OCTOBER 1, 2007

There you are, released from the struggles of this world, caught away into the golden city of God.  Everything is pure and Holy throughout. Melded in the center of the golden street, there you stand; a fountain of pure joy.  You cannot help but magnify the wonderful Life within.

You are caught away into the place where no change is needed, where all things have always been the perfect harmony of God. You have discovered God consciousness, the Christ given open portal to Heaven.

Did you call for change of circumstances?  No! You called for Father Himself, and thus the gift of God, the manifestation of the Son. Instantly you were heard; translated into all peace. This is perfection.  Now, who will forever be satisfied with The Kingdom of God and nothing else? You will and you are.  Who needs more than God now? Not you, for you are at perfect rest in Him. When will the fullness of Heaven be? You are that in Him.

How glorious is the perfectly prepared place? There is no hurt in all this Holy Mountain; path so beautiful and waters so pure.  Isn’t translation just the cat’s pajamas. The rest is knowing the free gift of Christ Jesus as your Resurrection, and as Heaven’s gift to all men. Never mind the necessity that all things will follow! Who cares?  If the joy of Heaven is here right now, so Be It. You know there will forever be expansion.

The consciousness of God is sufficient, for it is the new world. Instantly, you discover what it is to be free indeed. Jesus told us when He walked upon the earth in physical form the same as we that The Whole Kingdom of God is within us. How far away can that be? How long until we find it? How certain is His Word?

Some have gone down into water baptism symbolizing the death of the old man. Others have found the end of the old man, in different ways, always through the Savior, and have discovered He appears in many magnificent ways. Thus, in whatever way Father has chosen, enlightenment comes as a complete change.

All religious symbols are rightfully bypassed, as men are shaken from tradition, to bask in the all new awareness of the resurrected Jesus Christ, Who has always been within.  This is the Comforter, proclaimed by Father by the voice of Jesus Himself, Who is Father God manifest likewise. To discover His Presence is our new life, or The New Creature appearing as you or I. This is The Consciousness of God; God Consciousness.

Behold the new day, the new and living way. Behold the new creation, the new Heaven and Earth.

All the honor and the glory belongs to our Father Who first appeared as The Lord Jesus Christ, and is now come as The Comforter, Jesus Christ in us, as us.

As previously described: You are a golden fountain of joy, the central figure in a golden intersection of The City of Gold. Your sole purpose is to honor our Father. He has placed you in a most honorable place to be a testimony of His never ending mercy and grace. What for? For His own purpose. He shows His face through you, and shows His righteousness through you. He gives mercy unto the unknowing and even the unbelieving through you because all are His beloved children. He reveals Himself..




GOLDEN CITY of PURE GOD CONSCIOUSNESS [Jim-Melba Crofford] 10-1-07          1


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