God has said, “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” Hebrew 13:5KJV

This is a promise from our Heavenly Father, but do we really believe it? If we do, then according to this verse, there is no conditional reason for God not to be with us. This opens up a different approach to Christianity if we really believe that the word “never” really means “never”. Most theologians teach this with a condition such as: IF you repent and receive Jesus Christ as your Lord; IF you turn from your wickedness and do good; IF you live a Christian walk according to a denomination’s belief: But, this verse does not have the word “if” after it.

When we believe that this promise can be received by faith, and that it exists unconditionally according to His word, we must reconsider if we have the right to separate His children according to their life and beliefs? Was this His responsibility, and did He take full authority of death, hell, and the grave when He died for the sins of the world? Or, do these places still exist for some that don’t receive His unconditional promise. If this were so, then His promise has condition on it, and “never” does not mean “never”, but “never, if”.

Did you know that according to His word in Isaiah 45:7, He created light and darkness, peace and evil? It says the Lord did it all! We have a responsibility to grow in LOVE. To get there we must go through trials and tribulations that will cause either ego or Christ to rise up. Many of what we call “evil” or worldly are put in our paths to help us grow up in Christ. Pharaoh, Judas, and King Saul where created for His pleasure. Their lives had a bigger picture in God’s plan than the evil they reflected.  We must consider scriptures such as “count it all joy”, and “the peace that surpasses all understanding” to be a part of the trials that include peace and evil.

We will know that we have arrived in particular circumstances when there is no self left, and only Christ prevails. His character and nature will be shining through our life, and will be seen in our eyes and on our face. His words will become our words as we speak, and others will know you are a Christ’ One by your unconditional LOVE in the midst of the trials.

If you are going through difficult times in your life, look up, your redeemer is with you NOW, for He will NEVER leave you, nor forsake you!

God bless,

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