I woke up “dry” this morning …nothing to write, no faith, nada, zero. The publisher wants an article and wants to do an interview for a podcast. I cried out to Dad and had assurance: Sure enough, He’s still around. But nothing comes to me to write.

Need Water? Look to the Source!

Maybe I’m washed up as a writer, came the fiery dart; then another, who cares what I write anyway? Who am I to write about anything of spiritual content …oh, oh, finally I see it. I’m under attack! I send an urgent “radio” message back to home base: “Daddy I’m under a huge attack, what do I do?” Still silence, nothing but gloom. Then I finally hear it – I have only one thing to offer anyone. It is what I have been chosen for.

If what follows doesn’t “resonate” with you, it means only one thing: You’ve come to the wrong website, this isn’t for you. You see, Brad Cullen (a pseudonym, don’t forget …and the reason for it) is a chief of sinners, supremely qualified for that title, if you haven’t been led here, I’m supposed to suggest that you leave.

You see, finally, just now, I heard Dad reminding me that he is sending a whole host of angels to bring in a brand new and huge group of people to this website, a group of people who are hungry for the truth, a truth about which I am uniquely qualified to write …and here it is: If I, again, a chief of sinners, can not only write effectively about healing power and spiritual healing, but also have the wherewithal to function in the presence and power of the ONE who actually performs the healing, then anyone can. So, if you are an “anyone,” a fellow sinner, “saved by grace,” you belong here, because it is here you will receive the really good news about the only true path to righteousness there is, for the likes of you and me.

Here is a little hint about the “why” of the pseudonym, and whether you can identify with being here …an excerpt from “About us” (a tab on the top menu bar of Click on “About Us” to get the full story:

“Obviously, I had no idea that the book (Unlocking Your Treasure Chest) would become as widely read as it eventually did. In the middle of writing it I became embroiled in several personal, political and legal challenges, some of which were beyond my control and some that were a result of my own mismanagement. I was certain that these challenges would take the focus off the content of the book and put it on my growing negative reputation, the scope of which was becoming embarrassing and even somewhat frightening. Particularly when failed businesses (yes plural) and failed marriages (also plural) were factored in, I became conflicted. On one hand, I felt deeply that the message which was being “given” to me should be directed at Evangelical Christians, but I also knew that failed marriages, particularly, are looked at askance in that milieu …so; remaining ‘anonymous’ was a simple decision.” (Until replaced with “Brad Cullen”).

 Now, according to “my” publisher, Ryan Bruce, Brad Cullen is an, “Internationally recognized author of several books about spiritual topics, particularly related to physical and emotional healing,” isn’t that, after all, pretty impressive? Yeah, well, it’s true and there are quite a few people who can and do attest to the resident power behind not only what I write, but the fact that their lives have been dramatically changed by interacting with me, including being healed.

That’s not the point! The point is that “I” can do nothing, what gets done is accomplished by your and my SPIRIT-PARENT, the SOURCE of everything – and that you have been brought to this website because your destiny is to live, operate and function in Dad’s presence and power, giving all credit to Him as well. You are to be full of faith and full of His Spirit and to learn how to enter this place of power, this righteousness in which you have been brought here to manifest.

If you are ready to leave behind religious tradition and tune into healing power and spiritual healing, direct from the SOURCE of everything, you may have found the right place.

How do you know if this indeed is the right place for you? Demand to break through into knowledge that comes direct from the SOURCE! Once there, you will recognize that you are on spiritually equal footing with your brothers, publisher, Ryan Bruce and author, Brad Cullen co-chiefs of sinners and whether you have been led here to be co-chiefs with us.

Jesus’ half-brother, James, wrote: “If anyone lacks knowledge he or she need only demand, in faith, that God give it …and keep on demanding it until he or she gets it. That’s your first assignment, start now. HINT: If you feel totally unworthy to be a part of healing power and spiritual healing …you are uniquely qualified to begin this journey with us.

Need a little help? Listen as Ryan Bruce and Brad Cullen talk about how to go to DAD and get everything you need. Click here: podcast #17.



































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