God is love. How does He dispense love? He is love. Then love resides in Him. If He loves, can man receive it? Man is limited to reasoning based on testimony, whether this be true or not. This love is God - not some thing He gives; He is love. Does God give this to man? Does He dearly love the man who killed His son? Can man receive from God who is spirit? 1 Cor 2:11-12 That which is of God no one knows except the spirit of God. That which is of God is beyond that which is seen or heard or ever entered the heart of man. For man to talk of God's love, what does he know? Humanity has formed many religions having various ideas about God. A futile effort that has had little or no effect on this evil world. A world in which satan holds authority. The love of God brings a separation from this world and there is but one way that will bring access to His love. He brought forth a true expression of His love in offering His son, a quickening spirit. He was killed by this man whom many claim He loves. The reality is, His son came to awaken man from the rule of death he was subject to. This brings a new creature into union with God who is life and love. The love of God is shed abroad by the Holy Spirit in the heart of those who are made alive in the son. Man must receive the Christ to have any realization of God who is love. There is no other way to experience the love of God. We must have union in His being. Christ is called the son of His love. He is the manifestation of the love. Christ spoke of God as His father. This is the realm of spirit and a father-son relationship. John 14-21 He who is loving me, will be loved by my father. Christ must be first. It is the god of this world that provides the motivation for wars, famines, greed, self preservation, riches and dominion, not God. God has made a covenant with himself, eliminating dependence on man to fulfill. All activity such as repenting (Acts 11-18), baptism (Luke 3-16), believing and suffering for His sake (Phil. 11-29), and witnessing, are all of God - in His son (Matt 28:18-19). 


God made a promise to Abraham.  Finding no one greater than Himself, He made an oath to fulfill it to those who are heirs. Therefore, the joint heirs with the son have a secure anchor for the soul, between the promise and the oath in the word of God. Come unto Me and I will give you rest. This is the sabbath rest of God in His son. Man, of himself, will not seek God. He has no big vacancy in his heart waiting for God. Rom 3:9-12 Not one is righteous, not one has understanding, not one seeks God. All have left the way; no one does good. So all has to begin and be fulfilled by God. Vs 18 There is no fear of God in their eyes. So are we supposed to let folks know God loves them just as they are? Will that bring the fear of God to anyone? Ministry needs to began where Christ did. Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. This world is an unholy mess and we are to turn from its rule to the word of God in Christ Jesus. 


Eph 4-17 From now on (believers) you are not to walk as other Gentiles, in the vanity of their mind. Vs 18 They have their understanding darkened, are alienated from the life of God, in ignorance and blindness of the heart and are given up to uncleaness. Vs 20 You were not taught this in Christ. Vs 22 Put off your old humanity which is corrupted. The old humanity ends in Christ, so turn from that old man, for you are now spirit. Now you can resist any unbelief for truth is Christ. The word of God is at work to be the fulfillment. The spirit brings the assurance, the rest of the word of promise and the oath saying, I will be doing all. The work is indeed finished. Even God is at rest. Christ brings the faith; He is the love offering of His father. Is there any virtue of thinking it is not accomplished? God's love does not have an effect on one who does not hear His word of spirit. One who does not hear is in rejection of the son of His love. Only the blind do not see that the love of God is not cast out on this evil world. This is it, rejecting the spirit of the word is rejection of father, son and those that bear true witness.








GOD IS [Lloyd Ellefson] 12-24-05          1

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