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I want to take us back today to our beginning, to the faintest whispers we can hear in our being, and back in consciousness before all the layers where we tried to find definition of our being. It’s happening. We are coming home in our awareness to the reality we once always were. Joy is the witness.


Paul said: First that which is natural, then that which is spiritual. So lets begin by looking at some science. If this bores you, skip down a few paragraphs. It gets warmer as we go.




“We have reached back into the origin of the universe. We have launched a little space probe to receive the faint whisper of the cosmic explosion of fifteen billion years ago and we have measured the structure of the big bang itself less than a fraction of a second after the universe started to expand.”


In April of 1992, cosmologists George F. Smooth made the preceding announcement at an American Physical Society meeting. It was the result of twenty years of intense research by a team of scientist at Berkeley University and was called by some the breakthrough of the century. For years scientist have debated back and forth whether the universe always was or did it have a beginning. The beginning of the universe is really understood to be the beginning of Time-Space. Einstein was the one who first recognized that time and space are like Siamese twins-you cannot have one without the other. Einstein also favored the idea of the eternalness of matter. He could not consider the thought of it ever having to have a beginning because one would be so tempted to ask: What happened a second before time-space began? All this research was based on an idea, a belief that if there was a big bang, there must still be an echo around for us to hear it!


Scientists have asked this question for years: Will the universe continue to expand? Every part of it going further and further apart? Or will the gravitational pull of matter slowly cause the expansion to slow down until the “spring is fully stretched” and will it then collapse again, repeating the cycle of death and rebirth over and over again?


Astronomers, with the availability of the Hubble Telescope, have found an answer to that question. It is an answer Einstein anticipated but could not prove. Scientists used Super Novas to measure the rate at which the universe is expanding over time. They wanted to establish the answer to this question: Is the rate of expansion of the universe slowing down, remaining the same, or speeding up?


To do this they selected 35 Super Novas with their telescopes in West Virginia. Then they took the coordinates of these stars to the latest telescope placed in Hawaii. This telescope reduced the field of vision to a very small portion of the sky. There they selected five Super Novas Stars covering a time span of 5 billion years, from 5 to 10 billion years ago.


A Super Nova is really a dying star. It is a star in its death throws. It only lasts for a few months when it becomes a white dwarf. Because of the time required for light to reach us we can see Super Novas that happened at any time back to the beginning of time, or at least when the first stars began to die. Astronomers can establish two main things about Super Novas, the time of their death and the speed at which they are traveling. They have wanted to do this for a long time; the recent improvements in telescopes are making it possible. The Mirror installed in the Hawaii Telescope in worth 9 million dollars.


By measuring the so called red shift of the light coming from the star, scientists can tell how fast the star is moving away from us. The whole spectrum of the light ‘shifts’ over to the lower end, the red side. This happens much the same as the pitch of the sound from a moving train lowers as it moves away from the hearer. They can also tell how far away in time a Super Nova is by the brightness of the light coming from it. All white dwarfs have a characteristic explosive brightness.


Finally, having selected the 5 Super Novas they would use for the final analysis, they sent the data to the Hubble telescope for a final reading. When the results came back and they made a graph of distance verses speed, they made a most astounding discovery. They all anticipated that the furthest stars would be going the slowest but to their utter amazement they found the opposite to be true. The universe is not slowing down, it is speeding up, ever so slowly. Whoeee!!!! Ha, Ha! Wow, what a trip! Don’t you love it?


So the force that Einstein postulated exists. Scientist call it the DARK Force, simply because it is totally unknown to them. Ha! I can imagine there may be a few other things that seem DARK to them. They have sure seemed dark to all of us for a long time.


Here, at the very last decade of the last century, a century so full of beginnings, we have major scientific breakthroughs in astronomy, and also in biology with the mapping of the human genome. Are we in a time of awakening? I think so! What is the essence of this awakening? Is it really about understanding of the universe? Or is man really asking about himself? What is my true nature? Where did I begin? Will I always be? How can I know these greater truths?




I was standing on the balcony of my friend’s apartment in Sarnia, Ontario Canada. I was in clear view of a large maple tree, full and ready to shed its seeds. For a maple tree such as the one at which I was looking, this means hundred of thousands of maple keys. As I was beholding this sight, a sudden gust of wind broke through the branches of this huge tree and as on cue, a host of these maple keys burst forth. Some went thousands of feet into the air, carried further and further away by the wind until they disappeared out of my sight. Others just flew a short distance and, like so many tiny helicopters, began their descent onto the earth


The feelings I experienced watching this tree seed itself reminded me of another, very similar experience a few years ago. I was kneeling with one knee into the freshly tilled earth of my small garden at home. In my hand was a small amount of bean seed I was ready to plant. I have become quite adept at releasing these bean seeds one at a time from my hand, placing them about four inches apart in their appointed places in a row. This time, I had a feeling come over me as I dropped the first bean into its earthly resting place. For a brief moment, a glimpse in time, I became the seed in the hand of God as he lowered me into the earth, the time frame of my physical experience. It was as if I became him, could feel the greatness of His love towards me, a part of His own self, all the hope, the passion, the longing that made him do it. It was just a glimpse but ever so real.


In the same way as science is beginning to listen to the first events of creation, is it possible that our true man, the greater reality of who we are, is beginning to remember? Are we remembering past the layers where we have sought residence, back to our first recognition of the journey into separation? Remembering back to a time before time when God, like that great maple tree, released from the essence of himself this host, these myriads of copies of himself, seeds, genetic packages of his greater being? Each destined for an unfolding of experience, a journey of consciousness through many realms and layers to unfold and develop consciousness, personality, separate identity, all in harmony and likeness of the great I AM?


Do you remember the words that are recorded when Jesus spoke to his disciples and said: The Holy Spirit, the comforter will bring all things back to your remembrance? Of course, the obvious first level of meaning is that after Jesus went from them they would, through the Holy Spirit, remember the conversations they had with Jesus while he was in the body and write the four Gospels we have today as a record of their experiences and the teachings of Jesus. How would this happen? I suppose their memory suddenly would become very acute and lucid. It would seem to them they were back in the time when Jesus was speaking to them. They would probably have the conversation run through their mind like a record as they were back in that wonderful place they experienced with him.


Is it too much for us to believe that this was mostly a word spoken and recorded? Could it be a word true in its application but really metaphorically looking forward to a greater time when some of us would begin to remember? We would remember not only a conversation caught in time, but also remember the actual feelings and the thoughts we experienced as we left the greater realms of light from which we have all come and from which we began our long journey of descent into the realms of matter and time.




I remember the time when we first began to experience miracles of healing. I remember how much emphasis there was put on the idea that in our minds we should not accept the prognosis of doctors based on their experience and knowledge of the facts. In the last few months, my granddaughter Jessica has been undergoing major treatment for a tumor in her brainstem. I remember watching my daughter, Deborah, as she listened to the dire prognoses of the medical doctors that were working to save her daughter’s life. Some of the best neurosurgeons in the world, dressed in their operating gowns, were telling her their best opinions based on what they were seeing. With her heart and soul rent, I would hear her to say to them: yes, I know that what you say is your understanding based on your experience which I respect and thank you for, but I have hope. I have hope because this is my daughter, knowing that even if everything you tell me is true, she can still live.


Is it possible that these wonderful experiences, when with our own eyes we have seen impossible cures and healings, sometimes instantaneously, were really preparing us for a greater leap? A leap that we must make; a leap over and away from everything that experience has taught us is possible; a leap of faith beyond the perimeters of all that is tangible; and begin to truly accept and believe in an existence that is not based on time, knowledge, or experience? A crossing over into knowing so great and beautiful, so releasing, so ecstatic, away from all thoughts of limitation and imperfection into a reality we can now only see through shadows and similitude? Are we ready to leave the confines of earth thinking, the imagery in our mind based on human experience? And instead use those experiences to catch a remembrance of greater thoughts and feelings that really do not belong to this earth realm at all? And, as science is finding its earlier ideas limited and incorrect, are we willing to look again, embracing a wholly new perception of reality and ourselves?


Of course my questions are rhetorical, are they not? Of course I believe we are ready. We are ready to hear IN time BEYOND time. In fact, that is what I believe I experience when I see a maple tree laden with keys or feel a bean seed falling from my hand into the moist and prepared earth. Yes, yes with all my heart, I do believe. I may not find academic recognition or applause from our greatest theologians; but as we find through our agony a willingness to go and to embrace greater thoughts and realizations as the basis for our reality perceptions, we make a path for all men to finally begin their release from millennia of centuries of entrapment in these limited realms where we were first seeded to begin the grand journey.




Can I leave behind my great desire to FIX things and to make them right? Can I accept that they have always been right and were never really out of course, as they seemed? Can I quit working for God, realize all work was finished from the beginning of time, and find a rest in knowing? Can I spread the wings of consciousness and fly to a greater overview? Overviews that will help us all understand what never seems comprehensible in and from the lower plains? Yes, yes I say, as my heart bleeds and hot tears press through my eyes. As I see my own daughter trying to grasp the immensity of her own pain as she tenderly cares for and holds her precious gift from God, her Jessica. I too, deep in my own soul, let go of entrenched thoughts, almost like a death, a profound letting go. I let go of these thoughts that all have to do with fixing and making things right and trade it all in on a new and greater version of reality where nothing ever needs fixing; where nothing ever has been wrong; and where Love alone dominates all thoughts, feelings and experiences. In this realm, there is no aloneness and pain and sorrow are embraced not as realities but as the gateways to greater experience. There is a knowingness were God himself is experiencing all of himself in every part of himself in everything that happens.

Now we know as we are known. Now we see as God sees and we understand with his mind for we know that we are his experience in this earth realm. Although we cannot grasp it in our minds, we know that we are now and have always been one with God himself. We know we never truly left. How could we leave that which was and is our true self? We can speak these kinds of thoughts freely, all we have to do is open our heart and our minds will conform to this greater knowing, no longer bound and locked into the paradigms of time and space. No longer are we trapped in the layers of consciousness where we thought to hide our nakedness, the fear and pain of our separation. We are free to fly, to live, to experience all that we came here to be and to unfold. We are free, for he whom the Son sets free is free indeed.


What are we hearing when we truly listen for that echo that is still in our being? It is a remembrance of how we felt, still totally connected to ALL that we are. What was the feeling that released us? What was the desire, the hope that motivated the great beginning? What was the thought in God’s great heart towards each and every part of himself that went on the great journey? Can you remember? Yes you can, more surely than Science can measure the faint echo of an explosion that happened 15 billion years ago. More beautifully exact and true in vision than the Hubble telescope looking at Super Novas, you and I can see back in our origin. We can see our ends and our beginnings in time and hear our Father whisper to us the great song of his Love for the universe. What is that song? How are you hearing it? What is it whispering to you? Believe in it for it is truly your only way back to yourself, your greater self, your source and beginning, Abba Father. I can, as it where, hear the faint and beautiful whisper of his love as each seed proceeds from him, imprinting it with its own unique sense of being, its own potential identity of being, each and all completing the ALL. What does the whisper say for you? For me it is saying this: I am you, I am always who you are, I cannot leave you even when, in your mind, you leave me. My LOVE is the only guarantee of your existence and in my love I give you that which will always bring you back to me, freedom, your power to choose. I will never allow it to be taken from you. You will go where you will and where you choose. You will make long, difficult, and rewarding passages in time and space. These experiences will create your unfolding. You will uncover and become many things in many realms, but I will always guarantee your passage back, for you will always have choice. I am the guarantee of this envelope within which you will have total freedom to become all that you can be. There will be systems and powers that will seek to control and remove the privilege of choice, but they will not stand. My guarantee is the word of my Love to you.


GODSEED – RAYS OF TRUTH NEWSLETTER No. 40 [Rokus den Hartog]          1


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