AUGUST 21, 2008

Oh yes, Sons of God,  in the midst of multiplied uncertainties, calling upon the Lord in hundreds of thousands of prayer requests, and dyer needs, I see you high and lifted up. I see all gathered as a giant basket of delicious fruit. So very precious we all are, perhaps not knowing our radiant beauty in the eyes of the very Lord we call upon. We shine in spite of our knowing. We are in the heart of God before we ask. We are this luscious peach or apricot or sweet plum or tangerine.  We are sitting in Heaven surrounded with the garden of His Presence; gifted as He Himself, resurrected as One new man. There is no further sacrifice to be made.

So great salvation has come over the horizon; presented Himself as Power and Glory within us, not to take over , but to receive everything as already prepared; our Lamb nature. He has become the height of wisdom and Holy Presence.  His mercy sits as a rain barrel overflowing and ready to wash away all our lacks including our lack of understanding. We are already washed fruit, prepared to the highest.  What is in our hands?  Speak it and bring it forth. We declare our whole new day and whole new way.  Realize who we are in The Heaven of Him. We declare infinite mercy and thanksgiving. Bow to that which is complete, Holy, harmonious and fulfilling. Bow to Salvation’s King Come Again.

He is the face we see in every man. We settle for Him alone, and no thing or none other.  He is our sufficiency.  We no longer look for another or another thing for righteousness in every way is come.

Aren’t we glad for the simplicity of He Who Is All and In All.

Jesus is alive and well in His Body. We discerned only Him.


Born in the garden as the unrecognized only gardener; One Spirit, One Body, Amen

Infinite Love


GREAT BASKET of FRUIT [Jim-Melba Crofford] 8-21-08          1


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