AUGUST 31, 2008

“You’re not your own. You’re Mine. You’re bought with a price, the blood of Jesus.” Yes, you are apprehended into the free gift of salvation; to be awakened by the Father in His Own Order. You are fully qualified by the blood of The Lamb that now flows in your veins.

We stand in the new world prepared by Him, no longer subject to the world of two powers.  It is here, the good news of The Gospel of The Kingdom, we, prisoners of Grace so loved.  We are held in esteem to this eternal day of our great awakening.

What is this awakening?  It is The King, standing in the midst of all men beholding, feeling, and knowing the heart of everlasting mercy. Now, revealing the Father, The Merciful Lamb is risen above all heavens, beholding only resurrection and freedom indeed for all.  With pure heart, His love has dismissed everything that is not the face of God.  He has taken for all, a new lighted pathway.

The very Light He Is, is invested in every man that comes into the world;  not for each to use,  but to recognize and know Him as Head, Governor, Principle of Life,  and that He Is the new way now opened love by love;  Spirit unction and Spirit movement. It is the peaceful accomplished nature of Grace that we no longer take control, but yield to His Perfection watching Glory open to Glory.  We see Him as He Is in us.  Therefore, Be Ye Perfect Even As Your Father In Heaven Is Perfect.” Therefore, He Is All in All, and He surely has awakened us to “Be Where He Is.”  No more waiting or confusion.

Awakened, we see that the war is over, the battle is won as we, childlike lambs behold the path laid within us.  We are dedicated and established in the new creation by Grace; freed from discourse and collaboration; free to love without measure, but separated unto His Will.  We are at peace with ourselves in the fullness of His Presence as we bathe in His Light and love all men.

“Peace on earth, good will toward men.” With condemnation out of the way; with the pointing of the finger in judgment out of the way; with seeing according to appearance out of the way, fear and separation have disappeared as we single eyed behold Him continuously in one another.

We are free from fear. It’s Ok to be a chick in an eagle world, for the Father’s House is a perfect sanctuary. With the Lamb mercy blazing from each chick, nothing may come near our dwelling. We have overcome because He Is Come.

Supply? It is here by sharing. Divine Health? It is here for which to be ever thankful.  Joy, peace and rapturous living are the order of the moment.  See as Father sees: “New Heaven and Earth.”

The peace of the Lamb is come; 

He Who Is The New World,




GLORIOUS LAMB [Kim-Melba Crofford] 8-31-08          1


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