AUGUST 08, 2012

Since I just recently beat the dickens out of the “serenity prayer,” I thought I probably should take aim at another “sacred” tradition of certain Internet marketers …goal setting.

“Destiny is not a matter of chance, but rather of choice” is close to the words coined by William Jennings Bryan; and the rest of it goes something like, “Destiny is not something to be waited for, but rather to be achieved.”

I happen to agree (not that that somehow makes what old Will said true), but I thought, while I was on a roll of offending, i might just as well keep on going and seeing what other sacred cows I could help people get trampled by.

Hidden (and apparently missed) by several who wrote rather nasty comments to me about what I had to say about the Twelve Step Program and the above referenced “prayer” …was that I was only doing it to see if I could get somebody’s attention – and that I rather obviously did! My editor got that part …I saved her comments for last.

Not that I am making any apologies, because the point I was making and repeating here, is the contradictory nature of the prayer in that it is asking the “higher power” (another name for “God,” right?) to make the one so praying comfortable with being what everyone says is a victim and thereby staying a victim …hardly a destiny of choice I would think, no?

I’m into what Jesus referred to as “overcoming,” not being given blissful feelings about accepting defeat; Goal-setting, in my, oh so humble view, is worthy of the same derision of “claptrap” which I heaped upon that horrid prayer!

Let’s see if I can say it in a way that is more palatable (like I really care): If the goals we set are not in line with the purpose for our lives, which we have carved into our sub-conscious minds …not only will we not achieve them, we will be experiencing continual “inner” conflict and, by which, I am meaning that our subconscious, the “real” mover and shaker in our lives, will do everything in its power to sabotage the drive to achieve those goals …or if you do achieve them, you might want to consider this “plum” which is probably hanging around your subconscious: “What is the point if you gain the whole world and lose your soul?”

Am I saying that the foregoing quote isn’t true? Please pay attention before you go off writing nasty e-mails to me, when I’m really trying hard, here, to be nice.

People make half-assed decisions daily …starting with their sacred New Years’ resolutions which they never keep without ever coming to grips with the reasons said resolutions rarely last until February.

It is no secret, my dear friends, their sub-conscious was doing its job …just like breathing, cellular reproduction, keeping the heart beating; blood pressure steady – all unconscious stuff that can be changed through conscious effort, if you want the change badly enough and it isn’t in conflict with what you’ve been training your sub-conscious mind to do all of your life (and haven’t done anything about it yet)!

If you don’t do something consciously to make the change at the core of your being, you can set goals and make resolutions until the cows come home and you’ll still have to milk the cows and feed the chickens when they come home to roost. My how I do like metaphors!

Let’s have some fun with a little contrast. The difference between what happens as a result of setting goals and reciting, “Oh, God, grant me the serenity to accept things I cannot change” is this: By setting goals which you are unable to reach, you’ll feel guilty; whereas by reciting the “serenity prayer” you will feel peaceful about accepting the fact that you aren’t a person who can achieve anything anyway. Ah yes, the “Grace of God.”

I thank BWOTON that there is a way out! What is “BWOTON?” Oh that’s something else with which I pissed off a lot of people several months ago. It is an acronym for By Whatever Other Title Or Name …thinking (mistakenly) that I was going to end the age-old ridiculous argument about the “proper” name of G.O.D. (bwoton) being Allah, Brahma, Jehovah, Yahweh, etc., ad nauseum (if I’ve left out your favorite, I deeply apologize).

It is amazing to me that the Bible thumpers (I used to be one) by-pass the Voice that spoke to one of their main guys, Moses, who said, “Go tell them Jews that my name is I AM and they are to call me that from this day forward” …and for those of you who practically plead with me to give Bible references here tiz: (Exodus 3:14, 15) and just to rub as much salt into the wound as possible, the age-old argument between those learned folks in the Watchtower Society and their Evangelical Christian counterparts …BOTH Yahweh and Jehovah are attempts to pronounce a Hebrew symbol that is a symbol because it is purported to be too Sacred to be pronounced. Am I, therefore, out of line to call the argument and the pronunciations ludicrous?!!!

The way I propose to connect to I AM is not without effort and some might refer to it as goal-setting of sorts, but an ULTIMATE goal. Ryan Bruce and I have at least one agreed-to goal for this website: To get anyone who has the “ears to hear” to get beyond every humanly contrived substitute for I AM including, but not limited to religion and its false-shepherd leaders; and be joined directly and intimately with BWOTON.

In that, we are not unlike the Jewish prophet Jeremiah through whom I AM declared a promise:

“You will seek ME and find ME when you search for ME with all your heart.”

This is a promise that we (also) make …if you take all your puny earth-tied goals (not BWOTON-inspired vision and purpose) and shovel them into the pit where they belong and make it your sole purpose to be RE-united with I AM and put all your energy toward searching UNTIL you are rejoined with I AM – you will begin to understand what Jesus meant when he said that if you make this “kingdom” your number one priority, everything you ever thought you wanted will be yours automatically!

If you will stop endeavoring to please BWOTON with obedience to the substitute laws of religion, contrived by men and women, and stop sitting on your backsides listening to the ear-tickling niceties spewed forth by powerless “leaders” and take your place in ONENESS with the one and only Leader and Teacher by pounding and demanding that every obstacle in your way (conscious yes, but more importantly the insidious obstacles buried in the SUB-conscious) of finding your/my SPIRIT-PARENT (as Jesus said, a SPIRIT without gender) you will find and be.

I’m so glad I got that off my chest. There goes the audience count again.

It is only fair to give a little room for part of Madam Chief Editor, Scudder’s remarks after my serenity prayer blast:

Brad, you certainly must enjoy ‘going out on the proverbial limb’; you spend so much time there. And, there are times when I think you are sawing that limb off on the wrong side. Your reference to this prayer as “clap trap” certainly got my attention.

To which I tried to put the sound of a “raspberry” into decipherable English symbols …didn’t work, but based on her reply she understood thoroughly.





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