JUNE 28, 2006


Recently I had a phone call from a dear friend in another state.  It seemed that the main purpose of the call was to give me an up-date about a woman that had contacted my friend a few months ago – expressing a desire for spiritual fellowship.  But when these two folks came together in person – they had an “oil and water” confrontation rather than a peaceful joining of spirits. 

Between the time that I had received the first report about this lady desiring fellowship and this current phone call from my friend, I had spent many days alone with my Heavenly Father and He had been sharing much with me about how He sees those He has created.  And He showed me a much deeper understanding about judging – and the potential consequences that action can bring in the life of the one being judged, but also in the life of the one doing the judging. 

As my friend began to share her “new information” about this lady – with whom she had the recent challenge… my spirit became so very troubled that I simply could not continue to listen to the words being spoken.  I interrupted my friend by trying to mis-direct the conversation… but to no avail.   She continued with her “important details,” but again I had to interrupt her and began to share some of the most recent teachings that had been sent my way – teachings on this subject of judging and its consequences. 

A third attempt was made by my friend to share her “juicy tidbits” about this recent acquaintance of hers… when I simply had to be even more bold and let her know how very concerned I was about her placing these judgments and how adversely her own life could be affected by these words of judgment being spoken – and that I simply could no longer allow myself to be witness to this kind of communication. 

At this moment, I knew that our future relationship was “hanging in the balance” of my words.  But I knew my true concern was for her being the bearer of these harsh judgments – and for me continuing to be the listener to all that was being spoken.  Yet, at the same time, I recognized that it was “not I, but Christ” that was doing the talking through me and I had to believe that only positive action could follow such a direct verbal confrontation. 

The next words coming from me were words of encouragement – speaking that we had been allowed to “know these circumstances” in this person’s life for some positive reason and I led us both in a prayer/declaration of solutions for this individual and I thanked our Father for showing us the positive character traits in this individual and thanked Him for allowing us to pray a prayer of faith believing for change in – not only the person for whom we were praying – but for change within our own lives.  I spoke understanding and grace over both my friend and myself – and asked for even more grace for each of us – that we might have even more clear vision – to see those that come across our paths – as our Father sees them…

Children – created out of the love of our Father

Made in His Image

Perhaps currently with mis-directed thinking

But in the “finishing school” of the Holy Spirit

So that all resistors might be removed in order that

The Mind of Christ be manifested in them

When I was off of the telephone, I continued my prayer by asking that my friend receive a deeper understanding regarding judgments – that the words spoken between us that day would be used in a positive way to effect change in all three of the lives affected – and that our friendship would only be strengthened by this experience. 

Before the day ended, my friend had written me a joyous e-mail – thanking me for being used in such a positive way in her life that day… testifying to the fact that she had recognized the words spoken were not my words – and also testifying to how she and Father had spent some great time together after our talking – and how she had been brought through a great “refresher course” in judgments and the power of the spoken word. 

















































GRACE TO SEE AS FATHER SEES [Sunny Orly Coffman] 6-28-06         1


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