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Reality's Truth; Reality's Genuineness, has come to us, sent by God, in the Person of His Son, our Lord Jesus. That Reality can be likened to a magnificent tapestry of rich, vivid colors, nuanced with breathtaking hues, yet while each thread, or patterned complex of threads, possesses its own unique, outstanding richness, they very carefully blend together gathering the viewer's sense of beauty into a point of focus where all the colors meet. At that point of meeting, all the coloring of the tapestry is intensified so that on the occasion of the artist standing by, discerning the viewer's awe-struck admiration, his heart explodes with satisfaction. His passion has been fulfilled. Making the spiritual application: Jesus, AS Lord, is that divinely appointed point of focus. He is the delightful pleasure of God, His Father, meant to become the delight of every man's heart. Miss that, and the sense of what the tapestry is all about, has avoided you. But not forever.


Every man has an appointment to see the tapestry with new, enlightened, and admiring eyes. Back to basics, you dear ones who have embraced the Truth that the destiny of all mankind is to return home to Love's abode. "He hath given Him a name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that He is LORD, to the glory of God, the Father." (emphasis mine.) The Word in our hearts that saves, is the convincing Word that joins our mouths into participating in the declaration of God, Himself, that His Son, Jesus, is Lord. And it is the dynamic of the conviction that God has raised Him from the dead that opens our mouths to affirm His Lordship. How is that so? What is the relationship between the two---the heart believing in His resurrection, and the mouth confessing His Lordship?


We all came from somewhere. Even an atheistic scientist must admit that we have come from that which is greater than we. It is to that source that we owe our existence, and therefore we owe acknowledgment to that source as that to which we belong. As believers, we know that our Source is out from within Christ, within God, the same Christ who became Jesus our Lord. We belong to our Source. That's what Jesus Lordship is about. We belong to Him. He owns us (that's what the Greek for Lord means, "Owner.") You are not your own (you don't own yourself); you were purchased by a price, by the precious blood of Jesus Christ, as of Lamb without spot or blemish." 


That purchase was a REdemption, a buying back. You have always belonged to Him, but you were made to suffer under the captivity of one claiming lordship over you. Jesus rightfully reclaimed what was His. That One is alive, the victor over death, making Him Lord of both the living and the dead. He's a living Lord, actually bringing to bear His saving Lordship over us, from within us, as our life. That's the relationship.  


"I am my Beloved's and He is mine, His banner over me is love."


What a wonderful Owner, who gives Himself to those He owns. Jesus does belong to you, my dear friend, but you need to know that having the Son (He that hath the Son hath life), is of great worth to you only as the One who has you. The One you have, is that Magnificent Lord of all.


Turning to a beloved gospel song which has the matter of belonging in correct order:


"Jesus, my Lord, will love me forever;

From Him (as my Owner), no evil can sever.

He gave His life, to ransom my soul.

Now I belong to Him.


"Now I belong to Jesus;

Jesus belongs to me.

Not for the years of time alone,

But for eternity."



APRIL 2, 2013


In the first installment of this series on the Lordship of Jesus Christ, I approached the subject from the viewpoint of ownership, of what "belonging to" implies. There is no such thing as complete autonomy of personhood. We exist as those belonging. Indeed, it can be said that we belong to one another, AS those together belonging to Him. I've observed what seems very obvious to me, that there are words in our English language, and I extrapolate it to be the same with all languages, especially in the case of compound words, a Logos-derived conveyance of root-meaning. So it is with "belonging." We be (are) longing to be returning to the One to Whom we belong. Such words are micro-parables. The Being in which we all have our being, has birthed an all-inclusive Personhood, within Whom we exist, and within whom we are contained. The Person of Jesus Christ, AS Lord, is the containment field of all sentient and non-sentient existence. None are capable, no thing is capable, of escaping from Him. There is no outside-of-Him to where we can go. In a recent meeting of the house-church I attend, in the flow of the sharing, I affirmed that same principle: that nothing exists outside of Him, and in fact, outside of Him, even nothingness itself has no existence.


Continuing on now with broadened viewpoint, let us consider Lordship in terms of authority. Surely, the One who claimed rightfully that to Him has been given all authority in heaven and earth, certainly that One, by virtue of being granted such an exalted place, would be, by definition, The Lord---The Lord of lords, and King of kings. To the trippy, fashionable reasoning that would reply, saying, "Oh, but He was only talking about the Christ in Him, the same as can be said of us all." Lord save us from such reasoning. He IS the Christ. It is in having HIM---read first John---that we all have the the enchristedness that is ours in union with HIM (singular). Look out: Your theology might be exposing a lust to be your own lord. All authority is out from within being, or according to being. The intentional nature of Ultimate Being (God/Deity/Godness/The Divine Nature) realized Itself in the birthing of a Son, out from within all sonship precedes. He is FIRST, thus He is LORD. In the eternity of God's relationship with humanity, our existence as children of God depends upon there being One who, as The One, coming forth out of the loins of God, in turn, in the image of God, brought us all out of His loins.


According to Paul, in Philippians, Jesus did not grasp after being like God. Why? Well, because, as God's Son, He WAS, of course, like His Father. No need to grasp after that which was already His, even, or especially, as He took on the form of a servant (slave). Is it understood by those today who write so prolifically re: every person's Christhood, that as the Father is greater than the Son--- that is, as the Son's Origin---raised the Son to equality with Himself by nature, that in turn, our Lord Jesus, in the same administrative sequence, has raised us up within Himself (singularly) to collective togetherness of sharing sonship with Himself, with that sonship, all authority in heaven and earth? The issue is of Source. In Him, we have all things. Apart from Him, we have nothing. "How shall He, who delivered up His own Son on our behalf, not, with Him, give us all things?" 



APRIL 3, 2013


"Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."


The Amplified Version renders that verse as: "For every one who calls upon the name of the Lord [invoking His as Lord] will be saved. [Joel 2:32]


Jonathan Mitchell has it as: "For you see, Everyone--whoever may at some point call upon the Name of the Lord [=Yahweh]--will be delivered (kept safe; rescued; saved, healed and made whole)!"


I think I should raise the question: Did the Holy Spirit, in inspiring Paul to write those words, just capriciously choose "Lord," instead of seemingly other applicable options such as the Son of God, Son of Man, Christ, or Jesus? I don't think so. Without suggesting some kind of rote inspiration, I think the Spirit's choice had to do with very specifically indicating that our salvation issues forth from top-down authority. Only One has received the right by inheritance to claim men's souls for Himself, and thus for Him who sent Him. Most folks harbor the silly notion that salvation is an option offered to us by God, as if God has said, "Please take notice; I've provided the possibility of your salvation through my Son, so the ball's in your court now. You can be saved if you want, or not; it's completely up to you."


I remember years ago, hearing a preacher on the radio say: "This is how salvation works. God's voting for you; the devil's voting against you, and you have the final vote." If, as a believer, you're thinking, "Gee, John, that's the way I've always understood it, myself," then the Lord slipped a little salvation into you, but by-passed your brain in doing it. There's something very fundamental going on with that kind of perception, and it has to do with Lordship. Such reasoning indicates that the one of such twisted perception really is insisting on being his own Lord, especially as pertaining to an issue so dear to the heart of God and man. It has been determined that you WILL be saved, and that determination is not yours. That's really what Lordship is all about, what divine authority is all about: It's about Who has His say about everything, and very especially about salvation.


Nowhere is this made clearer than Jonathan Mitchell's translation of Jn. 13:3, even considering the possible alternative renderings he offers. I'm referring to Mr. Mitchell's The New Testament; God's message of goodness, ease and well-being which brings God's gifts of His Spirit, His life, His grace, His power, His fairness, His peace and his love; expanded, amplified, (with) multiple renderings: "Jesus, having seen and now knowing (or: being aware) that the Father has given [other MSS, aorist: gives/gave] all people and all things to Him--into [His] hands, and that He came out from God--forth from the midst [of Him]--and now is continuously leading and bringing [all] under [His] control to God (or: is progressively humbly withdrawing and going back [to be] face to face with God)."


Simply put: Salvation is of the LORD, and by LORD we mean that what pleases Him is what's gonna' be. Do you think it would please Him for all men to be saved? I hope the answer leaps from your heart, "Oh, yes, most certainly. I can't imagine anything less than that being the pleasure of His heart." Then remember that Isaiah saith: ".....the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in His hand." (Isa:53:10b). Also this majestic statement from Isaiah: "The Lord has made bare His holy arm before the eyes of all the nations [revealing Himself as the One by Whose direction the redemption of Israel from captivity is accomplished] and all the ends of the earth shall witness the salvation of our God." (Isa.52:10, Amplified Version) In each of these inspired declarations, salvation is connected directly to Lordship.


"Look to the LORD all ye ends of the earth, and be saved."















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