Bought with a price, sealed by His Precious Blood, clothed in the fullness of His Presence, That’s You and Me. Nothing exceeds the righteousness we are in Him, for That Which Is Perfect is come. Resurrection is here and we see His face in all men, the free gift of Salvation, The Lord Jesus Christ as all.

Still, some see a cloud of dust upon the horizon, so they encourage us to go to see what it is. Well, what do you know? It’s only a fading vapor of unbelief! It’s the last gasps of the teachings of man; the religious wrangling coming from the darkness of earthen men. It has been our own unbelief. We have listened to reasoning minds who, in their innocence, have failed to see the enormity of The Blood Purchase of Redemption.

Did you ever stop to think that not one man is more righteous than another, that the blood of the Lamb is our righteousness, that the purchase took away the sin of the world?

We shall ignore the cloud of unbelief, and turn again to the Center of Heaven, for He is high and lifted up, warming the whole new creation; we being caught up in His Glory, We thank you Father for removing our unbelief.

The Believer is here, locked in our hearts once and for all, established top of the mountain. A chorus of thousands of angels echo the Sons Of The Lamb.

We turn within to read the Book of our Being as we discover a long prepared lighted pathway. “Good morning Glory Road. You are the Calling we have known from our youth, and we present ourselves, melted into Your Being and Will.”

Such a Brilliantly Lighted Pathway that has chosen us. We observe that even the trees bow before the True Light of Us. We acknowledge them with our touch and our hearts. With our love feeding the very roots of them, we are aware of   “By My Spirit sayeth The Lord.”

“Just Who Are We?” (1 John 4:17) “As He Is. So Are We In This World. And, how is He? He said, I am the resurrection and the life.” John 11:25

Receive this: “Because it is not I, but Christ “, you. The Real You may say, “I am the Resurrection and the Life.” Ponder this. It is awesome enough to know you are Resurrection, let alone you are Life.

To You, as You have received Him by Grace, the invisible Spirit, The Holy Ghost, is unveiled as The Manifested Son; God in earth. This is not by work of process, but by The Faith of The Only Begotten. This is The Free Gift, without taking thought, and is by the same faith whereby you first received the Holy Spirit. (Colossians, Chapter One.) Ye are complete in Him.

The Holy Ghost is the new Creature, Spirit made visible as you, and is all in all. There is none beside Him. He is That ONE, our Great Father come as Man. now revealed in the earth. It is not you and the Holy Ghost. It is Holy Ghost as You, The Son. The Holy Ghost has led you home, revealed you as The Risen ONE. The Faith of The Son of Man is become That Substance You Are.

Every Word lifts up the Lord Jesus Christ in you, who is The Head and manifestation of This Body, everlasting dweller of Heaven and Earth.

Therefore, we declare The Name which is above all names, The Name which is above all appearances, The Name which is above all limitations, above all sorrow, sickness, and pain; The name which stands alone, the Name of the new creation, honored above The New Heaven and New Earth. It is The Lamb of God, The Lord Jesus Christ, Light of Glory. He is not waiting to become, but He is here. Peace is come on earth, good will toward men. He is our rest complete. Amen!




GARDENBORN, JUST WHO ARE YOU? [Jim-Melba Crofford]          1


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