While all the promises of God are true and precious, yet it is good to take them one by one and especially commit ourselves to them. If you ask God to give you a special message for the opening year, one that will be made seasonable and real in every exigency of the unknown future, you will be surprised how faithfully He will fulfill His word, and how fittingly the Holy Spirit will speak to you of things to come, and anticipate the real needs and exigencies of your life. Wait upon God for such a message, and then use it day by day as a check upon the bank of heaven, as an anchor amid the storms of life, and as a staff to lean upon all along the pilgrim way.

It is an infinite advantage to a weak, imperfect, and tempted human life to be attached to the Source of all power by that mysterious and yet all-powerful link of confidence and faith; to feel that our life is not dependent upon mere chance or our own foresight, skill, resources, or abilities, but that we carry with us a charmed existence, and that we are always within reach of the infinite resources of divine power and love. This, indeed, gives to a human life an inspiration and an elevation that ought to make our lives sublime. Take the Almighty One thus into your life for the ensuing year, and be ashamed ever to dishonor Him by a doubt, a compromise, or a fear. He is saying to you, “I am El Shaddai (the God who is enough); walk before me and be thou perfect.” So let us take Him, and so let us walk before Him.











GOD WHO IS ENOUGH, THE [A. B. Simpson]          1


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