APRIL 9, 2008

My God, there He is with one foot on the land and one foot on the sea, signifying no separation from Heaven and Earth. There He is with one hand on the American flag and one hand on the children of earth. He is declaring liberty again and freedom in His sovereign Presence. He is the Author of the freedom of the children of God.

There He is; The Mind of Peace, Joy, Hope, and Love; eyes so pure it melts our hearts. You, oh our God and our King, have filled the earth with your Presence, and opened the Heavens of blessing. Where can we go where you can not be found? THANK GOD for the One and Only Power. We are swallowed in Your Light; the center of our own Beings. Such a Light You are, as we bow to Your brilliance, our Savior and our Comforter.

These are our hands we offer You, along with our bodies and souls.  This is all we have to give, and the end we know; for already You are running and leaping and loving as We Are.

Your heart is overflowing. Your compassion cannot be measured. It is good to look upon your righteous Being and see ourselves in You. Deliverance is upon Your brow with a twinkle in Your eye. Yes, of course we know.  You are the One from the grave Who has risen to be our Life.

There You are, with the reins in Your hands, the only government we need the visible increase. There You are, the awakening of new Life. Let every man see You as You Are.

Blessings untold,


GOVERNMENT of GOD [Jim-Melba Crofford] 4-9-08          1


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