OCTOBER 18, 2006

Matt.11-11: Among those born of woman, there is non greater than John, the Baptist. Yet the least in the kingdom is greater than he. The kingdom is in the realm of the unseen, so is not observed by man. The least John talks about are unknown to all but those born into the kingdom. This is not a hope held by those who see heaven as a future dwelling place.

Vs. 12: From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force. This is because the kingdom was made evident in an eternal way. From the spirits release in Christ, it has its reality only in spirit and can not be affected by evil men. Like the Jews they think it will be restored to the man that could affect it in this world. A future hope.

Vs. 14: All the prophets-and the law—prophecy until John. If you receive it, he is Elijah who was to come. Elijah as well as all the prophets are fulfilled in Christ Jesus. Elijah is fulfilled in repentance. The Law of Moses written on material of this creation is also a prophecy. A law of external commands for those who walk according to the flesh. To those who according to the spirit, it is the spirit of the law in Christ Jesus and this makes free from the law of sin and death. [Rom. 8:1-2]

So Moses and Elijah as well as all of the prophets are filled in Christ Jesus. Elijah turned the hearts of people back to God and is the spirit of repentance. So many writers and preachers use the Old Testament words as if they are yet future and to explain the will of God. This is ignorance. The Spirit is now the teacher. The letter is not able to reveal spirits truth which brings faith. Jesus said, He that has seen [perceived] Me has seen the Father. He did hot say God. Jesus came to present God as Father and is light of a relationship of union in spirit for sons, a new generation.

This is by no means changing God. He is the God of the flood, of the plagues, the famine and the works of the Old Testament. He is yet to power of the water, the wind and the fire. He remains the God in which no man can be in His presence and live. We read that God is love and man likes to present this as the fullness of his nature. It has come in the giving of His son, but make no mistake about what He is to those that spurn his love in the only begotten son of his love he has offered. The son made himself as a servant and took his form and the seed of Abraham [Heb. 2:16] which held the promise of the heavenly promise of a heavenly seed and the cutting off the generation of the flesh. Christ fulfilled that and was raised to life as the firstborn of sons.

Now what is the destiny of the man of sin? He refuses to accept the judgment of death and change his destiny. He will follow the course of this world. To escape the evils and bondage of this present world is also something he is unable to do. Any observation of the activity here on earth will find the lack of God. Yet men who refuse the grace of God beg him to intervene. God does not take sides to him who loves his own life. God offer is held out to all men and man who loves the darkness of his mind and those things that he is able to do for self.

Will God do more? If he intends to do so, why are we informed of God’s rest and the finished work in his son? There is a new light in spirit. A new man [image] of the love that comes in his son. A love man is unable to obtain from his state in flesh. It comes only from God’s will and limitations. A new creature and a new father all come in the firstborn son.







GOD IS ALL [Lloyd Ellefson] 10-18-06          1


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