This word came to me in a very unique way. It came over a course of a week. I read over it and I do not know why Father has instructed me to write it. It is not a brilliant piece of literature but it came from Father. Also it shifts gears abruptly at times. I would have gone back and rewrote it to make it all flow better but it did not come to me in that fashion and I feel this is how it should be presented.

Many folks throughout their life stunt their growth by smoking, drinking or abusing drugs. Often times not only the physical growth is inhibited but also mentally these foreign agents pollute the mind, the psyche and the will of the individual over time, seizing hold and laying claim to that which does not belong to them. Man then gets a false sense of who he is, looses his identity, amnesia reduces his origin to that of four-footed beasts and crawling things. A person is easily programmed by their environment, upbringing, and affiliations. Even the best of intentions can turn out to be wrong and thus, if one grows up believing something false, it affects this person in every aspect of their life.

If you poison a plant with the wrong chemicals it will many times wither and die. Sometimes it struggles for life and it shrivels up, the leaves fall off and it lives on in another form than what it was originally meant to be. In its seed was every thing needed to geminate and to grow into whatever pure plant it was planted as a seed to be. But when corruption came in, no rain, bad ground or too much fertilizer – the plant began to loose its life. Even if it lives through its affliction it never blooms or produces the ripe fruit it was intended to produce.

Humans are not much different than plants. In you is everything that is necessary to produce the Christ of God.  But many never reach this level because in their minds they have been poisoned to believe that they could never reach such a state of perfection, even though the very Bible they study and claim to live their life from, tells them something different. So they feel it is of necessity to work and do good to keep their salvation. They work and give in order that God would bless them for their loyalty. All the while they stray further from the truth – that salvation is a gift of God granted by the grace of God and nothing we do can merit this blessing.

There are other poisons and vises in the grass waiting as the serpent to strike. Men taking on the form of godliness, thinking themselves to be wise, yet denying the power of Father to transform and energize their lives thus, these folks surrounded by religious security are fools in the eyes of the Great I Am.

Men feel in order to get close to God that they must do something. Maybe pray more, possibly give more of their income to the church, dedicate more of their time in activities around the church, read so many chapters from the Bible each night. These are all forms of outward worship and God is not impressed. People throughout the ages have worked diligently in their churches thinking that somehow God would shine on them for this, but these sorts of activities do not bring a person closer to God – matter of fact, it is a lie that drives a wedge between God and man.

The separation of man from his Creator, his Father, and his God is death. For to be carnally minded is death. Death produces death. But life produces life. What is born of the Spirit is Spirit and what is born of flesh is flesh. Mankind has engaged in fornicating acts between soul and the flesh and has committed adultery against the Spirit and now lives in a false sense of his own being. Think about it. I personally know people who have read their Bibles all of their lives and are no closer to God now than when they first picked the book up and began reading. I have watched people commit themselves to work around the church day in and day out, doing duties such as cleaning, building, ushering, doing any volunteer work, yet these people are no closer to God. They miss the ultimate truth because they have failed and they can not see the difference between the reality and the illusion of life.

Living separated from God is also a lie. How can you separate yourself from God? He never leaves you nor forsakes you. So, once again, this ideal of separation comes from a false identity. This false identity always feels needy. It feels the need to always pray. It never feels like it is close to God and thus must always do more to please Father.

I have the incorruptible seed of Christ living and abiding within my being. Contained in my body, incased by this temporary body of flesh, is the God of the universe, creator of all things. Everything that He is – is contained in that seed which He has planted in me. It is not “many seeds” but one seed which is Christ the Lord.

I am, in other words “InChristed.” Being “InChristed” means I know who I am. I know where my authority and power originates. I have the Holy Spirit in me, revealing to me what is in the heart of man, my Spirit bearing witness with His Spirit looking into the souls of mankind. The only way to properly minister is to have discernment.

We have pretenders and masqueraders in the religious community who are defined as the tares ready to sow discord, divide, deceive and traduce over others in their attempts to appear more holy, more righteous, more pure than others. These are those who desire to seize power and run the show. These are those who beg for the attention of others. These are the ones who are not happy unless all of the attention falls on them.

These are the adolescents, the immature, the babes running to and fro, never satisfied. In the music industry which I have been closely connected now for many years I have been the recipient of vicious attacks. These attacks are a war of piercing words from critics and so called fans that use their immaturity to strike a chord against me and Bride. It is amazing that the assaults are few – yet they penetrate many times deeper than any gratitude that I could ever receive. I often wonder why that is? I could imagine Jesus healing the sick, raising the dead, going about doing good, while all the while, there were enemies standing close by to belittle everything that He did. In recent days we released a new CD called “This is it” it was intended to reach and touch the lives of those who have followed the band throughout the years. It was our labor of love to those who enjoy the older style of rock. On some Web Sites they encourage fans to write reviews and their opinions of the music they are listening to. Well, Brides new CD for the most part, has won the favor of the majority and the band has been highly complimented and feels a sense of accomplishment that we have been instrumental in giving folks music that blesses them in some way. However there are the opponents who have chimed in with their opinions and – instead of constructive criticism they have lashed out as if Bride recorded this CD to spite them personally. These folks have written some very nasty and vicious things concerning the band. I now understand that they are not just voicing likes and dislikes, but rather what they think themselves to be is manifesting. They do not realize their value to God.

One would think after 20 years of service to the Christian community that there would be more respect given toward bands that paved the way for the newer groups of today. But I have certainly found this not to be the case. When I was younger there were many groups playing music that I adored. I simply thought they were the very best. There were some that I was not fond of but the notion or thought to sit down and write a negative letter to these groups never crossed my mind. It is almost as if in our Christian community there is no longer appreciation for the accomplishments of others, even though we are all supposed to be working to spread the joy of the Lord to the broken hearted. The reverence, courtesy, and appreciation for others seem to be a thing of the past, old fashioned, if you will.

The difference I have seen is that there are two seeds, the incorruptible seed and the corruptible seed in the heart of people. Once that corruptible seed takes hold, it will choke the life out of a person. They will no longer see the good in anything except that which satisfies their lust and carnal desires. It has taken a while for me to understand this. Early on I would taken great offense to those who would malign our music. But now I understand that these folks can’t help themselves as long as the root of bitterness remains their source of inspiration.

From our politicians who make slanderous remarks about the other candidates to the heads of denominations who belittle others who believe differently we are a race of despisers.  I believe we ought to do all things in love. I understand that the world can’t produce agape love. But we, as believers, are without excuse.  If the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost we will have a God-like approach and attitude in everything that we do. In other words the world should see a difference in our behavior and how we present ourselves.

Maybe you have watched the popular American Idol contest on TV? There is a judge named Simon who sits on a panel of three and he says if the contestants move on or if they fail to make the cut to become a Super Star. More times than not Simon in his so-called honesty is very mean spirited and very hurtful in his comments to the contestants that he does not feel make the grade. I believe that Simon’s attitude has become infectious throughout the Christian community. What I mean by that is there are those folks who when telling groups how they feel about their songs or CD’s have no tact, no kindness and are less considerate of the feelings of others.

I have given all these matters over to Father in whom I have full confidence that He will in due time reveal Himself to every man.

The inner man in which God is redeeming gives birth to the Christ. If we judge correctly we ought to only see the Christ in every man. This gives us true and righteous judgment. Our judgment is never to condemn. For Jesus did not come to condemn. We must speak truth in love and in doing so there will be a positive result and not a negative outcome. For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. I see too many times those whose growth in Christ has been stunted.  They never ever come out of the withered state. They become complacent and live out their lives never experiencing Christ alive in them.

1 John 3:14 We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not [his] brother abideth in death. Too many in the church are still in their covenant with death. How could you have joy unspeakable and full of glory in hell? It is not possible. If a man shut up his bowels [of compassion] for another because they disagree how can the love of God dwell in that person? How can Christ be their center? How can they eat from the tree of life? They cannot. In deed and true love must reign in our lives. We can say we love someone but if we never show it, is it a reality or just smooth words from the tongue?

So I guess what I am saying is that, we need to grow up into Christ. We must put others first. We must not rely on our own strength but our trust must be invested in God. It is important for us to see the value of God in every man. Our teacher should be the Holy Spirit. This will make our relationship with Father much closer. We cannot trust the outward, carnal, five senses at all. God is a Spirit and we will only mature if we are transformed by the renewing of our mind and put on the Lord Jesus Christ.

We that call ourselves “Christians” have an incredible responsibility to represent the Kingdom of God in light. For in God there is no darkness at all. Our differences of opinions, taste in music, our affiliations, even though they may be unalike, should never separate us from fellowship with one another. We in the Kingdom need to invest more in relationships, and joining in union with others. I believe Jesus saw Himself in every man and this is why He could so easily adapt to any situation. Those around Him were at peace and found comfort in His words. Only the religiously minded sought to disrupt the association that Christ Jesus shared with those of the world.

You see, I am in the world yet not of the world and though there are folks who have accused me of preaching doctrines of devils, reproving me of falling away from the faith. These are the babes in Christ who with every good intention fall short of the glory of God. I have a doctrine that has been given to me out of the heart of father that brings comfort and rest for the weary and troubled soul. The doctrine I have followed in years gone by never brought this sort of serenity. Old things are past and behold all things are made new. We are living in a world that gross darkness has engulfed our land. But I foresee a day when nations shall come to God’s Holy mountain and worship together. It is all a matter of growing, maturing, being made perfect and complete in Him.

Let us be more longsuffering, enduring with others, not thinking ourselves to be wise, not being high minded, be open to others and their beliefs, it could be that we do not know it all or know all the answers. But most of all let love endure and cradle our very heart.




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