I would like to bring forth some thoughts on God manifesting himself.  We don’t seem to have any real difficulty in realizing there is one God over all; otherwise there would be gods.  But what is God?  Obviously, God is the unknown.  Because he is above everything, he can never be known.  We only know God in manifestation. 


People talk about the Godhead being a trinity. In Ephesians 1:2-3, Paul wrote he had greetings from, “God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”  There are five names mentioned: God, Father, Lord, Jesus and Christ.  They are all one manifestation of God.  In John, chapter 1, “The word was with God and the word was God.”  Jesus Christ is called the Son. That makes him one with father.  In II Corinthians 3:17-18, it says that the Lord is that spirit.  They are all one: the spirit, the Son, God, the father, our Lord, Jesus, Christ and the word of God. They are one in the sense that they are all manifested out of God.   


We are in the arena or in the realm of humanism when we first come into consciousness.  All mankind is the same - born of the flesh through Adam. This is set in a vanity that is unable to reach into the spirit from the flesh so man is left to his own doings.  God has laid on him the iniquity (or missing the mark) of everyone.  How did he do this? Who is this Jesus?  How did he come to pass?   


There is one God and all else is a manifestation of God – visible or invisible. We are talking about God manifesting himself into this realm of humankind (and its flesh), which does not have the ability except to imagine the things of God. It can only imagine the things of God, form concepts and ideas of God, and imaginations of self and God.  He forms ideas about what is good and what is evil in his own mind. He cannot go beyond that.  


God shows a certain way to manifest himself.  In Romans 8, verse 3, God sent his Son in the likeness of human flesh and condemned flesh to be the place of sin.”  God sent his Son in the likeness of human flesh. Jesus became one with the Adamic sense of being but I think his flesh was different.  The scriptures say that the word was made flesh and dwelt among us. I think the flesh of Jesus was different from that of any other human being.  


A lot of teaching today concerns our destiny and our identity. Many are saying that we were always with God and that we can arise in our consciousness and realize our true identity - that we always were in God and that we always were the Sons of God. We now need our memory renewed so that we can have an understanding of what we were and what we are in God. However, there is much fallacy in this kind of thinking.   


These same people also say that Jesus was born in Mary.  If anything was birthed in the flesh of Mary, then it would be the beginning of their consciousness, but this was not the beginning of their consciousness of the Son of God.  The Son of God is eternally one with God, and God evidenced this by bringing forth his Son, which made him a Father. He sent his Son in the likeness of our body. It was the likeness, but it was not exactly the same.  The reason is that the word was made flesh and dwelt among us and that his body never saw corruption.  The body of Jesus, as Peter said in Acts, chapter 2, “…never was corrupted in the grave” like David’s body, or any other man.  The body of Jesus was a temple.  It was formed for the Son of God to bear a true and a faithful witness of the being of God.  He was designated as a man because he was an image of the invisible. Men are images of God.    


Did God have an image before Jesus came?  Yes, he did.  He had an earthy image, which is found in I Corinthians 15. The evidence is also found in Genesis, chapter 2, when a man (an image) was made out of the ground, out of an existing creation, not of the word of God that is the same as the Son that was active in the creation.  This earthy image was devoid of spiritual understanding.  It was God’s responsibility because that’s the way he made him.  But, when the fullness of time had come, God sent forth his Son, made of woman (doesn’t say born), made under the law to redeem them that were under the law, which was the law of sin and death.  Man was all-dying for all die in Adam.  The process that God had in mind was bringing man to knowledge of death and knowledge of resurrection into life. For this purpose he sent Jesus Christ into the earth. 


The body of Jesus was born immaculate. It’s a difficult word that has been used incorrectly in the past. I believe that Joseph had no part in the birth of Jesus.  Adam was the man that Joseph (and all mankind) was, through which sin entered the world (Romans).  The body of Jesus was born by the word of a promise given to Eve. That is where it came to pass.  Jesus is a fulfillment of all prophecy and the law.  This is not well understood because many people have hopes for the future rather than hope in Christ.  Jesus Christ is the future.  


When we understand the mind of Christ then it is not difficult, at all, to believe in things that are invisible because faith is the evidence of that which is not seen.  The body of Jesus was born by a word of promise that came to Eve in the beginning.  An angel messenger who came to Mary reiterated this promise.  


Adam and Eve were separated in the flesh. Adam did not have the ability to reproduce in the flesh as one person so God made Eve for reproduction. If they both lived separately and never had a union, they would both be in the death realm and would perish. God made a promise to Eve, and when the fullness of time had come, he sent forth his Son in the likeness of human flesh to redeem us from the inability to understand that God is our life.  There is no other life and God is only manifesting himself. Nobody can be God except God.    


What happened to Mary was a fulfillment of the promise to Eve. Rachel and Hanna who were barren in the Old Testament typed this.  It is not a good thing for people to be barren and reproducing Christ.  That is, reproducing the seed of the word in the form of understanding, which comes to us in the spirit. Most of the world and the denominational systems do not reproduce Christ; they reproduce imaginations, concepts and achievements of their own mental exercises.  There is no life in it. 


Christ came from a woman under the law to redeem us from these things.  The body of Jesus saw no corruption. He certainly was not the son of Joseph because Joseph’s body saw corruption, as did Moses and Adam and every other one that ever lived.  There was something different about the body of Jesus; it was not corruptible because the spirit ruled it.  The body of Jesus was a veil. The entrance of the Son of God through this body (God sending his Son in the likeness of flesh) had nothing to do with Joseph or Mary.  Mary took these things and “pondered them in her heart.”  She didn’t know what was going on and neither do we.  We have no concept of spiritual things unless we first have an experience of spiritual knowledge. When someone experiences a new birth, they really don’t know what it is.  After it comes, there is an experience of understanding, a sense of knowing, and a sense of reality. 


Why do some people today want to circumvent the process of what God has shown us in Christ and the things that he did to demonstrate spiritually?  God brings us into knowledge and a conception of spiritual things and they become real to us.  They were real to Jesus.  Because mankind did not understand that and mankind had authority and rulership, they took him and crucified him.  However, God released his spirit to us and now beyond the veil of our flesh, we can entertain the Christ, the Son born in us by the process of the word, even as it happened to Mary.  


Everything that God did in Mary circumvented the flesh and mostly the male (the Adam, the Joseph).  If the Son of God was really born in Mary for the first time, how could Christ be in the prophets? How could Jesus be the lamb slain since the disruption of the world in the beginning.  It can’t be, but yet men want to be themselves, one with God before any consciousness comes to them.  I think there some things best left up to God and there is always a human nature that desires to be something.  There is rampant today a teaching that the Sons of God are going to rise and change every man in the world and every man that has died, which means there is a spec of humanity that is going to change the university of humanity.  There are billions of men who have died and billions that are living.  Those teaching this say that all this is going to change through the ministry of a few people.  I don’t think so.  I think God’s intention for us is exercising Jesus Christ who was rejected by this world and this fleshly, worldly environment.  When you are born of the spirit, you need an environment in which to nurture and grow the seed of God and reproduce the seed of God, which is the Christ, the Son.  


When God gave a promise to Eve, even though the promise was legitimate, there was no environment in Eve to bring forth the Son. Mankind kept generating the flesh until the fullness of time came when God put the fulfillment of the word of promise, along with the promise in Mary.  She produced the Christ, which was totally outside the ability or the concept of any human being. 


This same process of the law of the Lord is perfect concerning the soul (Psalm 1:18).  It was the spirit of Christ or the spirit of the Son, which accomplished all that that was given to us.  It’s not just an image - it’s a reality. It’s not a pattern we need to follow, it’s a pattern we will understand - that Christ has made us when we receive his spirit. It is much greater than us being an identity of ourselves.  We are now taken into the Godhead through the function of God’s promise and spirit.  We are the Sons of God and the generation of the Sons just as we were before a generation of Adam in the flesh.  


The flesh always reproduced the flesh.  Jesus is called the son of man and the Son of God; they never mixed.  The son of man is the testimony in the earth through the flesh. The Son of God is the spirit of realization that dwells in him.  When we have changed from Adam to Christ by resurrection and by death to Adam, then we are living on the other side of the veil. Our testimony then is coming from the other side of the veil of flesh. People will see and treat us exactly as they did the Lord Jesus when he was in his pilgrimage in the earth. 


In I Corinthians 15, Jesus is called the second man and the last Adam. Thus, he is a new man and he is the last of Adam.  It is the last time in which Adam’s consciousness of God, his imaginations of God and his realizations of self and God’s purpose come to an end.  They superimposed over all this and overtake and overcome this testimony to bring a spiritual testimony of faith that has come to us through the teaching of the spirit.  We then are taking Christ’s place in the earth and mankind cannot understand this unless they also will repent and receive the realization that they are living in the death realm and embrace the spirit so that their understanding can be enlightened even as the testimony that comes from us. 


We have all kinds of things going around and we always will.  And in the last days, Paul said that evil would get worse.  I believe that there will be a sophistication of evil much more like the Christian message, even like the spiritual message, than ever. The reason is that error always follows truth.  In other words, Satan always has to work on what Christ has said because Christ is the original idea of God and the first born from the dead and the firstborn among many brethren.  Unless there is truth, there cannot be error. Error is a rejection of truth.  Jesus told Peter one time, “Get thee behind me, Satan.”  Jesus did not allow Peter to obstruct the purpose of God for him to be taken by man and put on the cross. 


Man cannot activate his mind to achieve spiritual realization.  Meditation and Eastern religion has long been claiming that they have an access to God and a way of overcoming all of these things through meditation.  It’s very strange that when Jesus came along, they lined him up as being the same as all the other revelations and the mystical ideas and imaginations that have come from the East.  If Jesus was really the Son of God and they were touching God with their meditation, they wouldn’t have any problem with embracing the Christian message.  It’s as spiritual as any religion in the world and more so because it cannot be activated by human intention, human meditation, human reason or anything that goes through the human mind.  No matter how bright and how perceptive people are in their human nature, they fail to touch the reality of what Jesus is revealing through the spirit in these days. 


I don’t see any real need why I have to remember everything that took place in the past, whether it was 2,000, 5,000 or a billion years ago.  We think in terms of time, not eternity.  Eternity is also now.  It’s very confusing for man to understand what eternity is because it has no beginning and no end - it is always now.  God is eternal and he has a purpose and he manifests different things and we are part of the manifestation, not the origin.  Some people want to elevate themselves where they can bring Jesus down into humanity to be just like every other human and then they can elevate themselves so they are just like God or any other Son of God. To humanize Jesus and elevate themselves into the “I am” or into the oneness with God where they have always been with God (I never sin, I am perfect).  There is a lot of teaching on this and obviously there will be more because this is a very nice and easy way to ascend yourself into thinking that you are something without the message and the spirit of Christ changing you. However, this will go on and will not improve.  


Jesus called himself the Son of man many times. When we read about resurrection in the New Testament, there are at least 17 places where it is translated that Jesus was resurrected from among the dead, which are all in Adam. I Corinthians 15, it says that there is a natural man or a soulish man and there is spiritual man.  There is a natural body and there is a spiritual body, so this already is.  When the Holy Spirit has baptized us into the body of Jesus, this now is our true body. We do not need redemption of our physical body because we have been made a new creature, in a new creation, in Christ Jesus who is a spiritual realization for us.  There is no problem about the body of Jesus.  Most people think he is sitting up in heaven.  If the word was made flesh, then the word can consume the flesh.  I don’t think anybody will ever see the body of Jesus because it would be a distraction.  If he came back in the body, it would be the biggest confusion you’ve ever seen.    


He is here.  The ministry of reconciling people to God has been given to us through Jesus Christ.  This is an amazing thing.  But you’re not going to hear it from anybody else than one who can bear true witness. Jesus was the first faithful and true witness and this was God’s purpose of putting him in a veil of flesh, in the physical body that he would faithfully witness to the being of God.  Rejected by man, he has come again in a new realm, which means that we reject that man, that humanity and embrace the new image, the new testimony, the new witness that comes to us by the spirit.  I trust this will bless you. 




















































GOD IN MANIFESTATION [Lloyd Ellefson]          4

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