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In this publication I want to share some prophetic celestial events that will happen this years and the interpretation of these things. Lets first review so that we can have a better understanding that God uses many methods to speak to us.

Since beginnings humans have looked upward and had a longing for the Great Beyond. Etched in stone, caves, on monuments, and written on ancient scrolls we have this evidence. We are fascinated and awed by Eclipses, Comets, Asteroids, Planetary Alignments, the Zodiac; and even the strong possibility of ET.

In spite of modern religion fears, and discouraging their followers to not pay attention to the heavens, the voices of the prophets and Messiah yet ring out; “You shall see signs in the heaven, the sun, moon, and stars (constellations.)” “And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven…and let them be for signs and for seasons.” Genesis 1:14 “He tells the numbers of the stars; he calls them all by their names.” Psalms 147:4

We see in the above passages that God numbered and named the stars, and their constellations. Modern day astronomers even say that the names of the Zodiac and their constellations go back 6000 years.


The Hebrew word Mazzaroth means Constellations of stars, the Zodiac, or the ladder, the Way. Keep in mind that God named these stars for a purpose, and the main purpose was to declare (prophesy) about the glory of God. Psalms 19

God gave the first prophecy regarding the coming of Messiah, whom we call Yahshua or Jesus. Gen. 3:15 However, most people don’t realize that God was speaking what He had already displayed in the stars.

The “seed of the woman” is in the Zodiac sign of Virgo, the Virgin and one of the main stars is called Spica (the Seed.) Also there’s a constellation of stars called Coma in the shape of a woman holding a child.

“He shall bruise the head of the serpent, and thou shall bruise his heel.” This is in the Zodiac sign of Scorpio, the Seed has grown up, the star constellation is Ophiuchus (the Serpent Wrestler.) He’s wrestling with the serpent, and at the same time stepping on the head of the Scorpion, while the Scorpion is about to sting him in the heel (the sting of death.)

Isaiah challenges Ahaz to ask God about this sign, and he prophesies. Isaiah 7:11-14


In Genesis 11 we find another interesting story. The flood waters of Noah has long subsided and God gave his promise there won’t be another by giving the Rainbow sign in the heavens. However, Nimrod and these people from the east equipped with knowledge of the stars built a tower. According to the study of the Hebrew words used, it was shaped like a pyramid. Recent discoveries also prove they had a strong interest in the stars, evidence of a map of the stars on the tower ruins yet exist.

Since God had assured them there would not be another flood to destroy all life, what was the purpose for the tower? “Whose top may reach unto heaven (celestial bodies, stars, planets.)”

1) To make themselves a name (mark, memorial)

2) A meeting place, beacon in case they became separated somewhere on the planet.

Why did they feel they needed to make a mark, memorial on earth, where were they going? If this was only a tower for false religion, why did the LORD himself had to come and destroy it? What was it that they were planning to do, that God himself said nothing on earth could stop them? Gen. 11:6

When the Bible speaks of this pyramid shaped tower whose top would reach the heavens (celestial bodies, planets, stars), could this have been some kind of Stargate? Could it be that these ancient ones had figured out how interplanetary travel works? And this tower would be the portal to transport them to the heavens (stars)?

I am sure that this tower that was so important that the LORD had to come down was more than a religious cult. There have been many religious cults that have built amazing structures, but never did the Lord himself come down to stop it. And I am also sure that these ancient ones knew they could not build a structure to literally reach the stars.


“Look I have a dream of the sun, moon, and the eleven stars (constellations-zodiac signs) bowing to me.” Gen.37:9 There are 12 months in a year, each are assigned a Zodiac sign, there are 12. Jacob had 12 sons, which became leaders of the 12 tribes. This was an expression of God’s Government on earth, as the 12 Zodiac signs govern the heavens.

Can we know which Zodiac (Mazzaroth) signs were assigned to the 12 tribes? A study of Genesis 49 and Deut. 33 gives a prophetic characteristic profile of Jacob’s 12 sons and the Zodiac signs. According to Joseph’s dream, if 11 of the stars bowed to him; which star represents Joseph?

It is no secret in ancient Judaism or the scripture that the Zodiac sign of Taurus, the Bull (Ox) was assigned to Joseph. Joseph was given one portion above his brothers; his name was not used in the tribes. His sons Ephraim and Manasseh became the 2 horns of the Bull, 2 tribes in Israel. Genesis 48:17-22.

“And of Joseph he said…his glory is like the firstling of his bullock, and his horns are like the horns of a wild ox…Ephraim and Manasseh.” Deut.33:13-17

Is this relevant for us today? Does the sign of Taurus foreshadow Judgment to come? Is it scripture?


I think we understand by now that God made the constellations (groups of stars that take on forms), and that he also gave them names. Furthermore, it must be relevant for us today, since it is written.

The sign house of Taurus has 3 sub-constellations and many principal stars we don’t have space for in this writing. The sub-constellations are, Orion meaning He comes forth as light. (Stars in the form of a man with a sword) Eridanus, the River of Judgment, the Judge. Auriga, the Shepherd with the she-goat. And one cluster of 7 stars on the back of the Bull is called Pleiades, meaning the Sisters, the Dove-seat of immortality.

“Who makes Arcturus (Virgo), Orion and the Pleiades (Taurus), and the chambers of the south (Scorpio.) Job 9:9 “Can you bind the sweet influences of the Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion (Taurus)? Can you bring forth the Mazzaroth (Zodiac) in its season…” Job 38:31-32 “Seek him who makes the seven stars and Orion (Taurus.)..” Amos 5:8 These passages are only a few of the obvious scriptures pointing toward the sign of Taurus. This sign prophesies of coming Judgment on the planet. It is the Great and Terrible day of the Lord. Not only does the heavens prophesy this but the ancient sages, and prophets knew this. Nearly 9 months ago we mentioned this cycle of Judgment we are entering into in our publication “Elul 1 – Preparing for Judgment Day- Aug.11, 1999” (


9 months after the Solar Eclipse to end the millennium, (Aug. 11, 1999), and the Grand Fixed Cross was displayed in the heavens, another celestial event will capture the eyes of the world. Some astronomers say for the first time in 6000 years the 7 visible planets will align in this particular fashion. Sun, New Moon, Mar, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. The earth on one side of the sun and the planets on the opposite side. They won’t come this close again till 2675. This Grand Alignment is taking place in the constellations of TAURUS-a prophetic sign of Judgment Coming. (Judgment is not to be seen as a negative thing, rather something that is used to teach man the righteousness of God. Then he will make a decision for God. Isaiah 26:9)


What does this mean? As we have stated throughout last year, we are in for some tremendous Earth Changes. “Can you loose Orion’s Belt (bands)?” As He comes forth as light with sword at his side-the three double stars of Orion’s belt shall be loosed to bring forth a time of darkness upon the planet.

This is a time of Great Upheaval whereas the forces of nature shall be loosed with great and swift destructions. The 4 elements shall seem to turn on the inhabitants of the planet with great fury.


Earthquakes – Between April 6, 2000 – June 6, 2000. This will be another time we might expect great shakings on the planet with violent Earthquakes. The Pacific Rim nations and Coastal areas will feel the effects. It is between these dates these areas will be most vulnerable, and we should be in prayer-I feel also Europe and parts of Asia will also see some devastations soon. (It is not only during the time frame above-but that is the time the planet will be most vulnerable for major upheaval.)


Volcanic Eruptions – Beginning this year the Rivers of Fire shall flow as this generation have not seen before. Volcanoes shall be awakened around the globe, we can expect to see an eruption in Europe. There will be a chain reaction of Volcanic eruptions, they will seem to speak and answer one another on All the continents. I feel strong impressions around Chile and Argentina and earthquake activity. I feel strong impressions particularly in the Pacific and South Pacific regions this year.


Fire Storms – The Spirit spoke last year would be record breaking, and it was so. This year shall top last years-Starting with an Early and long season of Fire Storms.

Lightning Storms will be at an all time high with amazing photos captured, but deadly effects. These Fire Storms will no longer be limited to the forest as Lightning ignite Fires in our suburbs and cities worldwide. Triple digit temperatures in the northern parts of America, Canada, and Europe will cause many problems and deaths-breaking all records this year.


Water God will call for the waters of the seas and pour them out upon the face of the earth. While one part of the world is trying to escape burning fires and Heat, another part shall seek to escape the Waters. While one part of the country is burning with heat, the other part will be soaked. Even the deserts that have not seen Rain, will Flood in this country. The rains will be out of season. Complete villages in some parts of the world will be carried away by Floodwaters many miles away.


Wind Last year Spirit spoke and said we would see winds 200 mph, we saw what happened with Hurricanes Floyd and Gerth packing winds over 150 mphs. Even the latest technology shall not be able to warn of the strong winds to come. Winds with Hurricane force smashing into cities, and places where there has been no record of Tornadoes. Paths of great destruction across the planet.

“Man will build, but I will destroy until he comes into alignment with Me. The glory and Pride of his cities will be left in ruins. Some of his highest achievements that he has taken pride in, the wonders of the world that have attracted untold millions will be brought to ruin. And shall they not come and wonder and stand in awe at the destruction I have done says the Lord?

My purpose is not to destroy mankind from off the earth-but this is a time of Harvest. This generation shall reap what has been sown. Man has sown to the wind and he shall reap the whirlwinds until he be reconciled to me. This is also a time of Cleansing the earth. I will cause the Earth to quake to show man how unstable he is, and that he must bow to me alone. I will send the Fires and Volcanoes to expose the things deep within his heart to show him he must be purged and transformed. I will send the Waters to show him the need for cleansing-a daily washing in My Presence. I will send the Winds to blow away the things that he tries to hang on to, I will gather all of his garbage and toss it far from him. Then he will look to me and live, yes he will realize that a man’s life does not consist of the abundance of things he possesses. Those that fear My Name and work righteousness shall be miraculously spared and delivered from maximum impact. For over the next 3 years I shall greatly change the face of the planet. This shall be the outward manifestation that shall take place within man. For I will root out, pull down, destroy, and throw down, then I will plant and build says the Spirit of Grace.”

{I sensed that a man-made structure will be greatly damaged or destroyed most likely this year. It will definitely be an Act of God. Possibly the Eiffel Tower, some type of monument, or famous structure I can not discern clearly.}


This Grand Alignment of the Planets is being called by devout Jews and Rabbis a “celestial menorah.” The 7 Planets will resemble the Golden Candelabra of in the Tabernacle of Moses and Solomon’s Temple. The positioning of the planets being 26-27 degrees apart will looks like the 7 flames from the 7 Candlesticks. Because of the positioning of these planets so close to the sun, we wont be able to see it with our naked eye.

The Orthodox Jews say this is a sign from heaven to begin building the 3rd Temple.


“I saw seven golden candlesticks, in the midst one like the Son of Man…And in his right hand seven stars; out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword; his countenance was as the sun shineth in it strength.” Rev.1:12-16

Apostle John on the isle of Patmos saw the Celestial Menorah-the Grand Alignment in the sign house of Taurus, signifying judgment. In the midst of this apocalyptic vision he saw the Son of Man with the 7 stars (Pleiades- in the constellation of Taurus) in his right hand. The 7 stars are referred to as the “sweet influences of Pleiades” in Job. {Can you see the similarity in the constellation of Orion, man with a sword coming as light, and the above description of Jesus? The conquering Light of the world coming, the One that has the sword coming out of his mouth. The heavens declare (prophecy) the glory of God.}

This is a sign to build up the House of God, you are the Temple, the Body of Christ in the earth that will come to perfection and maturity. The Church is often spoken of in the feminine sense, i.e the Bride of Christ. The 7 stars represent the 7 Churches. Remember Pleiades means the sisters, the dove, and it represents the seat of immortality. It is also a time of Enlightenment as the 7 luminaries burn bright in the sky. This is the Divine challenge to master the flesh and material world. It is also a time of Birthing, the ending of one cycle.

“As you see the Upheavals in the earth realm with natural disasters, in the political realm with kingdoms falling and leaders being removed, in the religious realm as Babylon falls, in the Economical realm as it is shaken-know this. I will also release the sweet influences of Pleiades and Shepherd My people. The Church shall begin to shine with the brightness of My coming. She shall be as a Dove that will bring My message and multitudes will repent and call upon My name. As Orion’s bands are loosed to bring destruction-I will also loose My sweet influence My Righteous ones in the earth. And My overcomers shall even overcome death, and come to realize their immortality.”


The sweet influences of the 7 stars also represent the releasing of the Divine Feminine Energies in the earth. Since man is created in the image of God male and female, we will again learn to relate to God not only as Father, but Mother (El Shaddai.)

The patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob understood this revelation and were blessed. Gen.17:1, Exodus 6:3 Wisdom is building Her house, she is hewing out her 7 pillars (7 Spirits of God.) We can expect to see many more women in leadership on every level; the daughters will come forth in this new millennium.


6-Eclipses this year. 2 Total Lunar Eclipses, January 21 and July 16, 2000 4 Partial Solar Eclipses. 2/5/00 over Anartica, 7/1/00 over Anartica, South America, 7/31/00 over the Arctic, Russia, 12/25/00 over parts of N. America.

Could there be a reason why the 4 partial solar eclipses are taken place over the North and South Poles? Have you heard of B-10A, the Giant Iceberg 4200 square mile that broken off of Anartica, and is now floating in the ship lanes?

March 25, 2000 – Jupiter, Mars and Saturn conjunct in Aries for the first time in 1800 years. Aries was assigned to the tribe of Gad which means a troop is coming. April 6, they will conjunct with the New Moon. {This could foreshadow WAR breaking out on the planet within the next few months-if so it will be a quick war.} Pray for Asian countries.

April 17-18, 2000 Watch and Prayer Dates. April – June will be a very critical time for world leaders (President Clinton, Ehud Barak in particular.) Pray for protection. I was impression by Spirit that there are plans being made to attack high profile people during Spring and Summer months. And we may also see some removed from office this year.

May 28, 2000 Another Watch Date. Pluto and Mars will be in Taurus, between the horns. If a solution is not found for India and Pakistan by summer- we will see Nuclear War. Pray for India, and watch to see if one will rise up to mediate.

As the Planets start to come into Alignment on May 3 and is completed May 5, realize that true fulfillment will only come when you’re in Alignment with Him. For those that can Fast, these days, whether partial or complete, you will be rewarded. Let His will be done in earth, as it is declared in the heavens.


1) How many kings did Israel and Judah have?

2) How many youth did the she bears destroy at the word of Elisha?

3) How many Presidents have we had?

4) Are there any similarities with Judah’s last king, Zedekiah, and our last (present) President Clinton? (Answers at the bottom.)

“His part who goes down to the battle, shall be the same as he who stayed with the goods. 2 Sam. 30:24


{For questions 1, 2, 3 – the answer is 42} For question #4 the answer is Yes, they were both humiliated, didn’t serve term. Zedekiah was taken out of office by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon (Iraq.) He was led captive down through the streets, his eyes were put out.

President Clinton, who has led attacks on Sadam Hussein (IraqBabylon), was impeached; but still in office. Sadam Hussein says that he is the reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzar.

{Because this publication is so pregnant with the prophetic, revelation knowledge, and clues given by Spirit; it might help to read it several times and meditate on it to grasp it.} Watch and Pray.




In this publication I would like to follow up on the previous one, “Grand Alignment 2000.” I will be sharing more prophetic insight that the Spirit is revealing through the movements of the heavenly bodies. (You may view the previous one at our index,

These writings are not meant to scare or feed the unnecessary fears of believers, rather, they are to enlighten, and stir faith in the God who knows all things. “The Lord will do nothing except he reveals it first to his servants, the prophets.” While the prophesies may seem negative, or of a gloom nature-one must remember that before Christ can fully be revealed, there must be a time of darkness.

It is not in every publication we deal with the celestial events; however, since the heavens seem to be shouting, who can but prophesy. Psalms 147:4 says that God knows the number of the stars and he calls them by their names. Some of the names I will mention in this writing are the same names that the prophets in the Bible used. (We are talking about things that goes beyond pop astrology, so please don’t “freak out.”)


We have now moved from the Zodiac Sign house of Aries, the Ram (Wounded Lamb), I trust you had a wonderful Passover season also. Here in Seattle a group of us met to celebrate Passover, above the doorway was draped a red scarf symbolizing the blood. God had given Daystar a prophetic word. “All those that came through the doors would be protected and sealed from judgments coming on the land.” Princess Melody was led to wash everyone’s feet, she also brought forth a special oil, which she says came from the Pillars of Heaven. We all dipped our matzah in it during the Seder meal.

It was such a full and rich night as the various members of the Body shared. There was no program, the Holy Spirit directed, all were edified, and there was great rejoicing in our victory.


In our last publication we shared a time frame in which the planet would be most vulnerable to Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, and Floods. The time frame is April 6, – June 6, 2000, given by the Spirit. {This is not the only time for natural disasters, but during this period they could be much worse, therefore, we will pray.} We also shared regions of the world that would most likely be affected. Without devoting a lot of space to recent prophetic fulfillment’s, I will only highlight a few.

1) April 2, 2000 – MT. Usu, Japan. Volcano erupts, rain causing massive mudslides. They expect another major eruption before summer. (April 5, Japan got a New Prime Minister.)

2) April 10, 2000 – MT. Guagua Pichincha, Equador. Volcano erupts more than 100 tremors near Quinto, Equador. {As stated in the previous publication, the Spirit specifically spoke to us to pray for the Pacific Rim nations and Asia in regard to Earthquakes, and Volcanoes.}

3) April 17-18, 2000 – These were specific Watch and Prayer Dates given by the Spirit. Southern California Flooded, out of seasons and surprising Rains and Winds. Tornado hits Los Angeles, people had to be rescued by helicopter from Flash Flood waters. a) Azusa, California Flooded. What does that mean? This is the city of the world famous Azusa Street Revival where the Holy Ghost was poured out early 1900’s. The birth place of the Pentecostal Movement. (We are about to see many Pentecostals get a long needed refreshing that will bring them into a Tabernacle Experience. Expect some Major Changes within 1 year in the Church of God in Christ, which is the largest predominately black Pentecostal Denomination.)

4) April 23-24, 2000 – Cities hit by Tornadoes, Straight Line Winds, and Flooding. Cities and suburbs of Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, etc. (Pray for these areas)


The sun has now entered the Zodiac Sign House of Taurus, April 20-May20. Aries the Ram (Lamb) has been slain and God’s Judgments with Mercy will come forth through the Bull. There are 3-constellations (decans) in this Zodiac Sign house of Taurus.

1) Orion, meaning, He comes forth as light. Stars in the shape of a man. A club held high in one hand, and the head of the enemy in the other, facing the Bull. He has a star studded sword at his side held by a belt. Orion’s (band) belt. (Job 38:31-32 – Amos 5:8)

2) Eridanus, the River of the Judgment, the Judge. Stars in the form of a river flowing into the southern hemisphere. (Daniel 7:9-11 refers to this time period as the books are open. John in Revelation calls this the lake of fire.)

3) Auriga, the Shepherd. Stars take on the form of a man holding the she-goat and lambs. Protection from the wrath of the Bull. (Isaiah 40:10-11.) —On the back of the Bull is a cluster of 7 stars called Pleiades, the Doves, Sisters, seat of immortality.

Yahshua (Jesus) encouraged us to be watchful of the the signs in the the heavens. As we have discussed, May 5, 2000 there will be a most unusual event. The 7 visible planets will align themselves opposite of the earth. (Sun, New Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Juiter, and Saturn.) Astronomers call this a Grand Alignment, the first of the millennium, also the first of this sort in 6000 years. (There are alignments similar every 40 years.) This will be taking place in the Sign House of Taurus, which prophetically speaks of Judgment Coming.


8 months ago there was a birthing on a higher plane of what we call the Manchild Company. A release of powers among the enChristed Ones – September 12, 1999. This power will help you overcome and endure through the year 2003. (See Birthing of the Manchild, index.)

9 months ago a planetary pregnancy took place as the planet Earth was suspended between the Cosmic Cross during the Solar Eclipse – August 11, 1999. This foreshadowed a release of Negative Energies into the earth. 9, is the number of Finality, Judgment. The world has had 9 months to prepare, nearly 40 weeks; now there must be a birthing. 40 is a number associated with tribulation, testing. Those mostly affected by this process will be the unbelieving, greedy, and carnal minded believers. The Judgments of God will birth a New Consciousness that will produce righteousness in the earth.


I will list some of the things we might expect to Begin happening this Spring due to the Grand Alignment. For nothing can happen on the earth until the heavens first records and proclaim it.


“As the impatient Bull rages and pounces, the vibrations shall cause further shake ups in the Economy. Orion shall go forth to smash the banking systems and stock markets of the world. Those things that are considered precious shall be brought to naught as the River of Judgment destroys materialism in this country.

America has experienced a surplus and prosperity beyond measures, but she has not aligned her heart with Me. I shall begin to utterly dethrone the god of Materialism. That which was feared that Y2K would do by a computer glitch shall be done-but in a different way. I will shake the Technological Realm, for mankind has partaken of the tree of knowledge, which produces death.

While this shaking is taking place in the world’s economical system, My people will not be greatly affected by it. This is the beginnings of time that you have waited for, where the wealth of the unrighteous shall be transferred into the hands of the overcomers.

I shall begin to dissolve and wipe out DEBT, and bless in UNUSAL MANNERS. Those that have been faithful in giving of finances will receive good measures, press down, shaken together, and running over into their possessions that My covenant shall be established in the earth.”


“As the heavens align themselves against man, and Orion, the mighty hunter (warrior) goes for – man’s efforts for peace shall be in vain. I will wake up the men of war, they will re-mantle their weapons of mass destructions. They shall sign Treaty’s and proclaim peace, but I will harden their heart. As I have caused the stars to align themselves in array, I shall also summon the armies of the world.”

Beginning this year God will blow on the Hot Spots of the world until fires are kindled and re-kindled. China, Russia, Middle East (Israel), the Balkans (Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia, etc,),North and South Korea, India and Pakistan. America and Nato shall be called to defend their interest in more than one region at the same time. Between the years 2002-2003 the planet shall see destruction on a level not known to mankind. Where does the wars comes from? Is it not from within man? When he has finished his striving against his Maker, then he will know peace.

(The world leader coming to offer a solution. How will we know him? Could his birth sign be Taurus or Scorpio)? Watch and Pray.


Since we know that the movements of the heavenly bodies affect our planet, animal life, environment, and weather patterns: what about humans? Many would like to believe that because they are of a particular religion they are not affected.

In 1997, long before I knew about this Grand Alignment of the planets that’s taking place May 5, 2000, I wrote a prophetic newsletter called, Signs in the Heavens. (You may view it Index.) This was the first dealing with celestial events; although I had spoken this truth for over 10 years among small groups that could hear at this level.

In that publication I dealt with Solar Storms, which are also called Solar Shocks Waves. These are super heated gases released from the sun surface traveling 2 million miler per hour. They are like giant tidal waves, they affect satellites, and anything electrical.

I prophesied as the Spirit was upon me that this represented an increase in the flow of Spirit in the earth that would affect our physical bodies. And that our bodies would rapidly begin to respond to healings. I also stated that there would be a change in the electro-magnetic fields in and around the human body, and a change in the brain wave pattern. This will even be documented by the science community in the early part of the millennium, 2000’s. This will be called, “A part of man’s evolution.” Malachi 4:2 says the Sun of Righteousness will arise with healing. We are about to see some of the most outstanding miracles, and creative miracles that the world has ever seen. Many of these miracles will come forth through the power of the spoken word and thought.

As the planets come into alignment, and the Solar Flares increase this year; those who are sensitive will feel the effects in the physical realm. (Lost of energy, imbalance, headaches, sleepiness, confused, as if you are moving in slow motion. Others may feel just the opposite.) Don’t worry. YOU ARE BEING ADJUSTED! YOUR ARE BEING BROUGHT INTO ALIGNMENT WITH HIM!

Your Brain Wave Patterns and Signals are being changed to a higher frequency. This frequency will produce the evolution we have been waiting for; although you will not see the change immediately. That which has been out of balance will begin to come into balance on every plane. For the Believer, this is very good news because of the many positive things we will be able to do to help creation.

For those that are driven by the beastial desires, and in rebellion, this will not be a good time. As the planets align themselves against man, and the Solar Shock Waves hit our atmosphere, the depraved will be affected. The disturbances in their brain wave pattern, and electro magnetic field will intensify the dark side for many. (In Christian terminology, demonic.)

We will begin to see people with mental-emotional disorders, and short tempers seemingly explode, causing much destruction for little or no reason. (I sense a series of murder – suicides that will get lots of media attention over the next several months.)

* Irrational World Leaders will be making decisions over the next few months that will lead us into the Great Wars of 2002-2003.

* Terrorist attacks abroad will increase this Spring and Summer.

* America will be put on heighten alert again, because of terrorists within our borders.

* Another out of control Racist will seek to cause mass destruction. (Only the power of God can prevent them from carrying out their plan.)


Israel‘s 52nd Birthday is May 14. What does this say for a prophetic nation re-born under the sign of Taurus? Could this be the reason why many of the prophecies referring to the end times alluded to the Zodiac Sign of Taurus, the constellations of Orion, Eri-DAN -us, and Pleiades (7 stars)? Watch and Pray.

We know from scripture and Jewish tradition that Pisces, the Fish has been the Zodiac Sign for the nation of Israel for 3500 years. Modern Christians today unknowingly use the Fish (Pisces) symbol as jewelry, bumper sticker, and book covers, not realizing the origin.

God instructed Israel not to make any carved images to worship. “And lest you lift up your eyes unto the heaven, and when you see the sun, and the moon, and the stars, even all the constellations of heaven, that you be not driven to worship and serve them, which the LORD your God has DIVIDED unto all nations under the heaven.” Deuteronomy 4:19 Yes, God divided the constellation (zodiac), and assigned them to specific nations.


In spite of all the negative things happening in the world – GOD IS IN CONTROL. “My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge, because they reject it.” The information I have shared is not to paint a picture of gloom and doom. It is time to rejoice and lift up our heads. It is a time to get real with God as never before, and develop a real love and compassion for the world.

Love never fails, when all that can go wrong goes wrong, love will be there. When man has exhausted all his abilities, and at the brink of destroying himself, love will be there. When Mother nature rebukes us and fights back because we have poisoned the earth, air, and sea, love will be there. And in the midst of all the turmoil, and chaos, many will come to repentance, and be brought into the Kingdom of God, because love never fails. The Grace of God will much more abound, and love will be there.


GRAND ALIGNMENT, MAY 5, 2000, Parts 1-2 [John Lewis]          1


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