SEPTEMBER 20, 2008

“I could just laugh and rejoice little one, for this is my favorite story. Christ Jesus is not a story about trials and tribulations or the weak and downtrodden.  Neither is it about the struggles of man.  It is about the One Who is a perfect overcomer; the One Whose Hands are your hands, Whose Mind is your mind.  Jesus is the story of the victory we are, you and I. He is the One Who has come to fulfill the plea of the Bible that we be perfect even as Our Father in Heaven is perfect. He has performed it; a free gift called Grace when we were reconciled to Our Father at The Cross.  (Romans Chapter 5)”

Jesus is all about perfection, about the new and living way.  He is about the brand new you and the brand new world. When I see Jesus, I see His visible Presence, every man walking in the free gift of new life in a new world, reconciled unto Our Father, seated at His right hand. We want to know Jesus?  We are His Body. Yes, you may see him when you look in the mirror, for He is the new you; the new and Glorious Way. He is the Love of your heart; the mercy of Heaven come again. He Is Resurrection Life.”

“Jesus, our Salvation is not in trouble or lack. He Is Peace and Joy and The Lighted Pathway. He is continuously in harmony with Our Father; made One with Him.  It is impossible for Him to be out of order, for it is foreordained that He Is The Very Light of Truth. You are where He Is; The Same ONE LIGHT.”

“With this Divine Revelation, we only expect the Light of Heaven always.  We do not see darkness or even imagine hurt, for there is no darkness in Him. We gladly bow before His Love as recipients of continuous Godly.

Love and Godly Blessings.  We are not  outside of Him, as  we are baptized in His Presence.  This is the good news of The Gospel. He Is Come In The Flesh.” Three hundred sixty five times in the Bible, we are told to never fear, First, we have been told and now He Is Come to Be The Fearless New Us. We are also instructed not to judge ourselves or others by appearance. We are to judge righteous judgment, or see as God sees.  In Him, we have overcome the life of good and evil, for we see only Him through His Eyes. This is Life, Indeed.”

“He Is Our Love and we are This Love. He Is Our Right Decision. He Is Our Mercy To All Creatures.  He Is Peace on earth, good will toward men. Our Love, Our Jesus has made all things new.  We live in Him.”



“Grandpa and Darling Grandmother Melba”



GRANDPA, WILL you tell me ABOUT JESUS [Jim-Melba Crofford] 9-20-08          1


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