APRIL 18, 2008

Beyond the natural and beyond reasoning, we find The City of Light, where is perfect council and guidance. It is continuously ours; evident in the faces of awakened beings.

In this place of Glory, there is a liniment so rare, it cannot be found anywhere else. It is the shed blood of Jesus; the power of change and the power of resurrection. Over the course of history, men have found wondrous applications for this liniment. It is written that we may also drink of it, and be made whole. Just imagine it flowing to every cell of your body, or in particular to your hurts, discomforts, or lacks.  Just imagine being filled with all its fullness, and rising to walk upon the street of gold right now. It is the answer; it is free, and it is ours, and resident within every man.

It is no small thing, the resurrected State of our new Life. It is Christ in you, apprehended to joy unspeakable.  I’m speaking of the balm of Gilead, The Savior Himself.  

Yes, we rise to meet Him in the air of our own Spirit. We come before Him for council and direction, setting aside reasoning and the limitations of mind. We do not solve dilemmas at the level of our knowledge, but cross over into the Light of His Divinity. Prostrate before Him, at the source of miracles, we pass over into that which is perfect. He recognizes His Son instantly.

Men may council you to go ahead, but you are aware of higher council. You only move in precise precision, when you see your Father move. All the Glory belongs to Father, Whose council you admire. So you move, and you know you are His will and His counselee.  

The balm of Gilead, the liniment of His Blood is ours. We can fly.




GIVEN LINIMENT of CHRIST [Jim-Melba Crofford] 4-18-08          1


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