APRIL 7, 2008

It takes a lot of words and a world of books to try to explain joy, and just think how many words it would take to explain life, just like explaining God In Christ. However, think of how quickly joy comes on the wings of the Spirit bringing the life of God as an awakening reality. Suddenly He has appeared bringing the Heavenly Host with him. He is not waiting to appear. He is here in the sunshine of your heart.

The Gospel of The Kingdom comes that even a little child can receive it. Peace, joy and perfection come in the vivid stature of Saving Grace. A shout of Glory Hallelujah heralds His Presence. He is here, never to leave.

Impossible to be explained or encapsulated by man, The Christ stands complete; the foundation of every atom cell and molecule of man’s existence. A conquering King, head of all creation, has spoken a Word of completion that covers every rock and tree, and YOU; which Father called “Good”.

With the blood over their doorposts; apprehended in Glory, mankind is observing the dawning of peace on earth Who is Christ in you, each in His own order. It can’t be helped, stopped, or changed, as He has placed everything under His feet, apprehended you, and is dragging you into knowing Who You Are in His Joy.

Will you submit? Yes, because you cannot deny your resurrected Self, Who Is The Real You; Christ Awake.  The very love of God has conquered.

Peace is yours by inheritance just like the sun. You cannot get away from the sun. Neither can you get away from Yourself Who Is Divine Joy and Peace.

Together we shall say, “Let there be Light,” which Light is already within where He Lives.


All our ever abiding love, peace and joy.



GOSPEL SIMPLIFIED [Jim-Melba Crofford] 4-7-08          1


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