Are we to be Christ-like in Word and Deed?

Being met more than halfway…

This is actually going to be about whether healing power and spiritual healing is God’s work …or our work,  but first let’s tear into the challenge that being “Christ-like” is a contradiction in terms for many reasons …a dichotomy of huge proportions, a dichotomy that gets in the way.

Part of the reason the foregoing is true, is our misapprehension of who and what the term “Christ” means and where and how the man Jesus fits into our reasoning about that particular term; theological concepts, all, and which get us mired down into human argument and which, this argument, gets us nowhere.

From a purely historical perspective Jesus was a man. From a religious perspective the history becomes clouded and the argument begins. Theologians differ and they argue over their differences. One of the more “fun” theological statements is, “Jesus was all man and all God.”

I shall now muddy up this doctrinal water with the most outlandish question I can think of. What does it matter what I believe about whether Jesus fits the above referenced theological model, if I put no importance upon what he said? Furthermore, isn’t it a bit ridiculous to revere who Jesus was and ignore completely what he said?

…And, for all those who want chapter and verse, I can refer them to where it is recorded that Jesus was the one who made the point in the foregoing paragraph not I.

“What is the point of calling me, ‘Lord,’ if you don’t do what I say” …is how he put it. What is amazing in my way of thinking was the context in which he said it and how he underscored it with a graphic illustration which indicates that there is no point whatever in calling Jesus, ‘Lord,’ unless we do what seems impossible in our “human consciousness” to do. Again, chapter and verse is available to those who want to argue the point from a purely “biblical perspective.”

Okay, let’s deal with why it’s a silly argument, albeit from my limited point of view. Let’s first take a common term to many Christians and, which term, is the cause of major confusion. “Jesus Christ.”

“Christ” is actually from a Greek word which was transliterated from a Hebrew word that refers, basically, to someone who is anointed by God’s Spirit. Christians, including those Jews who have become convinced of the messianic claims of Jesus, believe in the New Testament references of Jesus being the “Son of God.”

Many Muslims also believe that Jesus was anointed by SPIRIT, but as a prophet and that as somewhat equal to Mohammed the author of the Qur’an. Many religious types believe that Jesus was a great teacher and prophet, but disavow the concept of deity expressed by the term “Son of God.”

What happens when we meet half way?

My challenge, again, is so what? What difference does it make who or what Jesus was or indeed IS (present tense) if we refuse to heed what he said and perhaps is saying through these words right NOW?

Now then, if this point (that it makes NO DIFFERENCE) is nailed down sufficiently to move on – let’s look at the specifics of who and what those of us who believe whatever about Jesus are supposed to be according to what Jesus said, relative to healing power and spiritual healing and see if we can’t get ready to MOVE in that direction.

Is healing power and spiritual healing the work of the SOURCE (“God,” if you prefer) or is healing power and spiritual healing OUR work? I can speak with some authority on this topic only because I have seen, personally witnessed all kinds of diseases and other physical limitations being removed …and was sufficiently involved so that other people wanted to give me the credit for the “supernatural” change in those who’d had asthma, cancer, diabetes, emotional disturbances and a host of other maladies, including unbelief, and which to which I had to say, “I didn’t do it …it wasn’t me” …and yet “I” was the physical instrument through whom the manifestation occurred.

For those who have read Treasure Chest and other books and articles I have written on the topic know that there are all kinds of credible witnesses to these incidents …such as those with the designation, “M.D.” after their names and also know that I consistently have said, and repeat right NOW, that “I” am nothing special… YOU too can do what I have done, because “I” did nothing – and I did nothing in exactly the same way that Jesus did nothing.

But it was the work of Jesus and it was Jesus who said it would be the work of anyone who believes enough. But you will never get to the point of being involved in healing power and spiritual healing if you refuse to believe that it is possible.  The first obstacle to overcome is to see that believing is a choice. You can begin to believe and you can do so right now. Now the question is, will you?

The title of this, Being Met More than Halfway, came from seeing the relevance of Jesus’ story about the prodigal son – as you recall the father met the young man more than half way – you’ll be met more than half way if you will just say yes, I want to believe, HELP!

There are all kinds of healing methods available that work, we’re not talking about methods here, what we are talking about here is a breakthrough in consciousness… a breakthrough into the possibility that nothing is impossible if you believe enough …and please don’t forget that Jesus said this, not I!


















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