JANUARY 27, 2006

How beautiful it has been found by you, as you were lifted into The Room of Glory, seated at Father’s Right Hand and separated unto Salvation Himself. You found yourself set aside unto Pure Love and Grace. This is The City, Heaven Itself

No darkness here; only Light. Therefore, no hurt in all this Holy Mountain.

Pure eyes with rapturous tears of joy, heart so full. You know all is well. You see the face of God, The Lord Jesus Christ risen within; The Brand New Man.

Yes, it has been a shaking, This Awesome Appearing now come without sin or separation. What an awakening it has been; melded as The Glory of The One New Man. You still have a voice proclaiming peace, You still have an eye glistening with Holy Water. You still have a heart now beating the drum of victory; sounding victory across creation. You still know yourself as You, re-born at Calvary. You are re-girthed unto The King, made new moment by moment. In The Presence, all things are new at all times. You are an open book, pages a flying, publishing the good news of unlimited Salvation.

As you look to the horizons, you see only God; nothing but God. Fear is gone, Christ only, All Goodness Is Here. It Is God Gift; Christ Jesus As Risen Man.

No more waiting, This Awesome Presence. This New Man Is You, God Saturate, God Lovely, God Divine, God Merciful; Father Come In The Flesh. This Is The Place Jesus Has Found To Lay His Precious Head; The Garden of Divinity, The New Creation, and You Are Here.

You are awake to know that peace and joy is yours forever. The Light of God is here, and there is no more night. All the money and all the glittering things of this world could not buy the abundance that is yours.

So, now you bow, face on the ground, you are humbled in an automatic gesture before the brilliance of This Great Room of Glory: Father’s House, and you are yielded like a vessel of pure honey to Be The Will of He Who Is Here Within.

Fear and condemnation are gone as you find yourself in the Garden of Eternal Life; Face Aglow As The Face of Our Lord Jesus.




GONE TO GLORY [Jim-Melba Crofford] 1-27-06          1


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