DECEMBER 6, 2008

Such a great day this is:  change is on; the need for Divine Guidance so necessary More-so, the discovery of Divine Being.

Not looking back, we step forward into the waters of change into the all new with infinite assurance that our feet, understanding, is quickened in righteousness.  The single eye and single heart, (Christ Himself ) responds to Father Perfection.

Our wrestling has not paid off through the years, as we now know all things are openly prepared by a merciful all knowing Savior.  He didn’t need our input after all.  His drawing has always been the real movement.  Yet, it has been difficult to receive that He raised us into Himself at the Cross of Calvary; restored us to Father’s House where all things are Glorious.  Humbly, we receive the Whirlwind of His Presence, and Motion.  Grace makes perfect.

Now, knowing that it is not I but Christ, we observe righteousness without exception, observing The Holy Walk of Fullness.  Love, born of The Only Begotten makes complete, and there is no longer in-part being of trial and error. Abundant heart has made the difference.

We see every man is where Father has brought Him, knowing no man may awaken until he is drawn or apprehended.  We no longer attribute salvation of any man to the man himself, eliminating the works of the law. All works of the law, no matter whether it be waiting or struggle is separation from the ever present conquering Lamb within.

SALVATION AND ITS GLORIOUS BENEFITS:  (“Why neglect so great Salvation.”)  There is no end to the measure of salvation, even unto immortality,   and restoration of all things lost in Adam.  Man cannot imagine or even know how to pray for so great a free gift purchased by the blood of the Lamb.  This is the mystery of Christ.  (Who can never be separated from His Body Who We Are.)  Not one man is lost through Christ giving of Himself for He has come to see all through.

Now, it is “By My Spirit” for all of the lifting unto Salvation is initiated by Spirit and performed by Spirit.

Jesus is come to reveal the Father; not to reveal humanity with all its ingenious devices and inventive ways.  He came to reveal divinity within.  He is here to open a life not known to the reasoning of men; to open something other than the carnal estate of the world.  His coming brings peace beyond measure and good will toward all. He comes with mercy and tolerance, unconditional love that makes whole. We look not to the world for anything.

In opening hearts to the Father, He lifts the load of condemnation and separation in every way, eliminating  fear and death.  He, within us is rest, frdom from oppression, suffering and sickness.

Do you believe this?  The Father is Heaven in man, without the works of the law.  (Let he that has no humanity cast the first stone). 

“By My Spirit” emblazons the fact that Jesus is here with us.  The very NOW of His Being is the precious blood over our door post. He has suddenly appeared without sin and is our salvation. (Utterly no separation) We are the new One and Only New Creature. (Merciful Lamb).

How could we ever have become perfect even as our Father is perfect except that He came.  On our faces, we bow to His Glory receiving His Presence and His Faith, and His Complete Plan For Heaven In Earth.  We dare not touch the perfection He has freely given.



HE IS COME [Jim-Melba Crofford] 12-6-08          1


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