When the Son of God was sent, in the likeness of human flesh, it was not a time of joy for him.  He said that he marveled at man’s unbelief (Mark 6:6), but the people, they marveled at his works and words.  He was severely tempted.  He did not look forward to being in the depths of separation from his father – the same separation that was in mankind.  


In Matthew 17:17, he called men a “faithless and a perverse generation” and he asked, “How long shall I put up with you?”  The supreme judge did not wage the penalty for sin.  In Adam, all die.  From Adam to Moses, men were ignorant that death was a separation from spiritual life.  Moses brought a message of precepts about the law of sin and death.  Through the law came knowledge of sin.  The solution was not dealing with sin itself, but with death.  The manifestation of God’s son in the flesh was to the root and the basis of man’s ignorance.  Dealing with sins by commands, did not work because the law was weak through the flesh (Romans 8:3).  All men, now being dead in trespass, and dead in Adam, have received the penalty of the law.   All men are dead whether they believe it or not.   In a state of death, man is helpless, being led about by the spirits working in disobedience to the law.  It’s a state of ignorance and death.  The cure is life, which God gave and provided in the manifestation of his son, in the likeness of sinful flesh.  Anyone who refuses to accept the fact of being dead in sin, and being led by the spirits that are opposing truth, will not receive life and will die in their sins.  Jesus said this three different times:  John 8:22-24, John 5:47, Luke 16:28-31. 


“To as many as received him, the spirit of the son, that is, are given authority to become sons, not born of man’s will nor of blood, but of God.  That is an amazing thing.  God is protective over his sons as a father.  To those who do not receive the son, then God is as a God and not a father.  All then will face God as God, not as Father.  The wars, the plagues and the evils that are seen in the Old Testament are still going on in the world – and increasing.  Those who oppose the way, and the truth and life are enemies of God’s son and they do not enjoy the grace and peace that is found in the spirit of the Son, nor do they see God or have God as a father.  This is very serious.  Jesus came to give people a release from sin and death and a union in the spirit with God as father.  


Ephesians 2:1-2 Most of mankind live in sin and its penalty and they are led about in this world by spirits causing every work of evil without ceasing.  One of the most evil things you can do is feel that you are okay as you are and you are certainly not as bad as some people so God doesn’t mind.  Having this kind of reasoning is death in itself.  This does not have anything to do with idea that God’s son failed.  It is man who loves darkness and not light.  It is man who has opposed the precepts of the law. It is man who trusts the vanity of his mind.  It is man who thinks God is there for his sake. It is man who thinks he can elevate his present sense of realization into spiritual realization.  It is man who thinks he is immortal and thinks he will survive the consequences of sin by his own reason. 


Ephesians 5:14, “The call of the Spirit is – awake from the dead and Christ will give you life.  This means, as a man, you have no life.  John said the same thing in John 10:   “I came to give you life.”  He was saying that you really have a mistaken identity of what life is. A man who is dead in his trespasses and sins is estranged from God and he is going to die in Adam – as all do – and doesn’t recognize his death because of ignorance.  Can this man raise himself from death?  He thinks he has life, but does not.  Death comes first to all men and God’s Son, the Christ, is the resurrection and the life.  This is not something you get as a gift, but you become a partaker of.  When you have the Son it means that you were dead in your own ignorance and now the Son becomes your life.  When Christ, who is our life, appears we shall together with him.  Your life is hid with Christ in God. 


There is no other way for man.  There is no name, but God’s Son in the flesh, the Christ, there is no name or nature except through him that anyone can come to God.  He is the only way.  It is only by him who is the resurrection and life that we can find God as father and not as God among the gods.  It is a fearful thing to fall into the hand of the living God, but as a Son you a relationship and protection, not only in this life, but in the life to come (our existence beyond the grave). 


No man has or can find a true identity in his own self and in his own soul.  Christ is the only life.  He only has immortality of which no man can approach or see or has seen.  I Timothy 6:16.  All that really matters is a new creature and a new creation.  Galations 6:14-15.  Can anybody but a Son of God survive the passage from physical death into complete spiritual life?  Who can do this except a Son of God?  Anybody?  I think not.  The fact is, if man has life, it is real life, not a pseudo-idea of life because of his flesh.  If a man has real life, then he is not subject to death anymore because life overcomes death, however, many people today think that they always were sons of God, that they always had immortality and that they can survive the grave simply by understanding and raising up their mind to realize that they always were the Sons of God, they always were with God, and now the memories of those things are going to come back.  However, unless we have a true recognition of death, there is no resurrection because resurrection depends and is instituted to raise one from the dead.  Death is a separation from God, which is a separation from life. All mankind is under the jurisdiction of God, even all evil spirits and so-called gods that are leading men around.  It’s almost impossible for a human being to think that he is led around by some kind of spirits and he is not his own man.  The scriptures plainly teaches that all human beings that are not led by the Spirit of God and are Sons of God, are led about by the spirits of the jurisdiction of the darkness of this world, which simply means, it’s somebody that is against God and will lead you in disobedience and will keep you in the death realm. 


It is important to understand that all during the days of what the Bible has in history is that mankind is floundering around, he is led away by all kinds of evil things and deeds and wars, etc.  Even Israel, which had the law, found they’re were weak through the flesh so that they got carried away into Egypt.  They were slaves for many generations.  Back in the Promised Land they were defeated.  They were split into ten tribes and the ten tribes were carried away in the world and they were called the lost ten tribes of Israel.  God had a plan to bring forth the fruits of his promise through the prophets and through Moses and when Jesus Christ came, he began to manifest these truths, as the fulfillment of the law and the prophets.  However, mankind seems to feel that he is fulfilled in himself and that he has the ability to find God, to discover God, to make his own way and that his reasoning is that, God, when you read in the Bible about unconditional love and these kinds of things, things that applies to them and doesn’t.  It’s kind of a tragedy but man thinks that the love and the grace and the mercy of God is going to come some other way except through the Spirit of his Son and that is not so.  There is simply going to be other gods living in the world, spirits that lead you in opposition and disobedience to God, and will actually give you a very religious outlook that you are righteous, that you are not as bad as somebody else, and God wouldn’t do that to you.  There is no guarantee of that whatsoever.  It’s not that God is harsh because he has held out his hands as he said all day to Israel, unto a rebellious people.  In Jeremiah, “who are these people that are leaving the true God?” when there are nations of evil people who have other Gods that are no gods, that hang unto their Gods.  It is very evident in the world today between the things of pseudo-Christianity and the Muslims and things that had come and gone like communism. There is a way – one way  -, which God has given us by sending his Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, for sin, that we might fulfill the righteousness that God has in the law.  But man cannot do this without the spirit and when the spirit comes we have the law of spirit and life in Christ Jesus that demands nothing of us.  Actually, it keeps us and sustains us and makes us righteous.  That is the word of God.  Consider what I say and may the Lord give you understanding. 















GOD AS FATHER [Lloyd Ellefson]          2

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