My brothers, I enjoyed your exchange.

John, I read your article at lunch today and especially enjoyed your description of man as a “multi-dimensional being.”  Both you and Mike bring out that the Scripture often calls man a “soul” (= person).

I also concur that as God is spirit (Jn. 4:24) – and here I would add that although this can be translated “a spirit,” I feel that doing so misses the sense of the verse: are we to then worship Him in “a spirit” and in “a truth”?  No, I think that the more general, or generic, meaning is the appropriate one.  This could be translated, “God is breath.”  If so, then we have a clear correlation to God blowing into Adam’s nostrils the breath of lives (Heb. is plural there) – and thus, spirit is, as you say, “God-substance.”  Word is “spirit.” Word is “God-substance.”  Now correlate this with “all Scripture is God-breathed.”

To this thought, I would add that which Paul spoke in Acts 17:28, “For we exist being His race (Gr.: genos — race; species; stock; kind; offspring; kin; Lat.: genus).”  Putting this together with John 4:24, we have ground for believing that we, too, are spirit.

Further, we have Jesus quoting Ps. 82:6, in Jn. 10:34, “you people exist being gods,” and vs. 35 tells us that this was addressed to those “to whom God’s Word came.”  Now I know that some use this verse to have an elevated opinion of themselves, but lest we think more highly of ourselves than we ought, I have thought of the same vs. that you quoted, John, Gen. 3:19.  We are dust.  Yet, let us not discard this verse highlighted by the Lord.

John, I like your thought re: our having “the various dimensions of our being each claiming to be the true person,” and that “the enemy has conquered us by dividing us.”

I also appreciate your connection of our body with Eph. 5:2-23, saying, “the Apostle instruct husbands to love their wives as ‘their own bodies’ and goes on to say that in so doing, he loves himself.  He equates a man’s body with the man himself.”  Yes.  And, further, I love the tie-in of Rom. 6:13, our bodies being “instruments of righteousness.”  Goodness, our bodies are God’s temple, His home.  The Tabernacle is a type of US! (corporately, and individually, as well, I think).

May He further unveil our eyes to see,



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