NOVEMBER 23, 2010





Thanksgiving Blessings from our home to yours!



Have you ever noticed that when the Lord closes one door, He always opens another one?  This Blog is the “other one.”  My old PowerMac computer died last week, and with it the ability to build websites in the way I was accustomed to doing it because the software that ran on the old computer does not work on the new one.  What to do?



We have learned not to do anything until the Lord gives the green light because running ahead of the Spirit is never a good idea. I investigated several options, but this one seems to work the best for now.  If it doesn’t work long term, we’ll try something else.



All our writings are still on The Glory Road, but I can no longer edit it or update it.  Therefore, we’ll used the Blog format for new writings and should you want to read anything we wrote in the past 14 years, they are all on the web.


Love and blessings to you and yours as we gather with family and friends to celebrate all we hold dear, which turns out, is family and friends.  Here’s the link to the poem I wrote in 2000, to celebrate the holiday:
















HAPPY THANKSGIVING [Jan A. Antonsson] 11-23-10          1

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