SEPTEMBER 22, 2007

War, any war, is ugly – and there has never been a war in which there hasn’t been a number of people against it. There is loss of life, terrible loss…and yet…and yet, sometimes a war must be fought (at least as long as we are in a fallen world, there will be “wars, and rumours of war”) – and so there are many who feel that the war in Iraq was one of those wars, that must be fought.

In this country, there are strong opinions on both sides, which, sadly, are being handled and manifested in a terribly ugly way (yes, another kind of “war”, and just as “ugly”). What is interesting is this piece from a writing about the war in Iraq, written by a man who has been there, watching, hearing what the military there are saying, and doing. I share this portion of his article:

“The fight isn’t only shared by the Americans and the Iraqis. Ten days ago, the Marne Division assumed control of the Wasit Province. Camp Delta, the base our troops operate from, which is home to American, Georgian (from the nation not our beautiful home-state), El Salvadoran, Kazakh, Polish, and Romanian units. Beginning this month, an entire brigade with three battalions from the country of Georgia will deploy to Iraq and help us conduct combat operations.

The Georgians asked to join the fight, and their government has given them no restrictions other than to treat them like every other tactical brigade. In the fifth year of this war, a country whose military is only four years old, is stepping up and joining the fight.

Just this weekend, I met a 37-year old specialist from Sweden who joined our Army because he believes the United States is “the best country in the world.” [Would that those blessed to be born here and experience the wonders of what this land has to offer, agreed with this man, instead of expressing hatred and anger against it.] Once a Swedish journalist heard about him, she flew to Iraq to tell his story. Not only does this soldier receive fan mail, but many Swedish men want to join the United States Army because of his contributions to freedom. After this deployment, he wants to become an officer or join the Special Forces. His belief in American ideals moves me.”

Along with everyone else, I pray for the end of this war, a successful end, where the Iraqi people will have the opportunity to begin to experience the freedoms we have here. A hard battle – but then, anyone who knows American history, knows the horror, the length of that war, the battle against those who did not want the Revolution to succeed, in order to have this United States of America. I rest in knowing that no matter how it all seems to be playing out, it IS part of the plan and counsel of Almighty God, who will have HIS way, and end up with a creation even better than at the beginning. Do I understand? No, but I do trust! In the end, all will be His, for Jesus Christ IS the Saviour of ALL men. Each and every one. Glory to God!














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