MAY 27, 2006

My special friend, JAN NICHOLS, has been visiting with me over this Memorial Day Weekend and somewhere in all of our conversation – the subject of the beautiful, full length mink coat God gave me rose to the surface and I verbally shared with her the details of how this coat came into my hands.  As I’m telling all these details, it occurred to me that I may never have gotten this particular story on paper… so here it is almost 3:00 am and I’m awakened out of a sound sleep to get to the computer and write this story, for the record.

In 1988, I had purchased commercial booth space at the ALL AMERICAN QUARTER HORSE CONGRESS in Columbus, Ohio.  I’d already been working this show for several years.  The day this story began, I had come into the Congress Hall on the Ohio State Fairgrounds and was assembling my complete GOLD WIRE JEWELRY display – in preparation for the grand opening of this year’s CONGRESS – the largest quarter horse show in the world.

There is always a great deal of anticipation for both the exhibitors of Quarter Horses and the exhibitors of commercial merchandise.  The show is held in October – so there’s usually a chill in the air that puts a little spring in your step.  This show is always a popular “buying show.”  Many of the patrons choose their Christmas gifts during this time.  There is always a lovely assortment of interesting gift items available – unusual things that make gift buying a great adventure. 

The Congress has always been very special for me.  I’ve made many close friends at this show and many super-natural things had happened to me during this show through the years that I’ve worked it. 

A fellow exhibitor came by my booth while I was working on my display.  He stopped to say hello and introduced himself.  He told me he was from Canada and was a furrier by trade… that this was his first time displaying his merchandise at the Congress.  In the course of our brief conversation, he let me know that he and his wife were Christians and that they had been directed to help young children from challenged family situations.  He said they had just completed the building of a huge log structure to house many of these children.  He said his wife writes children’s songs and children’s books.  Since our set-up time was limited, we said our goodbyes for the moment and promised to visit more through the show.

It is now opening day of this big event.  I am behind my booth preparing for a busy day, when my new exhibitor friend comes by to greet me, but he has a serious look on his face and calls me to one side.  He tells me that in the middle of the night last night, he was awakened in his hotel room and the Lord spoke to him and directed him to create a full-length mink coat for me and specifically told him he was not to charge me for the design and creation of the coat.  He assured me that he’d never had anything like this happen before and I could tell that he was having somewhat of a challenge obeying the directive… but I could also see his determination to obey the Lord was overcoming the questioning of his natural mind!

I told him that I thought it interesting that he should be given the opportunity to carry out this directive of the Lord – and particularly in light of the fact that I’d never really had a desire for such a coat and certainly never asked for such a garment.  In fact, I pointed out; I’m hardly ever in weather cold enough to warrant the need for such a wrap.  But, I reassured him, if God had said to do it… then there had to be a special purpose for this order to be carried out and a special blessing attached to his obedience to complete the coat.

I was instructed to come to the man’s exhibit booth, at my convenience, during the show, so we could discuss styling of the coat and so he could take accurate measurements to fit the coat for me.  Mid-way through the show, I stopped by his booth fairly early one morning and we made the necessary styling decisions concerning the coat and all of the necessary measurements were made.  Addresses were exchanged and I was assured that the coat would be shipped to me before Christmas – perhaps even before Thanksgiving.

I was scheduled to spend November and December in LaPlaza Mall in McAllen, Texas for the Christmas season.  My youngest son was married on November 19th of this year and while I was in Dallas for the wedding, the coat arrived in McAllen.  When I had completed my Christmas season in McAllen, I had only a few days to drive to Denver, Colorado and prepare to work the National Western Stock Show.  I made a stopover at my home in Dallas and deposited the summer clothes I had been wearing in the valley of Texas and selected the winter clothing I would need in Denver.  I only took one coat – this beautiful present from the Lord.  I was sure it would be the appropriate wrap for any attire – and, besides, Denver was really the only place I worked with weather cold enough to benefit from the warmth this coat provided me. 

In Denver the GOLD WIRE JEWELRY display was assembled and the merchandise was in place.  I was ready for another great show in January of 1989… I had somehow learned that one of my close friends, MICKEY BOST, was leaving from Colorado Springs, driving with her son to Chicago, Illinois, to pray for her mother-in-law, who was not given many days to live.  She had cancer that had spread throughout much of her body. 

I had a very strong unction to leave my display in the hands of my oldest son, Mark, and drive to Colorado Springs and meet with my friend before she left on this trip to Chicago.  I didn’t have all of the particulars of why I was making this trip.  My friend, CANDY McCREA, accompanied me on this journey of mercy.  We met my friend, MICKEY BOST, at a Christian Book Store in Colorado Springs.  Mickey commented on how beautiful my coat was and asked if it was new.  I proceeded to share a little of the details of how it had come into my hands… and as I was sharing the story, the Lord spoke in my right ear and told me to “GIVE THE COAT TO MICKEY.  SHE IS TO WEAR IT TO CHICAGO.”  Before I could speak what I had just heard, a pretty blond, blue-eyed lady had entered the store, had overheard some of the story about the coat… and walked over and whispered in my left ear… “YES, AND YOU ARE ABOUT TO GIVE IT AWAY.”  [I later learned her name was JUANITA BRUENING.]

I removed the coat and told MICKEY what the Lord had spoken and presented the coat to her – telling her she had to wear it to Chicago on this trip.  She received it with delight, but wonderment also – because she had never had a desire for a mink coat – and certainly had never asked for one.  I shared with her that in the right hand pocket of the coat, there was a small vial of anointing oil.  And I instructed her to use it to anoint her mother-in-law when she arrived in Chicago and the lady would be healed.  About that time, MICKEY’s son arrived to drive her to Chicago… and they were off on their journey. 

My friend, CANDIE, asked if I had brought another coat.  I told her I’d only brought the beautiful fur coat.  She had brought two coats with her to Denver and generously gave me a hip-length BLUEJEAN JACKET that I wore through the remainder of the stock show and still have it to this day. On the lapel of this coat was a silver pin – an angel sitting on a swing. It has grown to mean a great deal to me through these years!

Several days later, near the end of the Denver Stock Show, I received a phone call from MICKEY’S son.  He had delivered his Mom in Chicago.  They had anointed his grandmother with oil and prayed for her and she had made a miracle recovery… and was being dismissed from the hospital.  MICKEY was staying with her for a few weeks until she regained her strength, but her son was returning to Colorado Springs to his job and family.  Before he left, however, MICKEY had a dream and in the dream, the Lord showed her that this mink coat was not for her to keep… but that she was to return it to me, the rightful owner.  Her son was to meet me and put the coat into my hands. 

I had now received a phone call from this young man, asking me to drive to Colorado Springs and meet him so he could get the coat to me… and I had now made the trip.  I’m now wearing this gorgeous coat and driving back to Denver in astonishment… never having expected to see the coat again.  Now tears are freely flowing and I’m asking Father to explain all of these events and the gift of this coat to me.  He reminded me of Jacob’s coat of many colors… and asked me why I thought his father had that coat custom-made for him.  I replied, “Because he loved him so much.”  Father said, yes, that is true… and that’s why I’ve had this coat made for you. 

I had been instructed by the Canadian Furrier to return the coat to him at the end of the winter season, so that some additional work could be done on the coat.  The man wanted to add ermine cuffs and collar to the coat for me and was unable to get the type of fur he wanted to use at the time he constructed the coat.  But when I tried to call him at the end of March – to confirm shipment of the coat, neither his USA phone number nor his Canadian phone number were working numbers and the letters I wrote to the USA address and to the Canadian address were both returned “NO SUCH ADDRESS.”  No one can deny I have this beautiful coat… but was it made with human hands?  Only Father has that answer!

It is now after 4:00 pm on the 27th of May, 2006… and JAN NICHOLS is a guest in my home.  The purpose of this trip has been to pray with her and obey the directive Father has given me – and confirmed to her – that it is time for the ‘doubling’ of an already powerful anointing that is upon her – “an anointing to set the captives free.”  The Lord had shown me that JAN was to wear this special coat during this informal ceremony in my home. 

This coat, and the story surrounding it, has been significant to JAN in the hearing – and to ME in the telling.  It has refreshed my memory of these wonderful events.  Even now I’m receiving a more clear understanding – just why I have this coat.  It is a constant reminder of the Love Father has for each of His children.  And, as we use it in this ceremony today, we both understand that it is a symbol of the mantel that Elijah passed to Elisha. 

What an honor to serve God in helping to raise up strong soldiers in His army and to see the great care He takes in every detail of our lives.











































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