DECEMBER 14, 2003


I want to share with you what the Lord was showing me at the same time I was looking at the headlines yesterday of Hussein down a rat hole. Isaiah wrote these very same headlines [Isaiah 14:16,17] four thousand years ago, so accurately describing this man and the way the whole world will now think of him that one would think Isaiah is working with the news media!! You know what? In the spirit realm he is!!  It is in the spirit realm that all prophesy, God’s word, must come to fulfillment! The rest of Isaiah’s prophesy concerning Hussein is waiting to be published as he is tried for corrupting the whole Middle East. We children of Light know what the headlines will be, before the world writes them. [Isaiah 14:19-24]

What I saw yesterday pictured for the whole world to see by the news media, so surely connects with God’s word, that it just gave me all the more confidence that God is in charge, even of our daily news.

In the loving spirit,









HEADLINES FROM HISTORY [Marvin E. Cope]          1


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