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SUNNY QUOTED LINDA FROM PRIOR E-MAIL:  “like the Jews of Jesus’ day, they allowed “appearances” to keep them from knowing the Messiah! We cannot allow her (the soul) to take our focus off of Who HE says we are, “AS HE IS IN THIS WORLD- SO ARE WE”

LINDA ANSWERS: “ARE, ARE, not will be after some changes are made.  Do not let ME sway you. Let Father, on this matter. ”

SUNNY:  A] This perceived “need to change” could be just another idol.  I have no problem thinking that is true.

LINDA:  Think of it this way:  take 2 pictures of yourself and put them in front of you.

Now, the one on the right, we are going to say, is THE CHRIST that Father says we are.

The picture on the left is the one that you’ve been taught NEEDS TO CHANGE – to come into the image of God.   

Take these scriptures and say them, to the 2 pictures, BUT REMEMBER that these scriptures ACTUALLY took place for YOU BEFORE THE CREATION OF THE WORLD. This is VERY IMPORTANT – THAT you remember what time these scriptures cover; FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD TILL NOW. 

1) “I will put your sins as far as the east is from the west.” (Did He say BUT you have to change first? No.  So which picture does this fit?

2) “Believe in your heart and you shall be saved.”  (Did He say BUT you have to change first?  No. So which picture does this fit?

3) “You ARE My righteousness.”  (Did He say BUT you have to change first? So which picture does this fit?

4) “it is Christ who lives – NOT I.” (Did He say you have to change first? So which picture does this fit? 

ACTUALLY, ALL 4 FIT BOTH PICTURES, for God is no respecter of persons!

NOW here’s the catch: when you accepted Jesus as your Savior, YOU BECAME THAT NEW CREATURE THAT RESURRECTED WITH JESUS – THE FATHER! HIS CHRIST!  Right?  So, does Christ have to change anything? I don’t think so.

Does HE have any sins to be placed as far as the east is from the west? I don’t think so. Is He righteous (this new creature)? Sure is. Is it YOU or CHRIST who is living?  CHRIST – and that’s how you MUST see yourself.  The more you see yourself in the Truth of Father, the LESS you see of the picture on the left, until you don’t see that picture at all. 

When you see both, you AND Christ, you are double-minded. As we know, we will love ONE and hate the other. True?  You ARE who Father’s Word says you are.  You don’t have to change anything EXCEPT YOUR FOCUS! YOU don’t look at the picture on the left; you just see the picture on the right – Father’s CHRIST. It destroys the ILLUSION of “You’re not who God says you are, because you have to change first”.  IF you could do the changing, Jesus would not have had to die!  See what I mean? This isn’t just a “name it and claim it” thing. The old man could not change himself, so he was killed on the cross, and this new creature, Father’s Christ, has no need for changing, because He IS IN FATHER’S IMAGE.  That’s who this new creature is.  

SUNNY’S QUESTION #2.  “yet another thought…”  How does all this tie in with “counseling“.  There’s been something running around inside me lately that says “counseling” may do more harm than good.  I have an acquaintance right now that is going through “counseling” – Christian-based, of course, and I see the pain that has been dredged up and the confusion that it has brought.  I’d love to hear anything Father might have revealed to you on this subject.

LINDA:  Sunny, I think that this depends on how Father is leading. IF He is leading to counseling, I BELIEVE that, in order for the counseling to do any good at all, it ALL has to be done in His PRESENT TRUTH!  And the Spirit would HAVE to lead, definitely, for the one being counseled, to receive understanding. Most (even Christian) counseling, is done on appearances, rules and regulations, LAW, and 9 times out of 10, it comes to nil.  IF I counseled; I’m afraid I would just keep asking, “is this what the Spirit is telling you to do?”  “Did the Spirit tell you that?”  I would be teaching, all the time.  Ask Father, of course.  Some of us He blesses with the gift of counseling and I believe those persons ABSOLUTELY work in DISCERNMENT – not counsel!  I firmly believe this. Myself, I don’t counsel, UNLESS on rare occasions, Father says, “tell this or tell that.”

SUNNY:  3a.)“Perhaps there is still some inferiority issue within myself that I’m not “good enough,” but I really don’t think so – I’ve so settled the issue within myself that He is “In Me” and if I’m hearing you right, your saying that “He is Me.”  That’s new thinking for me, but I’m remaining in an “open heart to receive” position.

LINDA:  Ok in (2) above, we saw that you were raised WITH Father, as Christ, Father’s anointed one, CHRIST. Not the “fixed up, forgiven old man.”  He died. CHRIST CANNOT DIE!  OK?   NOW, is Jesus our Pattern?  Yes.  These are the steps HE laid for US:

1) He, as God, manifested in the flesh.  We did that too. (WE ARE SPIRIT BEINGS WHO NOW LIVE IN FLESH BODIES; we manifested in this flesh form, on earth, 1 TIm 3:16

2) He manifested as the SON OF GOD.  We did too.  (For NOW ARE YOU SONS OF GOD.) 1 John 3, Gal 4:6, 1 John 3:1  

We are manifested and we are sons. Don’t add anything to it, and don’t take anything away from this simple truth.  Forget works and everything that we THOUGHT would PROVE that we’re manifested sons and what they would do. Just take the simple truth of it. And remember, IT WAS NEVER THE SON who did the works, IT WAS THE FATHER WHO DID THEM. (John 5:19, 14:10, Eph 3:9)  And Jesus never did anything to PROVE that He should get credit for doing miracles.  He kept saying, “It is the Father who does this.”

SUNNY:  3b) “I have no problem with “I’m a Temple He chooses to in-dwell and use.  And yet, I do believe we are one – I in Him and He in me.  I believe my husband, Roger, and I are ONE, but we are still two separate and functioning units.”

LINDA:  True, you and Roger are in flesh bodies.  It is not those bodies that are ONE.  It is the SPIRIT IN YOU, that is one. When Roger hurts, where do you hurt for him, in your Spirit or in your flesh body?  Something else that may be surprising:  you, Roger, and me ARE ONE! Now, does that mean our 3 bodies are all in one? NO, our Spirits are ONE, because each of us are created OF the Spirit of God. We are all 3 made or His very being, SPIRIT.

And even though we are all one (Gal 3:28) in Christ, we are DIFFERENT MEMBERS OF HIS BODY.  Roger may be the pointing finger, a prophet, I am the little finger, a teacher, you may be the thumb, an apostle, but we are STILL ONE BODY.  You see, one IS NOT ONE with Father when they see themselves as the PLACE where HE LIVES, and not the person. That makes 2. It’s us and Him. And Sunny, please understand, this takes the Holy Spirit revealing this to you for you to see it.  I’m just trying to put it into words.  NO ONE will be ONE WITH FATHER as long as they see THEM AND Father.  We HAVE to see, by revelation of the Holy Spirit, that we were created OUT OF WHAT FATHER IS. That make us the SAME THING HE IS. AND, HE NEVER CHANGES!  (If you haven’t read the study on Genesis, Chapters 1 and 2 – it will help.)

People can accept the fact that we are sons. But, even at that, they see us as “different kinds” of sons than Jesus was. (religious thinking)  I have JUST started teaching on Fatherhood. I was hesitant at first, but Father said to.  He knows what He’s doing.

Jesus is our Pattern; what step is left, that Jesus did?  (John 17:4-5, IS 9:6)

We know that Isa. 9:6 is foretelling the birth and coming of Jesus, right?  Let’s look at it.  

1) first He is a child.

2) He is a son

3) the government of God shall be upon His shoulders

ALL of these are ALSO TRUE OF US!  Think about it.  Look at HIs names/natures:

1)  Wonderful, and so are we

2)  Counselor, aren’t we counselors?

3)  The Mighty God. (I’ll get to this, in a minute)

4)  The Everlasting Father

5)  The Prince of Peace

Now, most will say, “Yes, I can say that I am #1 and #2“.  BUT, like in the Tabernacle Of Moses, they stop and go no further than the 2nd room.  BUT, we know that there is MORE than just the 2nd room, right?

The “Prince”, is the Son of the King, isn’t He?  Well, Father tells us that we ARE Kings AND Priests, doesn’t He. (Rev 1)  We are the Son of the King. Ture? So, #5 describes us too.

Now look at John 17:4-5, “VS 5”, “and NOW,” when?  At HIS DEATH!  “Glorify me WITH THINE OWN SELF, WITH THE GLORY WHICH I HAD WITH THEE BEFORE THE WORLD WAS.”

HIS GLORY is HIS PRESENCE. Where is His Presence?  In the Spirit. What is the Spirit?  HE IS.  See it all comes back to HE IS ALL IN ALL.

When the man JESUS was resurrected, He resurrected as Who He had been from the foundation of the world= the Father (John 17:4-5) here, you have to ask yourself, did Jesus EVER ask for something and NEVER get it?  NEVER. Here He was stating that He wanted to be BACK into the position or realm He had been in before lowering Himself to this earth realm, as the man Jesus, the Son. 1Tim 3:16, John 1:1), that is, the position of Father . So, as Jesus took this step, it is the Pattern some of us will take.   And IF He is all in all.  Take the 2nd “all.”  All means all of us, and everything else, doesn’t it. All is all.   And then take the first “all.” He is EVERYTHING THAT MAKES US WHAT WE ARE. IF IT TAKES HIM TO MAKE US UP, THEN WHO ARE WE?

This step hasn’t been taught much, YET, there are a few of us that Father has shown this realm of Fatherhood.  But, as you saw, Jesus DID TAKE THIS STEP WHILE HE WAS OUR PATTERN! Again, Father has to make this clear to you. I don’t have ALL the answers yet, but He shows me a little me all the time.

God is the LOVE that makes Father what He is. Our God is the Love we give out to others. (A Quote – Floyd Watson).   


SUNNY:  I may be mis-understanding you, my precious one, or it may not be time for me to get the full revelation on this!  Please continue to expound if you are allowed, because I’m not aware of being closed minded on this in any way.  And, I know that God shows us – by His Spirit – spirit-to-spirit communication, which seldom makes perfect sense to the natural mind.”

LINDA:  The deception didn’t enter us in a day, and THE DAY that it leaves us, or rather we leave it, can only be when Father illuminates us with the LIGHT of His understanding, that we are NO LONGER who we were when we learned this “I NEED TO CHANGE” thing.

I’ll tell you, one of the most important scriptures, to me learning who I am, was:

Rom 6: 3-5 VS-3 We were baptized into Jesus’ death, not Christ’s death. Jesus is the man who died on the cross (and our old man with Him VS-6).  This is where folks get mixed up. It was Jesus, the man, who died, not Christ.

Christ=anointed, anointed one, anointing

Anointing is God’s LIFE. So Christ CAN NEVER DIE, Jesus died.  So, we were baptized into Jesus’ death. 

VS-4  We were buried with Him. The old man was buried. He was not fixed up and resurrected. The old man was buried with the man Jesus , but when Jesus resurrected, the old man DID NOT.  (VS 4b and VS 5) 

When the man JESUS was resurrected, He resurrected as Who He had been from the foundation of the world=God the Father (John 17:4-5)

You have to ask yourself, did Jesus EVER ask for something and NEVER get it?  NEVER. Here He was stating that He wanted to be BACK in the position He had been in before lowering Himself to this earth realm, as the man Jesus, the Son. (1Tim 3:16, John 1:1) That is the position of Father God. 

Back to Romans 6:4 “that like as CHRIST was raised up from the dead by the GLORY= (PRESENCE) of=out from within the Father SOOOO we=the new creatures that resurrected with the Father should walk in newness of life= walking as the person that we are, that we were RESURRECTED AS, that is the Christ, of=out from within the Father that we were resurrected WITH.  You see, Jesus resurrected as Who He was, Father, because He had done what He had sat out to do, open a realm that others could walk into the Sonship realm. NOW there He made it possible for ALL to become (or manifest) as God’s sons, which EVERYONE IS, NOW – whether they know it YET or not. They are God’s Sons.

Like 1 TIM 3:16, you could say about us – without controversy that we manifested in the flesh.  We had been Spirit beings since being created – UNTIL we were lowered or manifested into the flesh.  MANIFESTED, SONS = Manifested Sons of God.  It’s so simple, but we’ve EXPECTED some GREAT, MIRACLE WORKING, SUPERNATURAL PERSON, like the JEWS EXPECTED JESUS TO BE.  It doesn’t say ANYWHERE in the bible – that in order to be a manifested son of God, we would manifest doing all these marvelous miracles! NOWHERE!  People have taken the scripture in John, where Jesus is speaking, and He says to His disciples, ” there be some here, that will do the works that I do, and greater works”.  People HAVE MADE AN IDOL OF THIS SCRIPTURE! They don’t want to be Sons for the right reason – which is BEING IN THE IMAGE OF JESUS.  And Who is JESUS?  GOD, THE FATHER.  BUT, folks are hooked on DOING THE GREATER WORKS!  So, they say, in order to be a manifested Son, you MUST do all the miracles that Jesus did! (John 4:48) Which is also wrong, because JESUS DID NOT DO THE MIRACLES. The FATHER DID THEM! (John 14: 10)


GOD AND YOU ARE ONE – NOT TWO [Linda Keith] 11-7-03          1


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