AUGUST 16, 2012

I awoke this morning from a vivid dream; a close relative of mine couldn’t get off a train – I was waiting for her on the station platform, the tall, heavyset conductor was blocking her from getting off. She tried to go around him and he finally just held onto her arm – the train took off with my relative still headed for a destination which she had failed to cancel …and I was powerless to do anything about it.

This was about 4:40 a.m., I awakened slowly and was experiencing frustration and anger at the situation in the dream. I kept trying to simply dislodge the effects it was obviously creating in me and get into my morning routine, of training my own subconscious to be in submission to our SPIRIT-PARENT.

Finally I asked, “what now,” and got an interpretation of the dream. The train represents the lives we have chosen unconsciously to “play” out in these body bags we occupy; and the conductor represents the subconscious part of the brains contained therein, carrying out our earlier orders which we did not change. We bought a ticket and the conductor is going to make sure we get to that destination and no other.

My relative was one of these people who continually declare, over and over, their desire to “go home to be with God.” Meaning she wants to die, because her subconscious has been trained to follow her conscious orders – to bring what she has continually “planted” into existence, that is, there is no escaping death or taxes …both are inevitable.

I was reminded a couple days ago by a long-time friend and reader that I am redundant. “My son says that Brad says the same thing over and over.” Well, I’m just the messenger and if whoever is getting tired of reading the messages I’ve been given, such as this one, today, perhaps it is time to stop reading them.

I have just finished a preliminary “final” proof reading of the next book to be published …the editor and the publisher have both given it raves as being “new” and that I’m not “ragging on” the Evangelicals and Pentecostals for a change – they have high hopes that this one is going to attract a brand new set of readers.

After my next to last proof (I’ll do one more after they’ve done a block up proof copy with cover and all) read, I’m not too sure that I’m not still thumping away on some themes that I’ve been pushing for the last twelve years. I, however, am blinded by something always.

I asked for and received an interpretation of the dream. I asked if I was supposed to write all the above today and got a clear “go ahead” which always excites me to the core; simply because I’m not browsing around in the brain of this body bag I occupy to come up with something “new.”

I do know that as we keep inching ever forward to the end of an era, I’m feeling an ever-increasing intensity to keep up the harangue about the necessity to renew our minds with the presence and power of “The Christ” (BWOTON) for preparation for whatever is coming. I’ll just keep it short this time, how’s that?










GETTING off the TRAIN…CAN be PROBLEMATIC [Brad Cullen] 08-16-12         1


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