find a quiet place and listen



“Welcome to the garden, my love. It is the secret garden, the garden from which you came! The garden of Life.  It is the garden which has seemed to you to be covered over with vines and dead leaves, to be dull and gray, lifeless and untended.  You have seen life to be that way, and believed what you saw, but it was only a dream, my love, only a dream. This beautiful place has been here all the while, awaiting your recognition.  You had only to want to come to, to become conscious of it, for it to be revealed to you.  Here we live.  Our bed is here among the spices. Winter is over. Eternal spring is at hand. The table is set. The feast is prepared. It is the bounty of all good things.  The fields are white. The time is now, and I am here.” 


“Come, go with me,” I heard Joy calling.  “Let’s gather lilies for our table.” For one moment I hesitated.  I was so overwhelmed to be in the presence of my Beloved, to see him again as though for the first time.  But then, lying there on my back,  I realized that he was no more beautiful to me now than Joy calling my name, or Grand sitting at my feet next to the little child, or my new friend who played on the strings for us, or  Peace attending my side, or my old friend smiling down at me from overhead.  There were many faces surrounding me as I looked up at all of them.  I realized that they were all the various characteristics of my own Self.  One was Joy.  One was Grand. One was Peace. One was Faith. One was the new song in my heart. One was Ageless.  One was the child of Me, and One was Love.      


Here I witnessed the various faces of my True Self and knew that to love them was to love my Self.  I was seeing my Self face to face. 


I knew that this moment was the only moment, eternal – in heaven and in earth, and I was the Blessed.  The Light that encircled us, the Life that enlivened us, the God that was living us, as us, was us being. 


There was no where to go from here, and yet I knew that in this eternal moment, I was standing on the precipice of Life, while ONE with It. 


Home is where the heart is, and the heart is finally at home when it rests. No more wondering, all will simply come to me.  No more wandering.  All roads have led me here.  In this Moment I am, I see, I know, I be, and that which I Am is the Substance of all things. 


Awake.  The sun is shining.  You are Who you are and you will never be otherwise.  Know thyself. All that I Am – you are – for we are One.   I write this to you little children.  Hear what you can now. Listen within your self, your heart, and you will come to know your True Self.  You will come to remember what time has made you forget.  I write this to you young men, as I know you are trying to understand.  If the way seems a little difficult at the present, know this, as you seek the Consciousness of God, you will obtain that which you seek, and find it to be right where you are.  And I write this to you Fathers, you who are realizing the Oneness, the Isness and Aloneness.  “I” will never leave nor forsake you.  Know this. We are complete in Him.  It is finished and it is very good!


Though the ship sails on, it will appear to fade from view.  We will hardly realize its passing after a while.  The here and now is all there is.  This moment.  Life never fails, nor stops, nor hesitates.  As we give in, give up, surrender, and let Life, It will reveal Itself to us, as us.  Lie still on your bed and listen.  Sit still in your chair and listen.  Walk quietly and listen.  Listen until you hear your own voice revealing the Truth to you.  Desire one thing: to be consciously aware of Life, for this is to seek first the kingdom of God, and all else will be added if this is the desire first and foremost in our heart.  To know Eternal Life is to know thy Self.  To know thy Self is to know God. To know God is Eternal Life.


GARDEN of GOD… find a quiet place and listen [Floyd Watson] 6-30-05          1


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