Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word out of the mouth of God.  God rules by His word.  His word is law.  When released, it is the seed of all creation, visible or invisible.  The word of God is spirit and God, Himself, is spirit.  He cannot be named or discovered.  As He reveals Himself, names are used to reveal the manifestation of His will and purpose and character.  God’s word as a seed needs no ear to bring forth.  He speaks and things continue to manifest and grow and change for ages, such as a mustard seed and leaven.  He spoke “Let the earth bring forth” and it did; “Let the sea bring forth” and it did. When the word began to bring forth material, there became a need of judgment.  This reason is - God and His word is spirit.  Spirit is the realty - the truth - not material.  The name Yehweh was added to the name Elohim.  That is the identity of God’s judgment in the earth.  This is the name at Sinai when the law came in precepts to material man.  This is clearly revealed in the minor prophets.  


The first man came as a separate creation. (Gen. Ch. 1:26-27)  God created an image - a representation - and concluded it was very good.  The second chapter continues to generate things, which are not spirit.  We read there was not a man to till the earth.  God then formed an earthy body out of the existing creation and breathed a soul, a sense of being, to him.  He was not given dominion nor did he have freedom to eat as he pleased.  


Then what was the first man?  There is no manifestation of him for some time.  There was no one able to bring forth the true image [likeness] of God.  A word of promise was planted in Eve, after a failed obedience to the word.  The earthy man continues to bring forth the first two - one evil - one good.  Some continue to believe satan got victory when he got control of this man.  Even in Paul’s day, Paul taught that this mankind was led about by spirits other than God.  Satan established a kingdom of darkness with a word of lies - another world.  This world [order] lies in the wicked one… not God’s world.  Did this ruin God’s world?  Did God have a plan for this man to receive his real purpose? Then satan upset it?  Not for one minute!  This man in Noah’s day became so evil that God declared an end to all flesh.  God sent a flood.  Why did not all die in this judgment?  It was that he had a promise in Eve of the first man.  This man could not be brought forth out of the earthy man.  This seed was taken through the flood.  The promise now was given to Abraham.  The spirit was this promise. (Luke 24:49)  The flesh came through Mary… out of Judah and David.  The law to flesh came through Moses.  The promise of Abraham came before the law and does not over-reach the spirit.  The spirit came to Jesus at the Jordan and to his followers in John 10, when Jesus breathed in them the breath of life.  


The spirit of the law came at Pentecost and brought a new priesthood of spirit to the elect.  All leading to being one in God and Christ.  The promise of the Messiah came in the Old Testament.  Christ Jesus came as a result of the seed word after the counsel of his own will and purpose.  


To the unbeliever, he continues his lies.  Truth has been manifest to all men.  The first-fruits of the seed (word) of the son shall live.  The word of life was planted in corruption and raised in incorruption. 


(1 Cor. 15-42)  The flesh man is unable to bring forth a generation of spirit.   Isaiah cries “Who will declare his generation?”  The Adam man is unable to hear or receive the spirit of the word.  This man is of no value now or ever … as one that can generate the true seed.  Now the believer who has Christ is alone the true tabernacle of witness of a seed to awaken one to life. All of this is God’s plan from the beginning.  


Satan’s word is not to be found in the Christ. His voice still comes as tempter… “Has God said?” (Eph., Ch. 2)  Paul declares all men are led by evil spirits and caught in the course of this world.  He then goes on to say, we (believers) have been made alive together with Christ.  Then what of the old man?  God has said these truths about Him. (Isa. 40:6)  All flesh is as the grass.  It withers because the spirit of the Lord breathes upon it.  (Isa. 2:22)  Cease from man, whose breath is in his nostrils.  He is of no account. (Num. 23:19)  God is not a man that he should lie, nor the son of man that he should repent. (Gen. Ch. 6)  My spirit will not always strive with man.  (Matt 11:12-13)  Jesus speaks from the days of John the Baptist until now.  The kingdom of God suffers   (allows) violence.  For all the law and prophets prophesied until John.  What then?  The kingdom of God has come.  The word in Christ is the kingdom.  Jesus came, not to destroy, but fulfill the law and the prophets.  All God has promised in the old covenant is fulfilled in Christ Jesus.  All the promises of God have their yes and amen in Him.  Only in Him - in spirit - is the end of our identity in the old humanity.  (Again Eph. Ch. 2)  The circumcision and the Gentiles are all of Adam.  Now in Christ all are brought into one new man (image) with access to the father (not as God) in one spirit.  In Christ there is a new creation.  There is no old man in Christ.  In Him there is no Jew or Gentile.  This is the fulfillment of the image in Gen. 1:26, Rom. 6:6.  Knowing this our old humanity is crucified with him, that the body of sin may be destroyed.  We must realize that Paul was not there at the cross… nor were we.  There were many there to see this.  None of them died at the time.  The old humanity is still active outside of Christ.  The works of Satan still go on.  The one who believes has come out of the death of the old man and is alive in Christ.  We repent of our old self, soul, identity, and receive the offering of Christ Jesus.  None of these truths can become real if we still have hope for our old self.  This is all accomplished and offered to us in God’s son.  If we seek to save our soul, we will destroy it.  Does it mean the end of me?  Yes.  We receive Christ as a word, not a person.  He has gone back to the Father.  He has come again.  First in His chosen, then offered to all from those God give Him.  Sinful flesh cannot go where He is.  He came to deal with sin.  This is finished.  He comes now in spirit to bring salvation.  Those who deal with sin do not believe the word.  Even those who still address the old man to bring change in Him are in unbelief.  Christ only comes to those given Him by His Father.  The idea God’s gift to man is a place in heaven for Him.  This is a carnal mind’s substitute for truth, taking the place of a new creation life in Christ Jesus.  Adam was not born of God or man and does not qualify as a joint heir in Christ.  God is spirit, as is His son and his word. (Gal. 4:21)  He that is born of the flesh will persecute one born of the spirit.  (1 Cor. 2:15) The soulish (Adam) man receives not the things of the spirit.  He cannot know them.  So this man cannot know God’s word, nor his son, or hear the Holy Spirit.  His idea of Christ will remain in him as a man, not a spirit. (Gal. 4:6)  And because you are sons God has sent Jesus.  He is the spirit in you that makes you the son.  It is this spirit that is your confession.  This cannot happen to one dead in Adam.  Only spirit hears spirit. 


The scriptures are a testimony for one to believe and receive.  They will not give you life and will not increase life or spiritual knowledge.  It is Adam who lives by the letter… the man, Jesus… with God on a throne and the spirit as an inspiration to self.  He is not free from his old nature, sin, or death.  His life is only a hope that some day God will do something for His self.  He has heaven as his hope.  A better place than he has now for self...  mere speculation that leaves God’s son in unbelief… only a sacrifice for his own behalf… to appease God.  Only those in Christ can have his faith and his mind.  God does not test man’s faith.  He has no real faith in God.  The seed of the word generates a son.  The gospel is the power of God unto salvation… not sin, shame, or fear.  The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul.  The law is the teacher unto Christ.  Then it is the Holy Spirit that reveals the work of God in Christ.  The Kingdom of God must have a repentance from all other rulers.  You cannot serve two masters.  The Kingdom of God is invisible, so a change of nature has to take place...  a generation of spirit, ending the generation of Adam.  God sent His son to bring to man what God had already placed in His word.  Works He had finished from the beginning.  Christ was sent to bring fulfillment - not merely more promises.  Today - this day - is the day of salvation.


















GOD’S WORD IS THE KINGDOM [Lloyd Ellefson] May 2005        2 

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