiration, and from thence who knows? They also say, “Who cares? Well I do! How about you? Sounds like something out of Star Trek, but this is the real deal!

Concerning knowing, I’m just a simple man possessing treasures of which I do know are valuable. These are stored in the field that I bought with everything I have and am. I got quite a bargain. Look at Matthew 13:44.

We also see that the entire product produced by dad, eight of which became life in the womb (soil) of mom, were also in his dad’s loins. Dad’s brothers and sisters were also there; and all who come from those males, etc. We could go on but we don’t want to get worn, or wear it out.

By the way, if you have the mental stamina or desire, you can keep on going back until you reach the original parents. Believe me, they’re not the “Monkeys! I myself have not traced too far back, for too much of this will fry your brain. It’s just to get an idea of the roots of the natural man in order to understand the spiritual better.

We narrowed the immense topic of “seed” down to one type, human. The highest level of achievement with natural seed appears to be logic and reason, the smartest person thinking him or her self to be the greatest. Yet the natural human species remains one heartbeat from the “final curtain.” The brightest thinking person has no power over this closing of time, when it will happen, or what happens after.

Logic and reason say, “If I see it, then it’s real.” This type of thinking always ends in death to the thinker and the body that carries him through this temporary plane. Logic and reason are highly exalted by mankind while they continually lead us on their own path with man thinking that he’s on his own course. While they tell us we’re okay, these self-seeking inhabitants of the temporary steer us away from the eternal, inhibiting true purpose. To logic and reasoning eternal thinking is crazy. They would like you to just accept their theories and facts while these facts are ever changing. This is all there is they say. What you see is what you get. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Facts change but truth doesn’t.

Their type of thinking will also keep one from thinking of the inevitable end of these bodies of death.  To speak of “death” may put you on a higher plane and into the subject of “Life.” You’ve got to stay focused on all that’s going on around you, the temporary. Hmm!

I would hope by now that your mind is picked and stirred into a fresh style of thinking. For me “logic and reasoning” have no reward that lasts. And if something doesn’t last than what good is it. Hello!! There must be more. What I see with these eyes I am very grateful for, depending on what I see, but these eyes are so fragile and limited. They are only compressed dust. The end of what I see with them has no true value.

The elements that cannot be seen are the ones I desire to see. But since they are invisible how can they be seen? Here’s where we come to another pattern of thought, “FAITH!

Some Scriptures for the GardenMatthew 13- plowing and planting; Genesis chapter1: verses11the “seed” is in itself, & 12; 2:8; 3:24; 1Peter 1:2324being born of incorruptible “Seed”, by the Word of God; 1Corinthians 3:6-9- the City and the Garden; Matt. 13:19- the “seed” is the Word; 2Cor. 4:18look at the invisible; Psalm 48:8- seeing by hearing. 



Much of the Garden writing is basic because it is intended for everyone, churched and un-churched. Nevertheless the natural meanings of the “Garden” are also intended to stir up the pure mind of those who are used to deeper revelation. Transfer what is being told in the natural into your spirit. You can do this with anything you see or hear. The natural is here to show us the spiritual.


If you’ve analyzed your family “tree” with its’ “roots” and “seeds” in “part 1” of this book, then you can see how quickly the world would populate, hundreds being produced by just a few generations. The quantity reached so far from the beginning of time is apropos for six millenniums. I’m not going to deal with the time and monkey thing for at this time my aim is to awaken you to what you already know. I may lambaste Derwood, or Dorwin, or what’s-his-name later. By the way, did I mention that I threw a bunch of little pieces of metal into the air yesterday and the pieces gathered together in the air, and now I have this beautiful wristwatch…?

Seriously, let’s say the original “seed” was innocent and pure but it received a blot or spot from nature that was not innocent. This “seed” which was innocent in its’ originality would now be no longer innocent. It’s like something perfect that got marred or scratched or stained. It would no longer be perfect, never again be able to attain its originality. It is forever doomed to be imperfect, even apt to get worse.

NOTE: As you read and come upon things that are not clear just keep going and they will probably be explained. Lay them on the surface of your “soil” (soul-intellect, understanding, etc.) and as you see that the words or seeds are safe, receive them and they will grow. Prove all things and you will be okay. If you’re looking for faults in this or any writings I’m sure you will be able to find them for I am a marred vessel from outside in but not from the inside out, for perfection is in my midst growing outward more and more each day. Also what you see at times as a fault could be the fault of your own human mind, and it also could be a “true fault”. Isn’t that an oxymoron?

We’re pursuing spiritual things and we must go through a natural mind to do it. Since the spiritual and the natural are contrary to one another there will be places of truth that can only be spiritually discerned or understood. These words (seeds) must go into the earth (your eyes and ears), into the soil (your soul), and be rooted in your spirit (your innermost being). It’s from there that they grow. Some truth may at first appear as foolish to you and at the same time seem to contain something good. Focus on the parts that make sense to you. In doing so you will most assuredly obtain nuggets of information that you can store in your storehouse (mind, memory, etc.) and you can appropriate these bits for use in the gain of further valuable (lasting) information (“Treasures”). Also the parts that were not understood or explained yet will be seen more clearly as you go on. Hopefully it will be revealed to you from that which is being awakened in your own being. There is only “One” who will get the glory or credit; not I. You can liken this to a jigsaw puzzle where each piece by itself makes no sense but as it is pieced together the story or picture becomes clear. In other words this is supposed to be fun. If we lighten up then we won’t be in the dark as much. And where “light” is there are knowledge, warmth, and power. The Son (Sun*) is our primary source!

Let’s return to the “original” or first “seed,” which became tainted. In turn this flaw passes on to the rest of the “seed” for each one comes from the original. The stain being mixed in with the fabric cannot be removed. The “egg” being scrambled cannot again become whole. The end result to the “Master Gardener” Who is Perfect is the destruction of the flawed species, for what business does the imperfect have with the Perfect? If the imperfect species were allowed to remain in the Perfect Garden then the Garden wouldn’t be Perfect anymore and neither would the Gardener. Right? But would a Perfect Master Craftsman, Gardener, Builder, etc. be able to create an Answer and be able to save the flawed species? The answer would have to be in accordance with perfection. And how did a Perfect Creator allow for such a disaster to happen in the first place? Also would it be proper for an imperfect creation (as myself or you) to question a Perfect God Whose Knowledge is so much greater with “how” or “why”? Even if the answer were given how could that which is on a totally different level comprehend it? And wouldn’t that be an insult to a Creator if His creation wanted all of the answers, to be calculated and deducted by the lower thinking of imperfect logic and sense. Put yourself in the place of a creator and your creation. And where would be the honorable essences of beauty such as trust? Have you ever been trusted with something by someone? How did it make you feel? Isn’t trust a sweet word, or have we been hurt so much that it’s a bitter word? It is not a logic word. And bitterness, or a “root” of bitterness comes from our own reasoning. This was done to me so I will do this to get even rather than wanting to get ahead, through another way of thinking. Now I’m starting to feel like a bother so let’s go on to something else. Let me show you the “Invisible Garden!


Lets’ move on up into more of what is invisible and it’s effect on us as humans. Here are a few things that are invisible, which have an effect on our lives: time, space, the wind, and things that inhabit our mental and spiritual realm are some of those we need to know about.

Time- you can see what is on the clock or watch but you cannot see time. Time is invisible.

Space- If I hold both hands up, palms facing each other, and seven inches apart, can you see the space between the hands? Huh? Can you? Well, I can see the space but I really can’t see the space.

Wind- you can see the results of the wind, pushing the rain, blowing leaves on a tree, or feeling a kiss from a breeze on the cheek. But you can’t see the wind. It is invisible.


What would you say has been the most influential invisible entity to affect your life? Well “time” has a great effect on our society, being used to measure our styles of life: when to go, when to get up, when to go to work, when to eat, when we are born, when Christ was born (B.C. & A.D.), when we marry, go on vacation, get a haircut, etc. I think we get the point. Yet we know little about when we’ll pass out of time into “no time left”. Here again we have logic scheduling the times, where it can be used along with reason. These two avoid the type of thinking concerning “no time left” lest we begin to ponder the eternal, thereby leaving them on the outside. Logic and reason are time or temporary oriented and want you to be also. The dimensions of “no time” or an incorruptible world are foreign to logic, they being on a much higher plain than the latter. Logic and reasoning will attempt to keep us from dwelling on such things. They try very hard to keep us earthbound and temporary. Everything logic does is temporary. You could say, and I will, that it is vanity. It doesn’t last. And since it doesn’t last it shouldn’t come first. I’m not saying that logic is bad though it often is. I’m saying that it, being vain, should not come first because it has no lasting value.

An old friend once stated that he thought God might have been speaking to “time” when He said, “let us make man in our image”. Genesis 1:26 Through time and many changes this has come to my mind.

So that’s a little bit about time and its relationship to our lives. And like a fine wine these words being placed in our mind will only become better in time. Please stay with me on a spiritual level. I’m not promoting alcohol. And so we know that “time” is very important to us and our desires, and our dreams, and our goals, and everything that we want. But in time there will be no time. What then?


“Space” is a good one. We deal with space “all the time”. But how influential is it over our lives? This ink is taking up some space on the surface of this page. But the page itself is not really space. It came from a tree if it’s paper. Being on the computer it is other material. A page comes from a tree which itself takes up space. Space can be seen but not seen. I can’t really feel it. Can you? Being 3-dimensional is very “cool”, though some may say it’s “square”. It’s really “far out” unless of course the dimensions are small (chuckle). We have wide space, height space, length space, and depth space for a few. We have outer space and inner space. I think I take space for granted. But remembering when I’ve walked or driven far, I did appreciate being close to the end. But usually the question is, “how much longer before I get there”, not “how far” or “how much space is left”. We normally think of a mile in “time” but it is not time, it is space. Am I going “too far” again? Okay, let’s go on into space and time.


The “wind” is a great influence on our lives. At the time of this writing a level #5 twister landed in the Oklahoma City area and part of Kansas, and although it didn’t damage space or time, it did crush the lives and dreams and property so many had worked for in a quantity of space and time, some shorter, some longer. Many lives were lost and property loss was a quarter of a trillion dollars. Do you think the wind had the most influence on these peoples’ lives? Each of us travels through this space/time continuum, all headed for the same destination, all losing all.

Wind cannot be seen. It is invisible. Yet when the wind picks up speed of over 260 M.P.H., as in a category #5 twister, large trees are plucked up by their roots out of the earth as if they were tiny saplings. We can see the effects of the wind but the wind itself, with the power to pull huge trees out by their root systems, is invisible. That’s not logical. It is the power of the invisible. So in effect, what is more real, the visible or the invisible? Logic, which can never come up with a power equaling the wind would say the visible. It says, “Unless I see it I won’t believe it”. This keeps one in a vain temporary existence telling you that your whole life is ahead of you when you are really just one breath away from your last. It’s just a matter of time, short time. Logic says to forget that. Let’s figure these things out through analyzing and deduction. Aren’t we brilliant! During this we are blinded to what is real and everlasting. Not so brilliant, this is a dark light, able only to capture an image but not the reality. These “way layers” of logic and reason say that the eye must see it to believe it, not mentioning that these eyes are also very temporary. That which can be seen and proven by analysis becomes archaic and of little value as time rolls on until it disintegrates or is proven wrong or we die, in which case it all adds up to zip. Yet man daily decides to operate in these base and lower principles accepting them as powers that can create a bigger “I”. They blindly lead the blind through a myriad of changing, unstable facts leading ever to death, and never to life. To know that we have been led on a chase after “vapor”, and to be trapped in the chasm of the lost with no way out, would only lead to the torture of our soul: the mind, will, emotions, and intellect. But we have the “Answer!


These writings are one way to awaken the eternal that is already inside of you. I’m just endeavoring to bring to your remembrance that which you already have in you. The truth of immortality has been kept in the darkness by the deception of logic and reason. Logic is smart. Smarter than you or I. Therefore don’t speak to it or feed it but rather bypass it going directly to the source of life, your spirit. Logic and spirit are like night and day. They can’t intermingle. There is a separation between the two just as the book of Genesis said that God divided the Light from the darkness. The wisdom and knowledge of eternal things come from your spirit but it must be fed spiritual food in order to be strong enough to let you know what is happening deep in your earth. And the spiritual food must by pass logic and reason in order to reach these depths. This can only happen with a trusting, thirsty, humble or maybe broken heart. Then the still, small voice of Wisdom can be heard in the “deep”. It hears something familiar that is good and so trusts and receives. It is a familiar friendly voice from where and when. It is the Voice of my Creator, Heavenly Father and Friend!

Has this so far been as fun for you as it has for me? Probably not but in coming this far you most likely are gleaning nuggets of treasure and are gaining ground on access to your own storehouse. Then there are some reading this who are already very wealthy in spiritual treasures.


The walls we have built, presumably to keep us from harm, fearfully keep guard around our heart (spirit man). These walls allow little entrance or exit about the eternal part, allowing it to be as an “unattended garden”, thorns and weeds abounding. Our creative source meanwhile remains stagnant like the “Dead Sea“. During our existence we’ve allowed visitors to enter, especially when as an innocent child we trusted that these guests would do us no harm. After all, these whom we gave entrance to were put in our path by our guardians, or they were the guardians themselves. Some were people of influence (pleasant appearing trees) who wore titles that we were taught to respect: a minister tree, a teacher tree, priests, police, nurses, doctors, moms & dads, et al. With our trust towards them intact we innocently opened the gates to our soul, or soil, and we gave them entrance into our center (the “root” or “heart” of the matter). Along with those who were trustworthy were those who betrayed us. We were raped, or lied to, or beaten without understanding. They were found to be the opposite of what we were told they were, believing that we were getting what we needed to get along in life. We were devastated and confused by those whom we trusted were there to lead us. We wanted to trust, to expose ourselves that we might grow and be clothed with goodness in innocence, because we thought they were dressed nice. But instead, we exposed ourselves to shame and were left with no place to hide. This is about all of us who were affected by this in one way or another. Rather than allow this to happen again we began immediately a construction project, building a wall around the heart to not allow anyone entrance. Not even God! Especially God, for those who hurt us forged Gods’ signature on their deeds, so our final analysis was that God left me naked and ashamed. What else could I believe not knowing or remembering Gods’ True Signature?

The creative part of us, designed for enjoyment and fellowship with our Creator was exposed to shame by what we thought was God. In our final act of creating (not really) we built walls to keep God out, and to shut Him in. In the process we shut down our creative plant now to build only that which is fleeting. Devastating! From here we expose ourselves solely to the dark, temporary surface contacts. We actually bow to the darkness unable to see and feel the true peace that comes only from deep within. Now it becomes a struggle to survive and to rise above the so-called norm of logic and reasoning. We now work for self, a cruel taskmaster. We never do enough. Day by day we run towards the inevitable, laughing, crying, and sometimes wondering, “What is this all about.” This whole scenario is experienced by some very slightly, and by others to the extreme.

This sounds so negative and we don’t want to think about it. But the negative must be seen and felt and lived. When the negative hooks up to the positive, “power” is produced. When a storm blows through the land the trees are strengthened by it as the “roots” grab tighter. The dead branches and leaves are blown out leaving the tree cleaner, and leaving an aroma of fresh newness of life. If you will only believe and begin again to receive you can be assured that every storm and “north wind” that has ever touched you is now producing “new life” in you. Truth only works if you believe it. BELIEVE IT!



“Seeing is believing” is a lower way of thinking because it deals with that which is temporary and ever changing. This altitude of thought says, “I see it,” and the believing follows.

“Believing is seeing” is a higher way of thinking because what is believed for becomes sight, and these things remain if they are based upon truth, not facts. Facts change, truth does not.

In order to do this we must return to the walls that we previously built, talked about in part 2. You don’t have to knock the walls down. After all this was your “creation” from the heart. Yet we do need to allow an entranceway in order to receive the “seed” which does not deceive, into your receiving soul, or soil. Who can I trust? Me? No, no, please. I would not purposely harm you, and if I did because of my human frailty would beg your forgiveness. Having my human side, I err. In the walls that we built we also have the ability to make an entranceway. Through this door allow “seeds” of peace and truth to enter, which also give a sense of refreshment and peace. Ask God for wisdom to know the difference between His Voice and the wrong one. This is a good and acceptable prayer__________. Okay? Here we go. Get ready!


This brings us to the most positive element known unto me in the invisible realm, and the visible. It is dealt with every day in every way but has been used basely in the context of self. Well, that’s whom we’ve been subservient to for so long, long enough.

Some of the invisible elements that we’ve mentioned are: wind, space, time, the mind, soul, and spirit. Of them all, the one that I have not mentioned (and there are many more) is that which I believe to be the most important. This principle element is the “Word”, or words. If you’ve seen anything throughout this writing, and I believe you have, it came not by seeing though these words are covering space that you can see. The sights you have seen came through “hearing” Psalm 48:8.  You are hearing what I am saying and slowly, trustingly are allowing these “seeds” (words) to be planted in your soil. Maybe you’ve been through and done a lot of nasty deeds, like me. Let me give you some hope and encouragement. The dirtier and more rotten soil is the best ground to plant seeds. If you were a rotten dirt-bag, there is much hope. Matthew 13:3, 11, 22, 31; 1Peter 1:23


It’s been said that the pen is mightier than the sword. But a pen is just a pen unless it is used. Now I’m using logic. Let me stop. Of all the things we have at our disposal, there is “One” which is mightier than any other. That “One” is the “Word”, the Word of Truth. The “Word” is the replacement “Seed” for the “original human seed”, which was tainted. The original human seed was spoiled thereby producing natural beings, temporary ones. The New Seed, the Word of Truth is Spiritual, producing spiritual beings, eternal ones. Just as natural begets natural so the spiritual “Seed” bears its likeness of Spirit. The lesser common sense being begot from the natural seed would say, “I see it, therefore it is real”. Seeing also means to understand. Light also means to understand, or give knowledge. Shall we shed some light on this? Okay. The essence of what is seen and understood by the natural vision and understanding will give you reason to stop there, giving you a satisfaction. Being satisfied you would not be hungry for anything more. This temporary revelation of what you see and think to be understood puts you at ease, temporarily.

It is a place of “shallow waters”, refreshing only the feet, the part of you that stays close to the dirt, or ground, or earth. Being a bit refreshed we then deny ourselves the pursuit of the deeper, uncharted waters of “eternal things”. It takes faith and courage to enter into deeper waters. Why should I? I’m content, temporarily.


Here’s a little tidbit about “Words” and the usage of them in our daily existence. This may also show you how we fail to see the truth in the everyday runaround.

The word “Universe” is comprised of a prefix, “Uni”.  The suffix is “Verse”. “Uni” means one. “Verse” means word (or series of words). Universe means One Word. The Word was spoken and then the universe became. That’s not the way mere mortal men operate. The lesser seed says, “I see it, so I believe it”. The Greater Seed says, “believe it, speak it, and then you’ll see it”. It will be in accordance with truth and love, selfless, and responsible. God didn’t see light and say it’s there. He said, Let there be Light, and then it was. That’s the way He wants His Kids to operate. My main source of Truth is the BIBLE. I have endeavored to keep this book of books low profile during this writing for the bible has been considered a religious book. It’s really not, as far as I’m concerned. It’s a Spirit Book. It’s not the laws and history or geography that does anything. It’s the depth of the Word that is gotten over time after reading through the Spirit. It has been interpreted by “natural” men in so many ways, so as to make the Word controversial. This Book must be read and interpreted by those, whose spirit has been awakened, made alive. It was written through spiritual men by the “Spirit” and, therefore, can only be comprehended by one whose spirit is alive. Otherwise there will be multitudes of different explanations. People will be cutting their arms off and plucking their eye out and all kind of weird and freaky things. It has already been done.

The letter of the law will kill, but the “Spirit” gives life. As you and I learn the Ways and Words of the Spirit there will be no controversy. We will speak the same thing though there may be many different applications and personalities. Being different “trees” we give off different fruit and appearances but we’re still trees needing the same basic life sources: the sun, good ground to grow in, water, etc. We will have One Mind with never ending possibilities!


When God said, “Let there be light”, it was not yet there. The Light that was spoken into existence on that first day was also not the “Sun”. The sun and moon were created on the fourth day. Light is “knowledge”. It reveals what is. Ah, I am en-lightened. Oh, the light came on, and I saw. Without light you are “in the dark”. Darkness is ignorance. In the “Light” you can “see”, or understand. Do you “see” what I am saying?

Although I am focusing on leading you into the “Garden”, at times we will travel to other areas in the “spirit” in order to see the Garden better as it comes into focus. This takes no sweat. Zap, we’re gone. Zing, we’re back. Pretty neat, huh?


Staying in the “Light” we are able to find our way back home, to our Father from where we came. We came out of God. Everything did. “Light” is “Knowledge” with no darkness. It may dwell in the middle of darkness, but in itself there is no darkness. My purpose in writing this is to lead you and I back to the Father of the “Word”. This happens as we receive the Word (Seed), speak it as if we believed it, and then become It. Incorruptible Word made flesh eventually becomes Incorruptible Flesh made Word, or by the Word. The Immortal Seed grows in us producing an Immortal Tree that is planted in an Immortal Garden. We are being led back, or forward to God. You and I were there with Him before the foundation of the world was laid. Believe it! It’s the truth! Romans 8:29; Ephesians 1:4; Job 38:4-7 we forgot! Remember?

That part of you which was separated from God is awakening and remembering. Wake up, Spirit person! Isaiah 52:1 Rise and shine, for your Light is come and Gods’ Glory is raised upon you!  Does this sound incredible? It is. Yes, this is the real incredible, edible “Egg.”


Every living entity comes from a seed, you, me, animals, plants, trees, bugs, etc. Even the outcome of a person’s life is based on the seed principle. There are seed of life and hope. Some examples are: “you are a success”, or “you are a good boy”, or “you are intelligent”, etc. Even if these positive attributes are not seen in an individual, these “seeds” of encouragement will grow, and this is what that person will become if these words are received into a trusting heart, or “ground good.” It’s called faith, or speaking what is not as though it is.

On the other hand other types of seeds can be planted which may also grow. For example: “you are no good”, “you are hopeless”, “you’ll never amount to anything”, “you look sick”, etc. If you were told these negative put-downs by mom or dad who were supposed to be your caretakers, who you trusted, you would be susceptible to receiving these bad seeds also.

Just as Atom (oops, Adam) is the source producer of all created things, so also is the “Seed”. If we are planters of evil then that’s what we will produce. If we’ve been cultivated with Love & Care & Hope, then these same qualities will be produced and/or re-produced. Love and Care and Hope will be the fruit of that tree. Whatever has been planted in you or whatever you’ve planted can be undone later on but as some of you already know, it’s a process. We reap what we sow, so have no guilt.


The Bible is the most popular and most misunderstood book of them all. Just as my Father God has been given a bad rap so has His Writing of Life and Love. If you had an enemy that couldn’t get rid of you the next best thing would be to defame your character. He would attempt to hurt your name through lies, deceit, or whatever means he could. The enemy might say that you had such-and-such, when in truth you actually had something else. Hence comes the relaying of Gods’ Spiritual Message through natural, beastly natures (a beast likes to eat, drink, sleep, lust, fight, etc.). Hence 666- 6 is the number of a man and when that number is applied to spirit (6), soul (6), and body (6) what you get is a beastly or self (ish) mentality. Man was created on the sixth day. Look at Genesis 1:27, 11, & 31; and Revelation 13:18.  Here come these self-appointed men or wrongly ordained messengers of the “truth”, so many that ordinary men would have to believe that this is the truth. Wrong!

But after all, the messages are coming forth from men called “reverend” and other so-called holy titles, what else can I believe but that these are men of God. The mess…ages of “do this” and “don’t do that” mixed with other letter-of-the-law messages sound so pious. Eventually the mess that is in these earthly, carnal teachers of spiritual things is transferred subtly into us, also creating a mess. We get confused, maybe crack up, and than run from God thinking that these “spirit-killers” were He. On the contrary, when Gods’ Truth is read or told to us by someone truly sent by God, or if someone whose spirit has been made alive reads it, then “Life” happens. The most important thing I can say about this is that you check to see if what is being said is in the Word, or to ask the question, “where did you get that from”. In other words, “Prove All Things”! Don’t take any mans word concerning your eternal life without proving that what has been said is in the Word, for men err (Micah 7:5). Some things you may have to lay aside because they’re too deep for you and have been known by line upon line and growth. You may not see what’s happening but it’s there. All in all, don’t just swallow anything. It might be poison or just bad food.

As we allow entrance of the Word (Seed) through our soul (soil) the “Life” deep inside springs to life as we hear the “Voice” that for so long has been silenced. WE BEGIN TO REMEMBER!

It takes trust to open up your heart. It’s been hurt time and time again. You’ve got to be like a child. It means believing the Word before you even understand it, not the man, but the Word. Taking it a bit farther, it means believing and speaking it like you believe it, and it will happen. When you believe and trust what God says rather than what your eyes and ears and the circumstances say it opens up the way for miracles and the supernatural to manifest. It’s like when God said, “Let there be Light”. The Light did not come into being until He said, “Let there be”. He believed and even knew that when He said it that it would happen. This is the way you want to be. But like a “seed” that is planted, becoming a tree that bears fruit is a process. It takes “Time”. Like anything else, the more that you receive, believe, and speak to others, the greater your “Faith” becomes. It will work for you instead of you working for circumstances.


We need not complicate this matter, for it is really very simple. That’s why one must be like a little child to get it. A child trusts the Word of the Father. These truths are “hidden” from the wise and prudent. If anyone thinks he is wise, let him become a fool that he might become wise, 1Corinthians 1:18-31. After being beaten down to nothing, being like a fool was easy. Simple was right up my alley. If you are poor in spirit, and “know” that you are, this will be no problem for you, or very little. Being a “dirt-bag”, and broken at that made me a prime target for the “Seed” (Life) of God. When a Gardener looks for a place to plant seed. He or she will look for rotten dirt, and if the soul (oops, soil) is broken, so much the better to plant the “seed”. Well here I was, prime dirt and broken. Our bodies are all made from the ground. Gee, really? I didn’t know that. Those who have it all together don’t give it a serious thought. Being one heartbeat away from eternity, the soul that is at ease care for only one, self. Even in caring for others self is the prime motivator, or duty. Because they say, “we see”, they are really blind. The ones who feel like they are blind are in a position to be able to see. Those who walk by sight, who think themselves to be wise, are made fools. The ones who walk by faith, who think themselves spiritually poor, are made wise and filled. Look at John 8, especially verses 39-41.


These truths and concepts of Life and Reality are related to the invisible, eternal realm. They are foolishness to the complicated wise man of the temporary realm. Natural man is an “ego” self-satisfying creature. His desire is after money, fame, and other short-lived accomplishments, striving for his or her independence while gathering bondage. Blinded to the fact that he is headed for the grave, independence is never truly attained. Yet he depends on the lauds of others and the false security of the dollar. When helping another here and there the deep intent is that others might see him with the exaltation of self in mind. This doesn’t include every case. The end result is expiration of the earthly house (body of dust) while the money goes to others. All flesh is like grass, and the glory of man as the flower of the grass. The grass is mowed down and the flower shrivels up and dies, but the Word of the Lord endures Forever! Look at 1Peter 1:23-25


This is like moonlight, which is the “ruler” of the night. This relates to darkness and ignorance. The moon has no light of her own though she looks as if she does. The moon gets her light from the sun. It is not true, but reflected knowledge. It is shadow and not substance. Without the Son’s (oops, sun’s) reflection the moon would be totally dark. Let’s not be lunatics. Let’s be daystars like the Son.


The greatest “Seed” is the Word; not the words of the world upon which empires have been built and fallen, and wars fought but the Word of God, upon which creation is built, and an Eternal Kingdom, PERFECTION!

The Lord shall comfort Zion: He will comfort all her waste places; and He will make her wilderness like Eden, and her desert like the GARDEN of the Lord; joy and gladness shall be found therein, thanksgiving, and the voice of melody. Isaiah 51:3



A Kingdom is comprised of a KING, a Throne, a Castle (Mansion, Temple, Great House), and of course a GARDEN, in which we have endeavored to concentrate our focus. Matthew 6:33 says to seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness.

     1. The KINGDOM OF GOD is where God lives.

     2. The RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD is Who He is.

The people of God are the CITY of God (Zion). They are also the Bride, the Lamb’s wife. The people of God are the Temple of God and they are the Living Stones that corporately make up that One Temple. They are the Trees of Righteousness in the Garden of God and they are His Sons and Daughters. God’s people are His Kings and Priests and Stars. We are His Flames of Fire, which all together make up a Lake of Fire. We are everything that is anything of value. That is what God says of His Children who are to grow to become Young Men who grow to become Fathers (women as well as men for there is no difference, male or female; it is Christ in you the Hope of Glory). Christ is all in all! Christ is the HEAD and His Body is the Fullness of Him that Fill all in all (Ephesians 1:22 &23). Do you see (by hearing) that there is NOTHING left out of this equation? I’m going to write the verses that prove from the Word of God that what I’m saying is not from my own sense or knowledge but from the Word God gave us in order to REMEMBER WHO WE ARE. We are not left in the dark for we have a Light (the Word).  Revelation 21: 2 &3, 9, & 10; 1 Corinthians 6:19; 1 Peter 2:4&5; Isaiah 61:3; 2 Cor. 6:18; Rev. 1:6; Heb. 1:7; Daniel 12:3; 1John 2:13; Galatians 3:28… Please don’t take my word for it. If you don’t know these scriptures, check them to see if it’s right. If they’re not or if you have a question please let me know. I’m very approachable and just want to serve you. There is a command that says, Prove ALL things! If you do this you will be safe for you will be walking in obedience in this area.


The Kingdom of God is within you and the part of the Kingdom we have been “looking at” is the Garden. The Garden is within you, and corporately we make up the Garden. This happens individually and together. The Garden is comprised of planted seeds (Word), the Root (Jesus), the soil (soul), sapling (child), young tree (young man), grown tree (father), the Wind and Water (the Spirit of God), Fruit (fruit of the Spirit), and Trees of Righteousness. There is a River clear as Crystal (do I make myself clear) that comes from the Throne of God, and more than I can tell you.


As you know a root in a garden is invisible yet it is the LIFE-FORCE of the tree or plant or whatever is planted. But it cannot be seen. It is IN the earth. The seed is placed in the earth and it sprouts and the root grows downward while the plant grows upward. The source grows down while the product of the source grows up. Generally and with most plants this is what happens. I think you get the picture for the idea is to eventually see the Life in everything around you and in you. When someone first comes to receive the Lord into their life, changes don’t happen overnight although there are exceptions. It takes time for the Seed to sprout and to be seen on the earth. In the meantime there are things going on underneath in the invisible that cannot be seen.


Words are unseen. But words can create or destroy depending upon which type is planted. The invisible things of God from the creation of the world are clearly seen. They are understood from the things He has made: the sun, the stars, space, trees, the planets, the mountains, etc. These things that are seen are constantly speaking to us about the invisible things inside of us. They declare God’s Glory! Romans 1:20

The SUN (SON) is our Source of Life. It is a Consuming Fire that gives us heat and LIGHT (KNOWLEDGE), and it causes the fruit of the earth to grow. We cannot live without the sun (Son). The earth revolves around the sun. Does your earthen body (your life) revolve around the Son? The Sun is stable and unchanging and other planets revolve around it also. If the plan-its were to not revolve around the sun they would be no more. As long as the plan-its go around the sun, then they are on course and headed for their destination. Do you plan-it around the Son? Or is the Son left out of your plans so that your earth does not include the sun. Your plan-it must revolve around the Son in order to be on course. There is no other way!

I relate the sun to the Son in order to show you the simplicity of Gods’ Voice speaking. The sun is placed in the tent of the heaven all by itself and gives life to the earth and everything on it. Without the Son (Sun) there would be no life, nada. Zilch!

The Son, Who was always with the Father, was sent as the Incorruptible, Perfect Seed. Knowing that He would remain by Himself unless He died and was buried, that being a law of life, He gave Himself without flaw to the Cross, death, and to the ground in order to produce a whole crop like Himself. He became the Originator of a NEW CREATION OF MANKIND. This new creation has started on the inside of you in the form of the Word of God and it is growing outward day-by-day. It will eventually change your body from mortal to immortal. WOW!… In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. All things were made by Him (the Word) and without Him was not anything made that was made. In Him is Life and the Life is the Light of men. Light gives us the ability to see. It enables the crops to grow. The Light is on the inside. It’s an inside job! Many run and look out there for the job, the career, the opportunity, etc., but the fullness of all that has meaning is on the inside, in you! Imagine that!

The Word was made flesh. Just as the seed of man is placed inside a woman and this natural, temporary seed becomes flesh, so it is with the “New Creation” Seed. This New Original Seed (the Word) came to a young girl named Mary. She believed the Word that was spoken by the messenger (the carrier of the Seed) and she received “It” unto herself. The Seed (Word) was formed in the girls’ womb. It became flesh & dwelt among us. Does this sound incredible? Well it is! Isn’t it also incredible that a microscopic sperm seed would come out of the loins of a man, enter a woman, and that this tiny seed would form a person? I’d say that’s pretty incredible also! From this seed, flesh and bones would form and a heart that would pump blood through the system second by second for years on it’s own. From this seed would be formed a thinking brain containing information that would dwarf the best computers. This being would have the ability to walk, talk, speak, handle things, smell aromas, and make decisions and much, much more. This is the best-case scenario. These amazing feats performed by this wondrously made being would normally come without effort. This body with its’ feelings, thought power, and maneuverability was produced by a tiny seed! Yes, this too is incredible!! Yet each amazing act performed by this “wondrously made” being would normally come without effort. A tiny seed produced this body with its feelings, thought power, and maneuverability! Yes, this too is incredible! Yet each amazing act performed by this amazing machine is taken for granted. Most operate without gratitude for the privilege of having all of their faculties, if they are blessed enough to have them. Some don’t, and many of these are grateful for what they do have. Why is this? Is it because logic and reason explain this phenomena away telling us that we’re “all that?

Would it be so hard for a God Who could do all this for us to plant His Word in woman, and have His Word become flesh? I don’t think that would be a great dilemma for an Almighty God. Let us not allow our worldly-wise egotistical minds to explain away the incredible. The purpose of God coming to earth in human form is multi-faceted. A part of His purpose will be revealed to you as you follow along, and more will be shown to you as you continue in your quest for the “True Life”. Through His Son He showed and told us how to gain life more abundantly!


He spoke of His death and Resurrection and said that He would have to go away. The response of His followers was disappointment, but like much of what He said, they did not understand. He explained to them that if He stayed with them as He was then He wouldn’t be able to be with them all at all times. But if He left then He (Jesus) would return to the Father, then would return to us in Spirit form and would stay with us, on the inside, in our spirit. It’s an inside job! From within He would teach us and bring us into remembrance of all that we are and were with Him, before the “foundations of the world” were laid. This He has done. It is finished. We have the Mind of Christ! Wow! That’s deep, man! Yes, but its true, O man! That’s why this is called the “Treasures of the Deep”. And if you believe it and act upon it then you will see it. Sure enough, good buddy. It’s a fact, Jack! Believe and see!

Before His death Jesus said, “Unless a kernel of wheat fall into the ground and die, it will remain by itself”. But if it would go into the ground and die it will bring forth much fruit. And so it is! The WORD was made Flesh and gave His Life. He was killed. But you can’t kill the Word! The Word is Immortal, Incorruptible Seed. It did fall into the ground and die but has sprung up as a Tree of Life! Those who hunger for true life eat of the Fruit of this Tree. This Tree bearing Seed of the same Nature (Incorruptible, Immortal, and Eternal) produces and gives fruit in which is the “Seed” of the same Nature. Yet all would be different in character, looks, and personality. Those who received this Seed (Word, Jesus) into their soil (soul) would grow into the same Nature as the Original Tree, for the Seed becomes a Tree! They would be willing to lose their life to take on Eternal Life. They would no longer live for themselves but would grow from the Root of the Lord but Servant of all mankind. The Master Gardner would nurture them.

There is potential life in every seed. What is needed for its growth is: death, good soil, bacteria, water, heat, and light. At times it needs fertilizer, which many of us get, sometimes too much! If it is placed in this environment it will grow and prosper if tended properly. A sprouting seed of any living organism, except for human, has no choice but to seek this environment. But as humans we must “will” to find this place that is conducive for growth.


Only “seekers” will find it. We are not forced! We are drawn, or led by the Spirit to lay ourselves down that we might be raised up in “newness of life.” What is produced is a copy in Nature, or offspring of the New “Original” Seed. This is our escape from death! We make the choice to die that we might live. There are those too who reject this and decide to live their own life, and so die. Do you see this?

Life in the spirit is so glamorized at times that the great sacrifice of one’s life is portrayed as easy, when it is not. The decision to die to your own way of life is the hardest decision in the world, but there is no other way in order to live. Once the decision is made the yoke we then bear becomes easier, especially when we learn to pull, yoked up to the One Who’s already done it. The burden is Light, not heavy, but Light (Knowledge of God). No man can see God and live! Once the decision is made to die, we then begin to see God! To some this is an emotional, spiritual experience, and some remain and grow in it. Others open the door for logic, reason, and self to explain the experience away. There are those too, who after seeing what is needed to be done, turn their will and their lives over to the care of God, seeking only His Will. Emotional experiences (thrills and chills and supernatural highs) definitely follow the commitment as obedience and yielding to “the Gardener’s” cultivation is expressed. For me, as I continue to learn of and draw near to Him, I find “joy unspeakable.” It cannot be told. It must be experienced! Some say that we should keep this experience to ourselves. I can only deduct from this that these people have not partaken of what I am talking about. To have this great gift and to not share it with others means that I really don’t have it. Love is the “key” to this faith, and to not endeavor to give this greatest of Treasure with others would be to say that I don’t have Love, or the Treasures.


We are made up of –spirit, –soul, and –body!

The process starts in the spirit, in the innermost being, in your midst; the heart of the matter. The spirit, being made alive, than begins to “water” the “soil” (soul) where the New Seed has sprung up. As we continue in the Word, we continually stay near the “water.” This water is known from the Word as Living Water. This Living Water is representative of the New, Pure Spirit made alive within us. The soul is now being made new. It is being watered by Living Water from your Spirit, and in turn is being transformed into a regenerated (Brand New) Mind! You are becoming a Tree of Righteousness, the planting of the Lord.


We all know that a tree starts out as a seed. We now know that the Word is the Seed. The Seed enters the soil (soul), consisting of your mind, will, emotions, and intellect. It dies there as if entering a grave but afterwards it “sprouts”, taking root in the spirit. This New Life sprouting from the Seed in turn makes our spirit alive, for this is God’s Seed! Having a Living Root in our spirit (innermost depths) the tree begins its growth. Where there was once barrenness and desert, Life is springing up (Resurrection Life). Out of the soil (soul) springs New Life. It is just a Beginning, a New Beginning!


Our spirit now has the capability and power to send out an unending supply of Rivers of Living Water. Our soul from which springs the sapling, must be nurtured and tended and cared for. We have access to the endless supply of living waters, but only if the New Life is cultivated, tended. At this stage of our early growth, enemies of our soul look for opportunities to stop or even kill the New Life.


Thorns and briars will try to spring up around the “young tree.” These thorns and briars (cares and riches of the world) must be first of all recognized, and then eliminated. If they are not stopped they will choke the flow of the living water flowing from the spirit. Like a dam (damn), the new growth in the soil (soul) will be denied its necessary life flow. The Spirit and the soul need to function together as “One” for the soul to get its life from the Spirit, just as the moon gets it’s life (Light) from the Sun.

Thorns and briars (cares and riches of this world) will dam (damn) the New Life growing from the soul.


This is why the “Master Gardener” will find a local garden to place the young sapling. A local Garden will have a caretaker or many, and other living trees of various growths to care and protect the new young one. The Word of God is the measuring line for the functions of the local Garden. Finding a Garden that measures up to these standards is trying, but staying close to the Word of God and trusting God to lead you while proving all things will keep you protected. We’ll talk more about this later.

Revelation 22:1-2

I saw a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the Throne of God and of the Lamb. In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river there was the tree of life which bare 12 manner of fruits and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

This river is pure, no spot or blemish, it is undefiled. It is clear as crystal. Am I being clear? Where does this river come from? It proceeds from the Throne of God. Where is the Throne of God? It is in the Kingdom of God, of course. Where is the Kingdom of God? It is within you! Look at Luke 17:20-21. It cannot be observed with natural sight for it is a spiritual Kingdom and it is inside of you, in your spirit. That which is spirit is spirit. That which is flesh is flesh. It is there already but you have to go to It in order to see It. If you seek what is on the outside and leave what is on the inside deserted then you will only see what is passing away and you will miss what is real and eternal. Jesus said in John 7:38-39 that “out of your belly shall flow rivers of Living Waters. These are the same waters and they flow out of your belly (your midst, your spirit) where the Kingdom of God and the Throne are. Do you see this? If you do, that means you are seeing things that are invisible. Hallelujah! We’ll see more and more as we go in deeper into the Garden and the City of God


Let’s return to the beginning, or go ahead to the end. For when you get to the end, then you start a beginning. Time is not the primary factor in eternity! The Alpha is also the Omega; the beginning is also the ending. When I finish this sentence I then begin another. The “I Am” is Eternity! This is simple, is it not?

In the beginning God said, “Let there be Light,” and then there was Light. In the third day God said, “Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit whose seed is in itself upon the earth,” and that’s what happened. The peach tree has a peach with a peach seed in itself in order to continue the species. The apple has the same. The human has the same. The invisible Spiritual Seed (the Word) has the same. In order for the Word of God to become Life in us, we must “see” that we are the earth that is to bring forth, you and I. We are made of earth. Our spirit and our soul dwell in this house (body) of earth, or dust. Our natural, human birth is passed on to us from the “father” of this first generation, Adam #1! Adam is a Hebrew word meaning “red earth.”


The “Treasures” which we are to pursue are contained in these earthen vessels, or “jars of clay,” our bodies. If you believe that the treasure is in you, then you will give all that you have to obtain it. The Kingdom of God is likened unto treasure hid in a field (you). When a man finds the treasure he hides it, and goes and sells all that he has to buy the field, with joy.

It is dark deep in the earth, so you need a “Light,” a true Light. The Son (Sun) is the true Light, the “Daystar,” the Bright and Morning Star. The Son (Sun) Who has always dwelt in the heavens (Spirit) has now come to dwell in the earth (Natural) also; in you, O jar of clay.


Your field contains your spirit and your soul and the body, and all that comes with that. In your patience you possess your souls for this race is not to the swift but to the patient. The soul contains your will, the intellect, the mind and the emotions. Emotions were not given to us to rule our lives. Yet they basically have been the controlling influence in human existence. Who controls your thinking, you or your thoughts? What have you been thinking in the last hour or the last five minutes? Do you know? If you don’t, more than likely your thinking controls you rather than you controlling your thinking. Therefore your emotions can take rule over your solar system, spinning haphazardly out of control while it seems that you are in control. If your plan-its don’t revolve around the Son, than you are not on your course in life! Your destiny in this life is to rule as a king, first over your own solar system, and then your influence will enable others to learn how to rule over theirs. The only way to do this is to hang out with the King of kings, your King, Conqueror, and Creator Who loves and cares about every aspect of your life. If you haven’t given your all to Him so that He might possess your life so that eventually you will possess your life, than your life will fail miserably. Truth is sometimes harsh but it is to the point without doubt and without compromise! If you hang on to your own life you will lose it, but if you lose your life for the sake of Christ and the Gospel you will save it unto eternal life, Case closed!


Emotions were not given to us to rule our lives. Yet, as humans, they basically have been our controllers:

1.     Sight- I see it, I like it, I want it, I need it, I yi yi, yi yi!

2.     Hearing- gossip, backbiting, negative speech, and a hunger for bad news are a few.

3.     Smell- Umm, that smells scrumptious. I want some! So we continue to enable and strengthen the desires of the carnal, temporary man. I’m not saying to deny yourself everything good. That can go too far also. But deny your self some things when you want them too much and they’re really not for your benefit, but you want it because Gary Smith has it. Try fasting, dude!

4.     Taste- eating controls many. Eat, eat, eat, and tomorrow or sometime later the sensation is gone, and the stuff we ate comes out in the waste. I realize that sometimes I am blatantly blunt. I do that to drive a point home! Eat some more! Believe me I’m not against good food. I myself make a mean “spaghetti and hot sausagedish. I’m just aiming to put the need in its’ proper perspective. If it doesn’t get any better than crabs and beer I might as well be dead.

5.     Touch- Look at her, look at him. I like women as much as the next man, and also have a great respect for them for many good reasons. We men have many conveniences that women don’t have concerning our bodies, but most take these conveniences (the ability to stand while urinating, no monthly bleeding, no menopause, no pregnancy, etc.), and women for granted. As men we should aim for care and respect of the female.

Getting back to “touch”, we cannot afford to be controlled by the need to have a few moments of sexual gratification at the cost of my losing my pursuit after the true riches of “eternity”. I may not lose the “Life”, but I would be thrown off course. If you slip, get back up and continue in your pursuit of God. He’s not condemning you. He knows about your flesh. But if you’re caught up in the vice and controlled, get help now. Confess to a friend or confidant and get help and be accountable to someone for those actions. Then you will win against these powerful enemies of your soul. You will get the Victory and be able to help others also.

These emotions have ruled and reigned in our lives and this is the reverse of the way it should be. God gave us “emotions” for our enjoyment, but to truly enjoy these benefits we must control them, not the reverse!

In Joshua chapter 10, Joshua warred against “five” great kings and their armies. After defeating these great controllers by the Grace of God and obedience to Gods’ Word, Joshua commanded his leaders to put their feet on the back of the necks of these defeated kings. Representing victory over them. We must do the same but you have to receive Grace and operate in “Power” in order to do this. This power is at your disposal. It is within you!

These are not just historical stories but these incidents have practical application to your life today. The Word of God is “deep and wide” as the old campfire song “Michael rowed the boat ashore” states. Read for your personal use. At one level of depth these “five kings” represent the five senses that have ruled and controlled the lives of people who don’t control their thoughts. We learn in Christ how to rise above the emotional realm, not allowing them to be our head, but placing and pursuing Jesus to be our Head having the emotions under our feet. We learn to be controlled by the Spirit of Life thereby controlling our thoughts and emotions as we enter into one-ness with the Mind of Christ.

After the kings were placed under the feet of the leaders, Joshua said, “Fear not, nor be dismayed. Be strong and of good courage: for thus shall the Lord do to all your enemies against whom you fight” (mainly thoughts, not Joe Brown). You cannot have a victory without a fight. If you are being overcome by something that rules you get some help. Joshua didn’t do it alone. Fight against thoughts and emotions that are not from the Lord, and in time you will win. That’s a promise. Don’t just let yourself get beat up and thrown down. You can’t win if you don’t fight. And rest at the same time. Amen! The fight is actually a yielding of ourselves to the Mind of God within us!

Practice meditation! Quiet your mind! Be still and know that I am God!

Another story that can pertain to the emotions is in John Chapter 4. Jesus and the boys went into Samaria and He came to a well at high noon. Noontime can represent a time when there is no shadow but total sun (nothing shady but a clarity, clear understanding).  He sat on a well that used to belong to Jacob. His disciples went into town to get food. A woman came to the well to draw water. Jesus asked her to get Him a drink, and she was amazed that a Jew would talk to a Samaritan and a woman at that. Do you know that God will receive everyone who comes to Him? While drawing this woman to Himself, the Well of water that springs up unto everlasting life, she was opened up and she asked Jesus for this Living Water. He told her to go get her husband, but she answered that she had no husband. Jesus said that she was telling the truth, because “you’ve had five husband and the man you’re living with now is not your husband”. Now, He had her number and that thrilled her. This story is true but it, like all other stories, can be brought home to use in your life. These five husbands that she had been married to were the five senses, like the souls of all natural man. And the sixth man that people fool around with is the sixth sense, or psychic hot line. Now here is the Man, the Selfless One, calling the soul (the woman) to join Him, the Spirit Man, in a true relationship, the only one that God would honor. God is calling you to let go of the husbands that produce no lasting fruit and join yourself (your soul) with the Lover of your soul (the inner man, not the outer). Your emotions will lead you down a dead-end street, and psychic hotline will do the same and empty your pockets at the same time. Don’t you think emotions have ruled your life long enough?

These rulers of the natural life must be put under our “feet” (our walk in life). We can do this by functioning from our “Head” (the Government of the “body.”) In this “new life” Jesus (the Word of God) is our Head! From the Word, made alive by the Spirit, we get the “power” to do this. The Government is upon the “shoulders”, in the “HEAD.” That’s the verse you hear at Christmas. This is Christmas. Merry Christmas! Christ-mas means “more Christ” in Spanish. His name is called “Immanuel” (God with [in] us), and the Government shall be upon His shoulders. Get be-headed. Let the old head of self and ego be made dead, for it really is, it’s just that most don’t believe it. We have a New Head and the new One is all-powerful and all-knowing and it is the Mind of Christ, and we have it. We just need to believe it. Believe it! It’s true!

Put on that Mind which is in Christ Jesus, for we have the Mind of Christ!

I mentioned earlier that at times we would roam from the Garden, which is what we just did. We strolled into the “Body” realm with its’ Head and shoulders and feet, etc. No harm done for we can instantly go back to the Garden. I want you to know this for this is where God is now bringing us, for the Word has been scattered into verses but we are now putting the puzzle together in order to “see” the Kingdom of God. God hides Himself but kings search Him out and find Him. We are revealing Him to the world. That which has been scattered is being dished out in a form where those that will receive as a child can see, eat, and understand, not by trying to understand, but just by eating And digesting the Word (the Bread of Life).


Two days ago (two thousand years ago; one day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as one “day”) the Word came unto His own people, but they would not receive Him. It is difficult for the “Seed” to be placed into “hardened ground” (soil). Also people who think that they have it together don’t receive easily because they pretty much know it. It is “hard” to get through to know-it-alls. His own people (the Jews) did not recognize Him though they had been waiting for Him to show up for a long time. He didn’t come the way that they thought He would, which is the way it is with us also. Many times He comes into our lives and situations in a form that we don’t recognize. How vain we are to think we know how He should come to us. They had become “religious”, set in their own ways, with their traditions & laws. It’s the same today. He’s been thrown out of most churches where He wanted to manifest Himself. Religion and churches that run on tradition do not receive him. Traditions of men stop the Word of God from moving in that place. The minds are closed and blinded to anything or Anyone who does not conform to their set way of thinking, to the rules and regulations. Once we become set in our ways in any area, death sets in spiritually in this area. They try to earn their way into heaven through obeying the law and through good deeds while teaching that we don’t live under the law. It is blindness! It is death!

No man can keep the “whole law,” and if you break one of the least commandments you’ve broken them all. Being made of “flesh,” the seed of fallen man (1st Adam), we were made subject (under rule) to vanity and fleshly desires in our own selves (self).

If we could earn our way into heaven through good deeds, or by keeping of the law, there would have been no need for God to send His only-begotten Son to be tortured and killed by the likes of us. Jesus already paid the Price for our freedom and entrance into Heaven! We just need to receive the “Free Gift.

Concerning the Jewish people, descendents of Abraham after the “flesh,” we who have received the free gift are to honor them although we are to honor all men. If it were not for their unbelief and their learned way of thinking we “gentiles” would not have been able to be grafted into the “Olive Tree”. The Jews will be restored unto God as will all mankind for all things will return unto God from where they came that He might be “All in All”. Amen!


But to as many as do receive Him (the Word, the Seed) He gives the power to become the Sons of God (His Seed, His Offspring). It’s a process. When you are born you are not a grown son or daughter. You are a baby, and then need milk, nurturing, teaching, etc. It’s the same in the spiritual. We start out as babies but are to grow into sons and daughters of God by eventually getting weaned from the milk and eating meat. The organized church mainly feeds milk and therefore keeps the babes in the pews or gives them some little religious task to make them feel like they’re doing something. In this way the tithe can continue to come in and the church (so-called) can stay running. The bible says “woe unto them that give suck in those days”. Most of the pastors don’t even realize that they’re giving suck. They stand up in front of the congregation and wind up thinking that they’re somebody special but to God they’re a stink in His nostrils. Woe unto them. Woe!! To see someone sitting in a pew week after week for twenty years is truly an abomination. Their growth has been stunted, their hearts hardened, and they’ve become hard of hearing. God sends them someone to tell him or her of the problem and the person is ostracized as a false prophet. Manifest Your Greatness O Lord and let their works come to naught that the true Church of Jesus Christ may be seen in and on the earth. Amen!

When we receive the Word (Seed) into our soil (soul) it sprouts and takes “root” in our hearts (spirit). We, as human beings, are made up of spirit,–soul,– and body! Look at 1Thess.5:23. The Living Word entering the “spirit” of a person in turn makes the spirit of that person Alive! Yet the “soul” (mind, with its will, intellect, and emotions) must be made new. The soul must be “transformed”. This happens through a process called “re-generation”. Our mind begins processing New Data and is to learn how to walk according to the Word and Faith rather than by what it sees, for what you see is temporary and has no meaningful substance but the Word of God is Eternal, so the mind is to be transformed into a New Image, one that walks by believing and trusting in the Loving Heavenly Father rather than walking by our own false concepts, or others, of the way we think things are or should be.

Our “generation”, stemming from Adam and Eve, is a fallen one. The soul (or mind) is carnal, earthly, temporary, and self-seeking. Regeneration is a transforming of the mind to a “New Way” of thinking. It’s a process! Our “spirit”, being made alive by receiving the “Living Word” into our heart, makes the Word alive. This living Word being continually received, will in turn transform the “mind”, with its’ will, intellect, and emotions, into a “New Way” of thinking, trans-formation.

It’s an “inside job”, working its way out! It’s an inside job!! It will be formed into Gods’ image!

“Let us make man in Our Image”! It’s a process!


Men and devils have tried to kill the Word but you cannot kill “LOVE”. Instead, through ignorance, they (we) hung the Word (Seed) on a Cross, put Him in the ground of a garden where the Seed sprang forth as a “Mighty Tree”, thereby producing a “Garden” of the same kind, us. The plan was fulfilled!


Throughout this writing I may reiterate or repeat that which has already been said in order to drive home the point. If I sound redundant please overlook it. One bit of a particular food is not enough to nourish. You’ll take another bite and then another of the same until you’re satisfied. Words are very much taken for granted. Although they are invisible the repercussions of them are manifest throughout life. What we want to realize is that the invisible things are more real than the visible. Just as the Word became “Flesh” and dwelt amongst us, we in the flesh are to become the Word. The Word (Spirit Man) came and became flesh so that the flesh man could become Word (Spirit Men)! Don’t allow this to become complicated for you. It is very simple for those with “child-like minds” to comprehend. But to the wise men and women of this world it is complicated, to the point of being foolish. If you are wise in the ways of the world and self, you must become a fool in order to become wise in the Eternal things of God, the Master Gardener.

The Eternal Word is received, as a trusting child receives, into the heart (spirit, innermost part). What is received will in turn come forth from its container through the mouth (speaking the Word), and the result is believing it, or faith. When you speak the Word even though you don’t understand it, yet you speak it as if it is fact, then that is pleasing to God. You will surely understand it in time. God will make sure of that. But religious people want to understand everything before they believe it, just like the world. If you put paint into a jar and pour it out there will be results, or consequences. Put it in the right place and with practice you will enhance your surroundings.

Faith is believing we have what is not yet seen, to the point where we speak that it is ours for God our Papa says it is, whether we see it or not. It means saying we are eternal although we don’t see it. But that’s how we become it. I’ve spoken Galatians 2:20 many times and had no comprehension of how I could be crucified with Christ when I’m right here talking to you. But the Word says I’m crucified with Christ so that’s the way it must be. As it becomes part of my system because I declare that this is so, then the understanding comes clearer and clearer as if I speak away the darkness for the Light to appear. The same thing goes for me saying I’m a king and a priest. I am!

You tell your child that they are important even when they feel like a failure. You tell them, they believe it, and they become it. How much more so it is with God. We say what God’s Word says we are, not yet seeing or feeling it, and we then become what we believe and speak. The Word becomes “flesh”. Simple? Not yet? Keep going. It gets clearer as we continue walking through the darkness and into this Marvelous Light! It’s de-light!


Light allows us to see that which is in the darkness. Light exposes darkness. The sun is our natural source of light. The Son is our spiritual (real) Source of Light, which is actually knowledge. Ah, I see. You didn’t see. You knew something. Ah, the light went on. Doesn’t it seem like we walk in the dark often if only once in a while we can say, ah! Our mind hears and trusts like a child, and opens the barricade of fear and mistrust, simply believing. Receiving, speaking, believing, and seeing may be the proper order. I’m just penning my experience that it might awaken the “Dormant One” dwelling in you that you might hear what you already know. You’ve just forgotten! Liker an amnesiac who is fed that which is familiar, to awaken the forgotten past, so it is with you. Arise, shine, for your Light is come, and the Glory of the Risen Lord is risen upon you!


The spiritual life cannot be figured out because it is much higher than human understanding. Analyzation will not produce the Life of God, or Spirit Life. Meditating on the Word of God day night will. “Spirit Life” occurs when the True Word (the Son) is heard by the soul (mind, with its will), and enters your spirit. This joining of soul and spirit (mad alive by the Living Word) is an “awakening,” allowing you to see and remember that which has long been forgotten. My aim is to keep this simple lest the analyzing mind tell you it’s foolish, and you believe “it” rather than the Word of Truth. The natural, temporary mind reasons from what it sees, hears, and understands logically.

The spiritual life comes from what you already have, and have had from before the foundations of the world! See! You’ve got to keep it simple. I may be sounding more complicated than is needed, but that’s because sometimes I think that I’m smart. Hmm! Actually you haven’t heard anything real deep yet. Get used to the deep because when you acclimate your self to this depth, we’re going deeper. The diamonds are very deep in the earth, much deeper than where we are at right now. They were formed through much heat and pressure.


Truth cannot be figured (mentally) out. The “revelation” comes from the Word going in and joining with the Word (and Spirit) already in you. The One Who wrote the book is already in you. He reveals Himself to those who obey what they already know to do. Not yielding to the truth or Word that you already have been given will cause blindness. But through continual seeking, more opportunities to yield & do will be given. Following the “letter of the law produces spiritual death. The reason for this is because the bible is not a “law” book, but a “Spirit” book. It can only be revealed through the Spirit, in your spirit. This gives us the “Mind of Christ!


We have the Same Mind that created everything!! If you believe this and act upon it, and speak it, you will eventually see it, and know it (Him). Put “IT” on. There’s something that you have to do. Put it on! Shut down your intellectual thinking, your things that you have to do, your plans and dreams and goals, your busyness, and get quiet before the Lord. That’s how you put on the Mind of Christ! But I’ll be wasting time. No! You’re wasting your time by being busy and doing your own thing, whether it’s religious or secular. When you run around doing everything, you’re actually doing nothing. Jesus did the works of His Father. He didn’t do His Own thing. When He went up to pray all night He didn’t speak to the Father constantly out of His man mentality. He shut His thought process down in order to hear the “Thoughts” of His and your Father.


The “natural” is present to declare the “Spiritual! The sun, the stars, trees, clouds, the moon, earth, things under the earth like gold, silver, and precious gems, the heavens and all things visible are here to declare (speak of) the “invisible”, Spiritual, Immortal Life of God on the inside of YOU! But you will not be able to see that while you are running around chasing the wind, thinking that you’re accomplishing things. You’re running toward a grave. It’s not out here. It’s inside of you!

The true heavens are not out here. They’re your spirit. The earth out here is to reveal to you the earth that is you. The expanse between the heaven and the earth (your body) is your soul. Heaven is come to earth by way of the soul. The Christ in your spirit has become one with your soul. It is the marriage. Our soul was married to the body but we recognized through the Cross that the body is dead because of sin, so we now have the right to be married to Another, the Spirit. This Union has sway over your earth so that your earth can do the things that will produce eternal quality throughout your being rather than following the dictates of your carnal, selfish life. Look at Romans chapter 6 and 7. The earth (your body) and heaven (your spirit) were separated by the huge expanse (your amnesiac mind who forgot who you are), but His Kingdom has come, His will is being done on and in earth as it is in heaven. The Spirit of God is become one with the soul of man through the Cross (a recognition that the old self died). There is a trans-form-ation taking place in your earth and therefore on this earth. The principalities no longer rule the expanse or the air in between heaven and earth, for those whose minds have been transformed by the renewing of their mind recognize the Kingdom of God as the Only Ruling Power in this or any other world. Heaven has kissed the earth!!




Just as the rain comes down from the heavens to water the earth, that it may bring forth seed for the sower and bread for the eater: so shall my Word be that goes forth out of my mouth. It shall not return unto Me void but will accomplish what it was sent out to do. It shall prosper in the thing where it was sent. Is. 55:10-13

What a promise! When you give the Word to someone, you don’t want to say anything negative because of what you see concerning a reaction. But you have this GREAT PROMISE to hold on to. We walk by His Word and promises and not by what we see! You are God’s mouthpiece! You are His Temple. You are His trees. You are His clouds! Recognize that the invisible heavens are in the spiritual realm; in you! It’s ALL in you! You are the “Fullness” of Him that fills All in All. We, who are His Body are, and those who grow up into the Head; and Pick up the key of David on the way up to the Head. The Key is on the shoulder. Oh yeah, rising up is a process! Patience is the key to the possession of your soul. Eph. 1:22-23; Col. 2:9-10; Isaiah 22:2
Note- I have sometimes taken for granted that people know the scriptures I’m talking about concerning some writings. I’m going to include the references for study purposes. If you don’t recognize the scripture in the passage, please look it up and even cross reference it for your own walk in knowledge. Cross-referencing is much fun! By the time your fingers are full with pages you’ll more than likely sense the Presence of God in your room!


Although the outer appearance of a cloud is menacing-looking, and though it may appear threatening, the inner parts of productive clouds contain “rain”. In order for a cloud to give rain, it must first absorb the water. The clouds dwell in the heaven (in the spirit). I’m talking “spirit” here; not “natural”. Rain and water represent the “Spirit”. Jesus says, “he that believes on Me, out of his belly (innermost being, spirit) shall flow “rivers” of living water. Jn. 7:37-39 In order to get the water into the cloud (you), the moisture or dew must rise up from the earth (you meditate on the Word and obey the Father, and it comes into your earth (ears and eyes; flesh, dust) and enter your soul (soil); the expanse, the firmament between earth and heaven. It will rise into the heavens (your spirit, your deep) so that you can be a cloud with water, giving you the ability to empty yourself back into the earth (other people’s flesh and soul (earth and soil). Pretty cool , eh? Cool water, that is. Jude 12


The Word without the Spirit is dead, just as the seed would be without water, or rain. Nature declares the Glory of God (Psalm 19). The “natural” declares the “spiritual”. Nature tells us of God, but instead of turning to the Creator, some turn to worshipping His Creation. Wrong!

There are clouds that look good, but they produce no water. Their appearance is nice and neat, but it is just a show. They are blown about by winds (of doctrine), and they nourish no one. They are like the “sea”, wavering up and down, foaming out their own shame. Jude 13

The “sea of humanity” operates thus, functioning as an up and down wave, with no eternal stability, giving off “water” that cannot be assimilated.

Above we spoke of the “Spirit”, not like the sea, but as “rivers” (many) of Living Waters. God’s Voice is like a multitude of Waters. The person who meditates on the Word of God day and night, and does it, shall be like a “tree” planted by the “waters”. His leaf shall not wither, and whatsoever he does shall prosper. He shall bring forth his “fruit” in his season, not before it’s time. The ungodly are not so, but are like the chaff which the wind drives away. Psalm 1; Rev. 14:2; 19:6; 1:15

     A River Flows;

                              The Spirit Moves;

                                                           As the Wind


The Word without the Spirit is dry, dead, and it kills spiritually. It is a barren wasteland; desolate. It brings to a valley dry bones, brittle and becoming dust. The “letter of the Word brings “parched ground”, a wilderness in the desert. Ezek. 47; Is. 35:6 and 7

Comparatively, the Living Resurrected Word comes forth as the “rivers”. It quenches spiritual thirst, It gives life, and It is Eternal. Notice that it does not come forth as the “sea”, but as “rivers”. You cannot drink from the sea. You can drink from a river. A river cannot be measured, and the waters are known to be clean and pure and refreshing. The rivers I speak of are particularly so; no pollution.

This “River” That I speak of comes from the Throne of God and of the Lamb. The “Throne” is in the Kingdom, and the Kingdom is within you! It is a pure river of water of life, and clear as crystal. I would like to make this message “crystal clear” for you! Is this clear? Oh yes; crystal! Rev. 22:1and 2


There are those who are willing to get their feet wet; and there are those who are willing to be courageous, to trust the Word, and to just dive in with all that they have, like their life depended on it. It does, you know!

Which one are you?

When “self” steps into the water, he or she can move about at their “own will.”                    

When “self” enters in up to the waist, the moving waters have some sway as to how the one can move about.

When one enters into the river all the way, the moving waters carry the one with its current. This takes faith, courage, and trust. Self is removed. These waters issue out toward the east country (where the “sun” rises), and they go down into the desert, and then into the sea (humanity). When this river is brought forth into the sea, the waters shall be healed.

It shall come to pass that every living thing that lives, which moves, wherever the rivers shall come, shall live. Read Ezekiel 47.

There shall be a great multitude of fish (I make you a fisher of men), because these waters come forth. Everything that the river touches shall live!

On the bank of the river shall grow all trees for meat (hello, tree), on this side, and on that side. The leaves of these trees shall not fade, neither shall the fruit be consumed, though it be eaten: it shall bring forth new fruit according to his months, because their waters issued (flowed) out of the sanctuary (you are the temple, house, sanctuary); and the “fruit thereof shall be for “meat”, and the “leaf” thereon shall be for medicine.

My meat is to do the will of Him that sent me, and to finish His work.  John 4:34


If a man tries to save his life (self) he’ll lose it. But if a man loses his life for the sake of the gospel, he’ll save it unto eternal life.

You can dip your feet into the water, thereby saving your own “self”, to move about like you want to.

Or you can give up your own life, “dive in all the way”, and truly have God on the Throne in your “spirit”; that he may rule, and that you might “flow” with Him, in turn releasing the “Living Waters” out of your belly (innermost being).

There is no other way with God, except “all the way”. He says, “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not drown you”. That’s when He is with you; when you pass through the waters. That’s when He is manifest!

On the other hand, the devil dwells in dry places!  Dust is his meat; your flesh!

To continue to live in a barren, deserted wasteland is an abomination. It is the “abomination of desolation”, talked about in Daniel (Matt. 24:15). It is a life lived for its own self, which (witch) produces nothing eternal, for without Christ you can do nothing. It is a life lived after the “flesh” (devil’s food), it is dry places (unclean spirits dwellings), and it is a land of self (ishness) and death.


The Garden of Eden is encompassed by rivers. You have been reinstated back unto the “Garden”. But to get there, you must give up your own will, and jump into the “River”; not the lake, but the river. The river will carry you into the Garden and into the City. As the river carries you in the Garden, you recognize other “trees of righteousness” planted by the Lord. Is. 61:3 There is no other “Way” to get there. I’ll make a bold statement. Jump in the River and you will flow into and through the Flaming Sword! Gen. 3:24

Blessed are they that hunger and thirst for Righteousness! When the poor and needy (I am extremely needy for the Lord always) seek water, and there is none, and their tongue fails for thirst, I the Lord will hear them. I, the God of Israel will not forsake them. I will open rivers in “high places” (come up higher, John), and fountains in the midst (John 4:14) of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water.

Out of this wilderness will grow all manner of trees (you shall be called trees) that bear fruit (Gal. 5:22). This fruit will be eaten by others but will not be consumed from your tree. Your leaves shall be for the healing of nations. The “River” is what connects this side to that side.

There the Glorious Lord will be unto us a place of broad rivers and streams; wherein shall go no galley with oars (because it’s within you), neither shall gallant ship pass thereby.

The wilderness (it’s time to stop being wild) and the solitary (you’re not alone) places shall be glad; and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the Rose. It shall blossom abundantly, and rejoice even with joy and singing. The lame shall leap as a deer, and the tongue of the dumb shall sing: for in the wilderness shall waters break out…and streams in the desert. The parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land (you) springs of water… in the habitations of dragons (grown serpents, dry places), where each lay, shall be grass (flesh) with reeds and rushes. Isaiah 35; 1Pet. 1:24

All of this comes about by diving in the River, and continuously going with the “Flow”!


This Kingdom that we enter into is One that is opposite of the way the world operates in:

1. World kingdom- one in which the “greatest” rule and the servants are subject to the greater. The end result in eternity is that these greatest become the least, while these servants become great.

2. Gods Kingdom- One in which the greatest serve the least. These servants walk into Kingship, while being an example to the least to be servants, thereby acquiring the same thing.


A physicist doesn’t enter into that profession at two years old, but submits him/herself to those around him; learning from the master, and at times taking correction and rebuke.

The student gets pruned, watered, and shaped by the mastery of the one to whom he submits to, thereby growing and maturing into his own calling of the same; whether physicist, gardener, carpenter, plumber, prophet, or whatever.

“To lead others you must first learn how to follow!   “A good follower makes for a good leader!


When God said, “Let Us make man in our Image”, one of the “us” who He was talking to may have been “Time”.

When the “Seed” takes “root” in the spirit, the heart of a being, the soul is yet immature, and must go through a trans-form-ation, or renewing. This takes “Time”. In this process of regeneration we practice denial of “self”, our old ways, and we yield to the New Life placed, or AWAKENED inside!

Every tree that you see was once a “seed”. As the seed died to what it is, it breaks open and new life comes forth, which is the “root”. As the old life yield to the “Root” (of David), it partakes of the sun/Son, of water (Living), perhaps pruning (certain trials, chastening), and maybe fertilizer (taking crap, dung). It then in time becomes a tree, and eventually bears fruit with seed of the same kind. Amazing, eh? Gen. 1:11

So it is with the “New Creation Man!


















































GARDEN OF GOD, Parts 1-6 [Tom Henry] ~ BOOK          1


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